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A same Journey 6 months Ago changes my life completely..!

AFTER 3 YRS:[ 6 MONTHS AGO FROM PRESENT] I came to India for my business work… and saw an accident so, just go to help the victim but, to my surprise..Pragya is lying unconsciously…I just get’s shocked seeing her in that state…I carries her to Hospital..I really don’t know why I’m so worried for her and why tears r rolling from my eyes…

Later, doc informs me that Pragya gains, I worriedly went to her and see her leaning to head board…. I ask’s” Hw u feeling now?” She just gives a smile which is habitual to her..And which I loves in her she say’s ”I’m fine..Abhi! Thank u..” she then asks somewhat surprisingly “Abhi! U here?” I just smiles and say’s “I came to attend my work..Pragya”.
Slowly, I find a man running towards pragya and ask’s her “R u OK..pragya?” Pragya slowly smiles and say’s”I’m kk..nikkil!” he then thanked me for saving his wife’s life..! I just get shocked and stands numb..he shakes me and introduced him as “Nikil Laamba! A business man” I gives a fake smile and shake hand with him and leave from there with teared eyes….!

Pragya calls me and invites to coffee…I was so angry on her..But, by her insisting I went to meet her… I just went there and we both seated in chairs and she orders my fav coffee…I wonders if she reminds about my fav up to now? We slowly starts talking and I raised topic about her husband..Pragya smiles and say’s “His name is Nikil Lambha! My husband.. I get hurt by the word MY HUSBAND…but tries to control it… Later, we talked for some time and leaves from there..
Later, I called Pragya! But her phone is switched off… I waits for her..But no response and get’s busy in my work…Later, at night I went to attend a Business function in which I saw Pragya and Nikil together…! All r praising about their Jodi..i felt bad but, I’m happy at least Nikkil is there to care her…I can find how much he cares for her… Later, when I want to talk to her but, Nikil accompanies her…I get angry but, can’t do anything….

We reached India! My Dad came to receive me and hugs me happily..I too feel so happy becoz, I too missed him…Later, Ansh slowly identifies my Dad and call’s” Dadu!” ..i can find happy tears in my Dad’s eyes and hugs him again…. He took Ansh in his arms and kissed him..Later, we reach our Home Khanna Mansion! My Mom receives us in main door and hugs me with happy tears… I too getting emotional seeing my Mom..Later, Ansh jumps on her with happiness…My mom is so happy to see Ansh! and get’s busy with him..

Later, we have a family chat…My Mom’s happiness is clearly visible in her eyes..she’s just Admires Ansh Ethics…I slowly placed my Hands around her shoulders and leans my head on her shoulder and say’s”Ma..! r u happy ?” My mom see’s me lovingly and nodes yes while caring my hairs…! Later, I made her rest in her room..and talks with her..Ansh sit’s beside my Mom and cares her hair saying” Dadi! u have to sleeph[sleep] now! If u become strong we will play tommorw..[tomorrow]! I smiles seeing his care..My mom was very happy seeing her grandson’s care towards her..she nodes kk and kissed him…Later, I get’s fresh up and slowly comes to Mom’s room..Ansh is still caring my Mom’s hair..while she is sleeping…I smiles seeing him and slowly goes to him and whisper’s”Ansh bacha! chalo fresh up keliyeh..U have to eat” Ansh nodes me No..and say’s”Papa! i Will be with Dadi..See Dadi ko pukar hai na..? I will take care..!” I just can’t control my tears seeing his care towards my Mom and say’s” Kk.. But first u come with me…After getting fresh up..we will come to Dadi..kk?” But Ansh is not at all listening to me….My mom wakes up by our noise and slowly convinces him and sends with me..!

I get’s him fresh up..and sends him to my Mom…Later, I talks to my dad about Mom’s health..Dad looks so sad and worried ..he say’s” She has become Adamant! she just neglects her health!! If i scolds her then, she say’s she want to see U and Ansh..! I convinced her so many times..but..she was not listening to me..Abhi! Hw can she forget’s about Ansh? Hw much hard we tried to hide his past..but..she..!” I cut’s off and say’s”Leave it na..Dad.! Now Mom is happy..that’s enough for me…and I will try my best to keep Ansh away from his past..! We then talks for some time….Suddenly, Ansh comes to me and sit’s in my lap..I just cares him and talks to him..My dad ask’s Ansh to come..but Ansh looks sad…and say’s” Dadu..u don’t love” Dad get’s shocked and takes him in his lap and ask’s” Why Beta…it’s nothing like this..we all love u..mera bacha!” Ansh say’s” Then, why u don’t come to see me?” I tries to explain him..but Dad say’s” Becoz, Ur dadi is ill na? That’s why..If dadi get’s we all will be together..kk?” Ansh say’s” SACH?” with excitement..I smiles seeing them….and thinks” I just want to see my Ansh happily…For this, I’m ready to do anything..!”

