Love for Life – Epi 3

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The links of Intro, Epi 1 and Epi 2 are here…


Episode 1

Episode 2

Here we go with the Epi~3

Scene ~ 1

Rathore’s lavish palace.

Shivaay come with Mishra for the business deal with Viraj…
Ingeneral, Shivaay came for a business meet but his eyes wanna do his heart’s help.
The tip of the time when Shivaay entered the palace his heartbeat is increasing and he could feel the presence of someone.
Viraj and Anika comes to the foyer.
Anika looks at Shivaay and vice versa…
Shivaay’s heartbeat is skipping and His feeling are getting stronger and stronger by each sight of Anika.
Anika feels some strange connection between them.
The foyer is filled with all silent looks…
Viraj greets Mishra and Shivaay.
Shivaay and Viraj shakes their hands. And then Viraj and Mishra.
Viraj ~ May I know the reason of your arrival?.
Mishra ~ Sir!! We wanna talk about the land near the slum area.
Viraj looks at Anika.
Shivaay and Anika are still in eachothers eyes.
Viraj ~ What will you say Anika?.
Anika then comes to her senses…
Anika ~ Bhaiya! I don’t have anything to say.
Viraj ~ Are you sure?.
Anika ~ haa bhaiya! We thought to shift those families to someother place. Why to waste time we will shift them soon. When somebody needs something and we don’t need that thing we should give it away.
Shivaay’s eyes are still on Anika
Viraj ~ You are right. We should give it away.
Anika looks at Shivaay who is looking at her.
Viraj gets up from his space.
Viraj ~ Deal okay. (he forwards his hand)
Shivaay also leaves his space and shakes his hand with Viraj.
Mishra thanks Viraj thinking the he saved him from getting burned in Shivaay’s anger.
Shivaay ~ okay… When at last the deal was finalized I think we have to leave.
Viraj wanted to say something but stops thinking about what he feels.
Anika and Shivaay looks at each other.
Shivaay ~ If you don’t mind I wanna invite you both to the dinner.
Viraj looks at Anika and asks her If she is willing to come or not.
Shivaay is throbbing to hear Yes from her.
Anika ~ okay… bhaiya!
Viraj gets a call from his office. He asks Anika to go along with Shivaay to his car
(As a sign of honouring some one)
Anika and Shivaay leave to the car
Anika feels some sprain in her ankle and puts her hand on Shivaay’s shoulder.
Shivaay looks at her
Shivaay ~ Are you okay?
Anika winces in pain
Shivaay gets on his knees and hold her ankle
Anika and Shivaay looks at each other and They share a eyelock.
Shivaay reels her ankle and She winces more
Shivaay wants to make her sit on the bench in her lawn
Shivaay gets up and puts her hand on his shoulder and hold her by waist and he tries to make her walk (Oh Jaana………plays). She is still wincing in pain. Shivaay then tends and lifts her in his arms…
Anika looks at him.
Shivaay makes her sit on the bench and reels her ankle…
Shivaay ~ How is it feeling now?
Anika ~ Better…(She looks at him)
Shivaay ~ Can you walk now? (He really cares for her a lot and that is seen in his eyes very keenly)
Shivaay makes her stand
Anika ~ I am fine now . I’ll go my myself
Shivaay ~ Are you sure … you’ll go or I shall drop you inside.
Anika ~ No… I will go.
Shivaay is still holding her…
Anika gets away from his arms
Shivaay ~ I am so sorry… I am not intented to that
Anika ~ That’s okay… I think you should leave now.
Shivaay nods and leaves
Anika looks at him while leaving.

