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I slowly regains conscious and find my self in a hospital…My eyes r madly searching for My Ansh..! But I just got frozen when i found a body with blood stains..I can’t have any dare to see who’s that..But Doctors informed that It’s my Ansh..! some one stabs him brutally..! I becomes life less body and my Brain get’s dumb..which forget’s to show any emotions..!
I slowly goes to that covered body and say’s”Ansh..! i know it’s a’s really a very bad game..bacha..! p[lz get…Now stop this game..i can’t able to play it any more plz..mera bacha…open ur eyes and look at me…I really don’t know when i started to cry hardly…I just broke down by crying for my Ansh……………….!!!

Suddenly I opens my eyes and Found My self in My Room..! I was fully drenched with sweat and i can hear my Heart beat loudly…I slowly realizes It’s MY DREAM..!! But i couldn’t forgot that horrible thought of loosing My Ansh…!! Immediately My eyes starts searching for him Madly….! Lastly, I found Ansh is standing near My Bed..with scary expression…My eyes get’s Unconditional happiness by seeing him fine and It have shown it’s happiness by rolling some tears…I slowly composed my self and Signs Ansh to come ..!!

Ansh slowly comes to me with worried face…I hugs him emotionally and burst out my pain in the form of tears..! I hurriedly checks wither he is having any wounds or not? is he fine or not? After sometime, I slowly compose my self and looks at his face…Ansh looks still worried and i slowly ask’s” What happen bacha?” Ansh slowly say’s” Papa! why u r lodly shouting in sleeph[why u r loudly shouting in ur sleep]?” I understand he is worried seeing my Behavior…!and say’s”Woo…Nothing..Bacha..! just A Bad Dream..!” Ansh say’s” U not worry…u r ansh is there na,…? and plz don’t cry na papa!! plz…!! [U don’t worry Papaa..! ur Ansh is with u na..! and plz don’t cry na..plz] By saying this, he slowly wipes my tears by his Li’ll hands…I have melted by his love towards me….And Hugs him again ..!! and say’s” Ha…Jab tak Mera Ansh mera Sath hai..Tap tak mujhey koie pareyshan nehi hai….! Becoz, My Ansh is a brave boy na..? and slowly winks at him…He smiles and hugs me happily….!

My Mom’s health get’s stable and We all r get’s some relief seeing her smile on her face…! Later, We all r having a wonderful family time…My mom & Dad really feels very happy with Ansh’s company..! AT night, I slowly makes him sleep and get’s into Pragya’s thoughts..!


Everything went smoothly..I and Nikil become friends…. And it’s the day to leave for U.s… I just going to Airport… but due to some road problem my driver changes root by a small dark place…some jungle type… Suddenly our car get’s stopped by a girls entry..i fears whether she is kk..or not… but I find some people were searching for, I slowly carries her and placed her in my back seat…and starts to act as having some work… The goon comes to us and asks for a girl..we manage to lie them and get’s free…It’s so dark there…so, I couldn’t see her face…but I notice she is, I took her to hospital….I opened back door to carry her..And get’s Shocked seeing her..She’s none other than Pragya! My Pragya! I hurriedly carries her in and completes all formalities…and went to her room and she is laying on bed ..I slowly sat beside her… Doctors explained about her health condition that she is in a tantrum and also having several wounds…! I really didn’t understand anything about her condition becoz, I have seen Nikil and Her relationship…so, Nikil can’t do this..then, who want to kill, her..? My chain of thoughts were disturbed by Pragya…she slowly gains conscious and call’s Ansh…Ansh.. I know hw much pain she is bearing becoz, losing own child is not a small thing..i just cares her hair with sad face…Soon, she suddenly wakes up like she had saw something horrible..I tries to console her and she just blabbers…Ansh..Anshh.. I asked what happen.? But she just blabbering same thing..

Soon, she saw me and say’s” Abhi! My Ansh is alive..! “ My ANSH IS ALIVE..! I just get’s shock and tries to control her..but she again fall unconscious…. I just went out and call’s doc..i sat on chair..and thinking about Pragya! Is Ansh alive…or just she is thinking?? Suddenly I recall Nikil and call’s him and tells him about Pragya! Nikil reaches Hospital worriedly and hugs me crying … I console him and say’s Pragya is fine… He hurriedly went to pragya and return to me after some time… I broke the silence asking” Nikil! R u having any enemies..?” Nikil looks at me and smiles” We Businessmen r always have competition and enemies too” I nodes and say’s” So..who done this? U have any doubt on anybody?” Nikil nodes No… we talked for some time..and I get’s ready to leave but…I just remembers Pragya’s words and tells to nikil…Nikil get’s shocked and say’s “ What? Ansh…My Ansh is alive?” ..i can identifies his happiness… But nikil looks at me and say’s “ U saw him Abhi?” I say’s” No..Pragya just told me that Ansh is alive..” Nikil face gets faded and say’s” I hope soo.. Abhi..i really hope this will be true..but,… I saw him and ask’s but…WHAT Nikil ?..” Nikil stare me and say’s” There is no chance for it Abhi… .becoz, I saw him in accident spot..I carried him to Hospital..!” and sit’s crying…I understood his pain and consoles him and say’s” she must have confused by seeing any other child like Ansh…” he too agree for this…later, I left from there……

But my mind is still in thoughts of Pragya!!

After 1 Week, I came to know that Pragya get’s discharged from Hospital! I want to meet her but controls myself.. becoz, Now she’s some one’s Wife! some one’s Bahu…Now, I’m not any more valued in her Life..!!!
One night, unexpectedly I have an Accident….A big lorry about to hit me…but, a veil women pushes me to other side and saves me…I want to thank her but, she get’s disappears… I searched for her but didn’t find her anyway….!!

To be continued…

ABHI finds Some one stabs Pragya……!! …………………………………..Pragya shouts” Abhi”!! and falls unconscious..

who’s that veiled person…??Where is pragya’s son.??…to know more…Stay Tuned ..My Dear Friends…!!


  1. Mukundraj

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    why are you dragging story and this is really sad that you pair pragya with abhi then what the need of abhi in this story i really fedup of these story line

  2. Stupidstarakshaya

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    Sorry adhu for not commenting your last epi sorry I had my exam so I couldn’t but today’s episode was amazing awsome wonderful mindblowing mind blogging and the best

  3. Adhya


    THANK U..FRIENDS FOR U R SUPPORT…and Sorry Mukun bhai for making u bore with my story..but I t is essential step…I will reveal everything soon….plz keep supporting me..with ur valuable comments..becoz, it’s mean a lot to me…Once gain thanku all…!

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