We r having Dinner..Mom is feeding Ansh with her hands…and I was admiring their bonding happily..Especially, Ansh’s happy face….!

After dinner, Mom and Dad are busy in spending their time with Ansh…and playing with him..I’m busy with my Office call’s..Later, I finished my call’s and goes to see Ansh and finds him sleeping in My Mom’s lap and feels happy..I slowly left to room and trying my best to sleep..but I can’t becoz, I’m missing Ansh beside me.. When I’m trying to sleep suddenly heard door sound and find’s Ansh slowly coming towards me ….I get up and smiles seeing him and expends my Arms for him… Ansh runs into my Arms and places his head on my shoulder..I gently care his hair and say’s” What happen…bacha? U hasn’t sleep? “ . Ansh nodes No.. and say’s” Papa! I’m getting fear..!” I expected this, and slowly lay’s him on my chest and pat’s him gently and say’s” Why bacha? Papa hei naa? Don’t worry papa never leaves u..kk?” and see’s his face with smile…Ansh slowly smiles and nodes .Kk and sleeps on me..

Pragya cries vigorously………………………….A man say’s” ANSH is DEAD..!!”..Abhi shatters..!!

Hi guys, sry if i’m bored u OR make u angry with my episode…Stay tunes to receive more surprises….Thank u all..

Thnak u..Akshaya Di, Saranya, Vaishali, Varshavekata, Riya, princess krishna, Asmitha, b.k maha, prabhi, sandy,madhura, p[rathi, di ,durga,Mukund bhai,Reshma, monesha…and all…Thank u so much for ur support and love…

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  1. VarshaVenkat…how can u ppl write so awesome….I loved it totally….yup…n also abt ansh…im totally confused….n expand some more tym to unite abhigya….d current track is lovely…I loved d bonding of ansh with abhis family…keep rocking

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..Varsha dear…I’m so happy u loved it…

  2. Superb Adhya Di !? And Precap ???? Making me desperate !

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..shree..! Just stay tuned dear..

  3. OMG… Wat a precap yaar…so sad for abhi….and wat that suspense….

  4. Mukundraj

    nice but to much confusing yaar

  5. Princesskrisha

    Superb di pragya married nikhil then who is mother of ansh precap making me nervous pls update soon

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..Krisha…I will clear all ur doubts..just stay tuned dear

  6. Stupidstarakshaya

    Awesome adhya
    But ansh?????
    Waiting for further episodes

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..Di..don’t worry i will upload soon..

      1. Stupidstarakshaya

        But I too was a bit disappointed seeing pragya married to Nikil but I hope u will unite abhigya soon

  7. Saranya24

    Omg precap is freaking but nice epi yaar loved it?????

    1. Adhya

      Thank u…Saranya..!

  8. Reshma_Pradeep


  9. Asmithaa

    superbb.. But pragya married nikhil???? so sadd….

    1. Adhya

      Thank..u..Asmitha dear…don’t worry

  10. Its really disappointing yaarr ???? Pragya married that nikkil ??
    Pragya is only 4 abhi

  11. Tz s not fair yaar pragya’s husband s not abhi really sad n precap s shocking yaar plzzzz don’t do lk tat plzzzzz plzzzz plzzzz…

    1. Adhya

      Durga dear..plz calm down..yaar Ansh is our cutie pie….don’t worry..!

  12. Very nice,continue it….. ????

  13. waiting 4 next one dear,,,,,,,,

  14. B.k.maha

    Superrrrr…….. But I didn’t expected prgya married nikil???…waiting for next episode…..

  15. Prathi

    Who’s child is Ansh!?? Confused

  16. Adhya

    Thank u..My dear friends..for ur huge support & Love…

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