Scene 2 ~

At Oberoi Mansion
(Om, Rudra in Shivaay’s room)

Shivaay comes and joins them… It’s a young O’Bro moment
Shivaay ~ How was your day? (he looks at Rudra )
Rudra ~ Asusual… cat fight with Sumo… I don’t know what’s her problem… She always does cold war with me…HuH!
Om ~ What did you do? (he knows that Rudra does something)
Rudra ~ I was just flirting with girls…She came and started her lecture…
Shivaay ~ Oh!! God…come on Rudra…She is our cousin. She had some responsibilities towards you,me and Om and She is just fulfilling them. She doesn’t want you to go in a wrong way.
Om ~ Shivaay is correct. She is just fulfilling her responsibilities and here is you such DUMB. She is abiding all because of you…
Rudra ~ Okay Okay enough of your lectures…Tell us how is your day LONG HAIR CREATURE ?
Om Thinks about his and Ishanah’s meet.
Om ~ It’s fantabulous.
Shivaay ~ oh!! Really…tell us what happened?
Om ~ I brought a beautiful portrait and…………nothing
Rudra ~ I know there will be nothing more that this…What about you bhaiya? (he looka at Shivaay)
Shivaay remembers his first meet with Anika and their encounter. And then holding and lifting her
Shivaay ~ Yeah…It was nice. Our business with Rathore’s got finalized and they are coming to dinner for our house tomorrow.
Om ~ I heard about him… Viraj Singh Rathore. He is a young business sensation.BTW his parents died many years ago
Rudra ~ Oh!! If their parents died …Then Shivaay told THEY are coming…Who is the other one?
Shivaay ~ ahh……His sister Anika is also coming…
Rudra ~ ooo……
Om and Shivaay asks him to shut up
Shivaay closes his eyes and tries to get the glimpse of Anika’s aroma
He thinks what’s happening to me why am I feeling so weird after meeting her…
Om thinks about Ishanah and expects to meet her again……

Scene 3 ~

At mall…
Om comes there to buy some portraits, In order to decorate his study room…
Ishanah also come there to buy some oil paints…
Om and Ishanah are close to each other but couldn’t see each other…
Ishanah turns back and looks at a portrait and likes it…
Ishanah moves to toward the portrait
Om feels some ones presence behind him…
He hastenly turns back…Ishanah, who is standing behind him slips because of his sudden moment…
Om holds her in the tip of the time and looks at her…
Ishanah too looks at him surprised…
(If some one are really connected by their souls the whole Universe helps to bring them close. The same thing is happening with them…)
Ishanah and Om share a eyelock… ( Phir kabhi on BG plays)
Om and Ishanah come to their senses and they move back
Om ~ Are you okay?
Ishanah ~ yeah…I’m okay. But how come you are here?
Om ~ Actually I came here to buys some portraits… What about you?
Ishanah ~ I am here to buy some oil paints…
Om ~ Ohh…okay
Om wants to ask her something but was unable to ask thinking about her reaction. But finally he gathers courage and……
Om ~ Shall we sit some where and talk? Only If you are willing.
Ishanah ~ Are you asking me out for a date? (She was super excited but didn’t let her emotions come on her face)
Om ~ Hmm…Something like that…( Om feels very awkward and thinks what did he ask?)
Ishanah ~ Okay. Then we shall go to the cafeteria beside.
Om was extremely happy and there is a sigh of relief in him as Ishanah didn’t took him in a wrong way.
Om leaves with Ishanah…
At cafeteria…
Om ~ So, what do you wanna take?
Ishanah ~ Umm… Latte…
Om orders two latte
Ishanah ~ you wanna talk something to me? Right
Om ~ Hmm… I just want to tell you that you are really good. If you want you would have earned crores by selling your portraits instead you are helping poor people and fulfilling their desires. There are many reasons to admire you and I just can’t stop doing that.
Ishanah ~ That’s so nice of you… I was just doing what my papa would have done If he was alive now and being his daughter that’s my duty to follow him…I feel that it’s not my duty but my right to help others…(She is almost in tears when she completed thinking that her father is no more)
Ishanah starts crying…
Om found her really cute when she is crying and He was so dumb whether to make her smile or to let her cry…
Om finally makes a move and he hold her hand.
Ishanah looks at him and wipes her tears.
Om and Ishanah share a eyelock
Ishanah thinks that Om is too good and He is having her father’s qualities.

PRECAP :: Anika and Viraj attend the dinner at Oberoi mansion.

Hope you all like this episode.

Guys!! Don’t forget to drop your views and doubts in the comments section.


Smooches to all my Dears 😉

With loads of love

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