love is life [epi 2]


sorry i am little busy coz tomorrow is my brother’s marriage i will be unable to update it but if i will get time i will and thnx for all ur support astra , varshini , cutiepie achu , pinky, lisa, lavanya and all my silent reader so here is a short episode

the episode starts with ishita nd every1 eating dinner raman finishes his food very fast
RAMAN: ishita i am going to room
ISHITA: so fast
RAMAN; i have some important work
ISHITA: ok go
ever1 eats dinner
ishita cleans the table and asks neelu to go home she will do rest ok the work
neelu; bhabhi i will do it you go and take rest
ishita: no i am ok i will do it na
neelu : bhabhi u will never change but u should take rest at this time
ishita; ok
neelu asks ishita to drink milk and go and take rest
ishita drinks the milk and goes upstairs

ishita enters the room and is shocked to see the decoration
the light was off and the room was full of candles

ishita gets happy and goes inside the room she stands near the bed and sees the decoration
then raman closes the door and comes near her romantically
he holds her face and kisses on her forehead and cheeks he was about to kiss on her lips then suddenly
RUHI comes and shouts: Mamma Papa open the door today i want to sleep with u
ishita: raman what to do now
raman: say to ruhi that we r tired and want to sleep
ishita: no raman u clean the room i will open the door then
raman : ok
he cleans the room quickly
ruhi: mumma why r u not opening the door
ishita: ruhi wait i m opening
ishita opens the door
ruhi : why so much time
ishita : the door was stuck it was not opening come lets sleep
they ly down
ruhi sleeps in between raman ishita keep their hand on ruhi’s stomach raman flirts ishita by holding her hand they sleep

in morning–

ishita comes out from bathroom after taking bath and smiles seeing how ruhi and raman were sleeping – ruhi kept her leg on raman’s stomach and her one hand on raman’s chest and raman was holding ruhi’s hand and he kept 1 hand around ruhi
ishita clicked a photo of them
ISHITA : ruhi get up u will be late for school
she touches ruhi’s hand to wake her up but sees she has higgh fever


guys sorry for the short update but i am really busy i will update it as soon as possible guys let me know if u feel it is turning boring

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  1. hey, there’s another girl called ananya writing a ff love is life on ssel…. is that you ??

  2. Wow yaar really nice love the father and daughter part

  3. Lisa

    Nice cute and funny when ruhi came in nice it is not at all turning boring and congratulation for ur brother’s wedding and no need to apologize we will wait for next episode

  4. Superb & congratulations for ur brothers marriage

  5. Hi I would like to start reading and commenting on your ff great job tanvi

  6. today’s epi was also nice and congratulations for ur brother’s marriage and try to upload soon dear

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