love is life [epi 1]

hey im back with my 1st epi plz comment so here’s the episode

a lady is shown running around the house shouting: ruhi ,ruhi where r u baby?
she is ishita
a man is shown shouting : ishita have u gone mad why r u runnning have u forgot u r pregnant
he is raman
ishita: no raman i know im five month pregnant im finding ruhi
raman:she may be playing
a girl comes running and hugs ishita from back
she is ruhi
ishita:aww where were u mamma was finding u
ruhi:mamma i was playing with shravan
raman picks up ruhi and says: your mamma is very careless she leaves u anywhere
ishita:o hello i am not careless u r careless i was finding ruhi
raman: i was knowing ruhi was playing
ruhi: stop it u both fight alot my head is paining
raman & ishita: o ho ruhi’s head is paining
they both tiggle her

next scene is mrs bhalla was cooking chicken
mrs iyer comes and says:ayyo u all punjabi’s eat such dirty things
mrs bhalla : oye who r u to say we r not like u always eating sambar and dosa
mrs iyer:but we r not like u eating an animal
they both fight
ishita comes and says: stop it amma and mummy ji amma u go inside and mummy ji u also
they both go inside
ishita: ayyo murgan when will they stop fighting

its night everybody is on the dinning table ishita is serving them

mr bhalla; ishita puttar u also come and sit down
ishita: ok papa ji

ishita sits next to raman
raman holds ishita’s hand under the dinning table
ishita slowly says : leave my hand
raman makes an expression of why
ishita makes an angry expression
then she makes an expression of plz
simmi’s spoon falls down she picks and sees ishita and raman’s hand she smiles she tells sarika and mrs bhalla they all smile

ishita: u will not leave
raman : no
ishita: ok
5 sec after ishita says ouch
raman; what happened
ishita gives a smile of that she was just doing acting
everyone asks what happened
ishita: nothing ant bit me
every1 says ok but sarika,simmi and mrs bhalla smile


guys plz comment and tell how it is boring or ok plz comment

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  1. Astra

    Nice tanvi..waiting for the next epi..

  2. it is not at all boring is very nice .just make it a little long if u can and update next episode soon

  3. Cutiepie Achu

    Very nice…

  4. Very nice ,super can’t wait for nextupdate

  5. Lisa

    Thnx for

  6. Nice yaar ishra sceen was superb keep writing luv this ff by the r u in school or college and which city do u live I live in kanpur and I’m in class 7 in huddard high school

  7. Zaira

    nice episode
    loved ishra scene ??
    keep writing

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