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A lone tear escapes from my eyes..I slowly came out of my thoughts and found ANSH fall’s asleep on me..I slowly pecked his forehead and slowly drown to Home…..Mary is waiting for me..My mood is totally off so, she slowly left to home by seeing me….I slowly places Ansh on bed without disturbing him….and kissed him….My mind is still revolves around that incident ..I slowly went to my Balcony and sat on my chair..And My eyes sticks on Full moon….I slowly lost’s in her thoughts…..

Abhi hurriedly carries Pragya to hospital…She’s unconscious..Abhi tries his best to wake her up..but, All his efforts are in vain …He can’t able to control his tears by seeing her in that condition….Doctors took pragya inside O.T ..While Abhi waits outside with tears…He slowly prays” God! I don’t believe u..but she believes u more…Plz if I done any mistake then, Punish me..plz don’t punish her for my mistakes..I beg u..plz Save her..she’s my Life…My Love…plz God..!” by saying this he burst out his tears…. Which clearly shows his love towards Pragya !


Doctor inform Abhi that she had a Head injury..But she’s fine now..She’s not in will take time..if u want to meet her..u can..Take care!!..And slowly leaves from there..Abhi hurriedly rushes inside and Found His love is lying on bed unconsciously….! Abhi hardly tries to compose himself .He slowly went to her and holds her hand..and say’s” I’m sorry Pragya..plz forgive me…! I’m responsible for ur condition..plz forgive me that..and I’m always late..this time too..saying this he slowly cares her forehead and continues” Haa.! Madam! I love u too…! I made this confession very lately..yaar! I’m so sorry..! U know I want to propose u before..But I became late..But Now see, see hw I will handle everything about our Marriage..I promise U! Now, plz Wake up Pragya..U made me cry this’s too bad dear..plz Wake up.we have to plan so many things for our future..plz Pragya!

Plz wake up for ur Abhi!” By saying this Abhi again burst in to tears..Suddenly He found her hand grip becomes strong…He worriedly see Pragya and felt very happy…Yes, Pragya got conscious…! She tearfully admires him…and slowly cares his face..Abhi can’t control himself..He hugs her tightly..and cries saying” It’s too Bad…! U know hw much u scare me..ha? I thought I lost u…Pragya!” Suddenly a hand cares his hair and say’s” Shuuuh! Who said I’m going to leave u? Hw can I leave u alone..? Hw can ur Love let me go…Abhi? I always be with u..becoz, Ur My Baby..right?” and smiles seeing him..Both see’s each other smilingly..and slowly compose themselves into a Passionate Kiss..!

Suddenly My heavy thoughts were broken by a touch..! Yes, It’s Ansh! He’s rubbing his eyes and say’s ”Papa!” in crying tone..I hurriedly takes him in my lap and say’s” What happen Bacha? Papa yehi hai..!” and slowly rubs his back…I slowly takes him inside and sleeps with him..

Ansh slowly wakes up..He’s till feels scary..So, I took Leave and tries to lightens his Mood…He’s not at all ready to leave me…so, I picked him in Arms and starts to do some house hold works….Just then, Mary came and greets me..She tries to take ANSH..But he starts crying..Later, I explained her about yesterday’s incident…We talk for sometime..Suddenly I receives a call from office and attends it…I came to know about an Imp Official Business Party. which I have to attend…! I hardly tries to escape..but It’s very, Finally I said k..
Function is at Night so, I want to spend some quality time with Ansh..! so, I took him to a garden..It’s his fav spot! We both starts playing Hide-n-Seek. And so many games..Sometimes, I really don’t know hw can I forget My Age being with My Ansh..! We both spend some quality time and enjoys each other company very well…!
It’s Time to Party..! I get’s ready in a perfect Businessman Attire with a White suit! Mary made my Ansh ready..Finally we both left to Party…becoz, I know Ansh wants to be with me…


I Slowly steps down from my car with Ansh in hands…As usual there r much crowd..Including my fans..Ansh feels scare seeing much crowd..I quickly places my Protective Arms around him..and quickly went inside…! After talking sometime with Official persons..I I understood Ansh feeling, I took him to play area which is kept for children…He starts to enjoy with other kids…

Lastly, At late Night, We both reached Home..! I slowly get’s fresh up and seated in my Balcony..! I slowly close my eyes and slowly goes to my Pragya’s thoughts….!
After that Accident I became more possessive for Pragya! To be frank It’s my Over care! But My Pragya never used to complain me…hahh..she’s such a sweet person..! We both used to Rom a lot’s of places and happily spends time with each other..I still remember Pragya took me to a place…She is so much happy..I casually ask’s the reason..she say’s” Abhi! This is my fav spot..My mom used to take me here..we used to play, study and does many thing…! Nobody doesn’t know about this..! Just U knows this..! I noticed her happiness…! I generally ask her to tell about her family… I was surprised, My Pragya..A sweet girl like her has such a Emotional Background..!

Pragya’s father Mr.Vivek Kundra is an Police Officer .He belongs to Bihar region seeing so much Violence he determines to become a police officer… he lost his parents in a big Attack by some gangsters of Bihar…he just have his li’ll sister Vidya with him…his maternal Uncle takes him with him…and brought up him with his son and daughter…. His son becomes a major part in Gangsters gang..becoz he just enjoy ruling People…. Soon, vivek kundra becomes a great Police man..and Now, it’s time to marriage… His maternal uncle is so willing to marry his daughter to Vivek and son to Vivek’s sister Vidya!… Firstly, Vivek too accepts for it becoz, his sis Vidya loves his brother –in –law but, Suddenly Vivek has a transfer where he loves a simple and beautiful lady Archana! [pragya’s mom] They both loves each, Finally vivek marries his sister to his brother –in-law but, he rejects to marry his uncle’s daughter…Vivek’s brother –in-law become hyper and he make vivek leave the house permanently becoz, his sister committed suicide…! Later, Vivek and Archana lives happily and blessed with daughter Pragya! Vivek was so happy about his family but, he always remains his sister Vidya and get’s sad… Pragya lost her mother when she was 2 yrs old….But, Pragya and Vivek lives happily and Pragya is so much attached to her father…PRAGYA always wishes to unite Her father with his sister…!

After listening to her ..I promised her that I will always there to support her…!


Abhi receives a call and get’s shocked…!!

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