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I just came back to senses and found my Ansh is sleeping peacefully by holding his Mom’s photo frame…I know he’s Missing her..I slowly went to him and cares his hair and sleeps with him..
I’m just going through newspaper with my hot coffee..! Ansh is sill sleeping. Suddenly I receives a call and answers it….I went to Ansh and slowly whispers in his ears” Ansh! It’s Mom’s call!” Ansh wakes up with super excitement…! He say’s” Mamma ka call? Sachh?” I nodes smilingly..He just jumps on me with excitement ..and I pick him and takes to Living Room.He excitedly takes phone and talks to her..
Ansh: Mamma!
Lady: Ansh bacha!
Ansh: Mamma! how ‘s u?[how r u..?’] Lady: I’m fine bacha! Tum kysa ho? Papa ko tang karrehey ho?
Ansh: No..Mamaa! no..Ansh good boy hey naa…! Papa & me doing masti[enjoying] I laughed seeing his innocence..just busy in absorbing his Athics…!
Lady: [Laughs..]..Acha! good boy…papa kysey hai?
Ansh: papa! ….he’s good boy like me…! [He Turns to me and smiles ] Lady: Wow! My Ansh is very good boy! Acha..papa ko pareyshan mat karo..aur unki bath mano..teekey!
Ansh nodes kk and say’s” Mamma! R u not missing me?
My smiles fades listening this…But controls my self..
Lady: Ha..bahut..! per Mamma kam mei busy hey na..! jaldi aajavunji…taph as my cutie baby..kk?Aur papa hey na tumharey sath..…!
Ansh: Ha..mamma! mei cutie baby hu…!Happy with Papa!
He slowly comes to me…and sit’s in my lap…
Lady: Acha! Papa ko phone do bacha..!
Ansh nodes kk and say’s” Bye..Mamma! luv u..[love u]!
Lady: Bye bacha! Love u too..[she passes a kiss!}
Ansh smiles and passes phone to me.. and sit’s on sofa and get’s busy with news paper…
I took the phone and say’s Hi! Tanu![ yes, she’s Tanu..Abhi’s maternal uncle’s daughter..] Tanu: Hi Abhi! Hw r u?
I said I’m fine tanu…Hw r u? hw’s Mami&Mamu?
Tanu: ya..all r fine…Ansh teekey na?
I said Ya…he’s fine..! don’t worry!
Tanu: I will not worry for him..becoz, ur there for him….! Ansh is lucky! Abhi!
I smiles and say’s” Even I’m too lucky Tanu…any way’s hw ‘s ur work and everything..all kk..?
Tanu smiles and say’s” yes! Everything is fine..!” We continue our talk for sometime…Later I ended call and goes to Ansh!

Ansh sees me and shout’s “Papa! See this!” with full excitement!
I smiles and takes him in my lap and say’s” What’s this?” He passed me newspaper…It’s some photos of me and Ansh in yesterday’s party..!
Ansh say’s” Papa! Me and u…! See in paper! He says with full excitement
I smiles and took him in Arms and say’s” Acha! It’s very nice..come now, it’s time to fresh up..come come…!” we slowly reached my room…!
Ansh say’s” Papa! Why all r taking fhotos in partly?[why all r taking ur photos in party]..I smiles and say’s” Becoz they like me…! Ansh ask’s” Then why thay calling..u Rocstaa…? U my Papa na…![why they r calling u Rock star? U r my papa naa?] I laugh seeing his innocence and adjust him in my lap and say’s” Rocksaa…nehi Rock star…! Papa app kehliyeh gana gata hey naa…who sab ko mera gana pasandh hey….That’s why they will call me Rock star.! And I’m only Ansh Papa na.!
Ansh say’s” wo don’t like mei Rockstar nehi na?
I smiles and took him in Arms and say’s” Hai na..! Mera Ansh..Mera Rockstar hai !! and winks at Ansh..Ansh smiles happily and hugs me and say’s” I Love U…papa!” I kissed him and say’s”I love u too..bacha!”
Later I make him ready and finishes our breakfast..Ansh is busy with his remote Cars….and I’m just looking through some files…
Marie leaves by finishing her work..Ansh is busy in watching his favorite Movie ”NEMO”… I was just looking through my Files& Documents..Just then, I receives call..
..i.e; My Dad..Vikram Khanna’s call! I attended it and very happily speaks to my dad..but I can find some worry in his voice so..i asked him …Firstly he tries to hide but after lot of forcing finally, he reveals that My mom is suffering with ill health..and she want to see Me & Ansh! I just got shocked hearing this….I just lost in some thoughts…later, My dad say’s” Abhi! I know it’s will b e shocking for u…but plz think about it….If ur Mom’s wish didn’t get fulfilled then, her condition get’s worsens…. I just say’s” Call u later..Dad !” and ends the call… I sat on sofa and starts thinking about this matter….I know how much my MOM Love’s Me….hw much she Loves Ansh! But hw can I go back where I didn’t want to go…hw can I take Ansh to the same place where he faced a Worst situations…? Hw can I reminds him that Horrible past..which I want him to forget ?

I slowly see’s his smiling face..and just lost in my thoughts..

After our cute and lovable love track..Finally, I reveled about our LOVE to my Mom..She agrees for it..Later, I met her father..Firstly,, he rejects me becoz, of our economical problems at that time.. and my .Rock star Position.!…he just say’s he want his daughter to have a secure life…! I and pragya tries our best to convince him..but, he is not ready to agree for it…We felt so Disappointed & sad and stops talking for 1 week…


PRECAP: Revelation of Past..!!

Hi friends…I know it’s short but…I will try my best to give long episodes….!! and Hope u will like this episodes….For more twists, stay tuned my dear friends..Thank u so much….

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  9. I am waiting to know what happened in the past !? Superb Epi Adhu di !?

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