Hi, Guys..I’m so happy by seeing ur huge and sweet response..! Thank u so much for always supporting me ..I’m really very sorry for this much late…I’m totally struck up with my exams.and My Sister’s wedding Arrangements..! But I promise i will upload regularly these last 2 episodes..!


Whole Khanna mansion was decorated with full of lights…It’s seen as a Great Happiest moment in that house..!!

Abhi looks very handsome in shinning sherwani..he keeps on knocking the door and keeps on calling the person…Aftr lot’s of pleasing the person came out…Yes, It’s Ansh!!
I picks him in Arms and say’s”Oye..Rock star! This much time..?? U said papa, we will get ready in same color costumes…! See I’m ready..!” Ansh kissed on my cheeks and say’s ”See na papa! Now, we r looking perflect.[perfect].!!Now take me to millar[mirror]..!”I smiles and say’s”KK..jaan!” We Both father and son reached behind the mirror..I placed him on bed..Ansh is very happy by looking himself and his dad in same attire..his eyes r shinning with happiness..I see’s his happy face and pecked his forehead..! Just then we heard a voice”R u guys ready??

Hw much will u take?”yaa..It’s Pragya! She enters the room and seeing father and son behind the mirror..By seeing Her son’s happy face..Pragya felt very happy and peace..She cleared her throat.. we Both looks at her..she is wearing a dazzling cream and gold color sari with full work..Pragya say’s”Ansh ji! Kysi lagrihu?? Am I kk?”Ansh jumps from bed and hugs pragya tightly..he say’s”Mamma! Ur beatiful..[beautiful]!! “Pragya smiles and cares his hairs..! I see’s them and say’s”So no one cares for me right?”With a pout..! Pragya and Ansh comes to me and say’s ”Ofcourse we love u na..!”in a chorus..I smiles..while Ansh jumps on him and Pragya pulled my cheek with a cute expression… We shares an lovely eye lock…Ansh shout’s “Papa! See..we r pelfect family Now..!![perfect] we Both see’s our complete family in mirror and smiles at each other..!
After 10 min:
I , Pragya and Ansh came down and enters living room..where WE WALKS HAND IN HAND…All smiles seeing us ..!! I and pragya starts welcoming guests while Ansh is very busy with his daddu and daadi..!!
Suddenly, A man enters …Ansh see’s him and shout’s”Maamu!”and runs towards him…yaa It’s Purabh..! purab took Ansh happily in Arms and wished him “Happy B’day…Ansh!” Ansh smiles and talks with him while playing with his shirt buttons..!
I and Pragya notices Ansh with purab and goes to him..! I side hugs Purab happily and we took him inside..! All family members talks with Purab. And were very happy..! I smiles seeing purabh and thinks in mind ”Ajj sab kuch ithnaa kubsurath hai..iss saara their vajasey Purab..! [Today, everything is’s just becoz, of u purab!]Thank u so much for everything..!
Deelip put’s gun towards Ansh ..While Abhi pleads him not to shoot Ansh..Deelip laughs evilly and say’s ”Now, By this day..ur family will end and My son will get peace..!” He loads the gun towards Ansh and say’s”Abhi! Akrii baath dekleynaa apni betey ko..!”[ abhi! At last time..see ur son..!] Abhi pleads him and trembling with fear..! Deelip about to shoot…Suddenly Lights went off..And A shoot sound came…Abhi shout’s ”Ansh!!”And break down in tears..! All his happy movements with ANSH were rolling in front of his eyes..!
After 2 min: Slowly light gets on…Abhi is weeping badly by closing his eyes..!! Suddenly he heard a voice calling”Pa…pa”Abhi opens his eyes and found Ansh !! He opens his eyes wide and see’s Ansh in Purabh’s Arms..!that too safely.. Ansh cries seeing his papa and extend his li’ll arms to pick him..Abhi see’s him emotionally and Runs towards him without caring his bullet wound..! Abhi Takes Ansh and hugs him tightly and break down in tears…while Ansh too reciprocate with Abhi..Purab hugs Abhi and Ansh and slowly calms Abhi..

Later, Abhi came back to senses and found Deelip’s dead body a side..! He get’s shock and see’s Purab..while Purab nodes his head positively..!
Later, Both runs to find Pragya and came towards A room ..they break the door and the scene in front of their eyes makes them crazy..! Pragya is lying on ground with slight conscious..! Abhi and purab runs towards her and found Her veins r cutted…! They both get’s shocked and quickly carries her towards their car..!
Purab starts Car by keeping Ansh in his lap..! Abhi places Pragya’s head in his lap and cares her hair..he tries to make her conscious..!! but all his efforts r in vein..!

Abhi and purab hurriedly reached hospital…Abhi carries Pragya inside..while Purab runs behind them with Ansh ..they r just behaving like crazy and shout’s for doctor..and took her inside ICU..!
Abhi and Purab tensely wait outside and pray for pragya..! Abhi sit’s like a lifeless body ..he’s in peak of fear about pragya..! Slowly a small hand holds his finger..Yes, it’s Ansh!! Abhi looks at him emotionally…Ansh slowly goes to him and wipes his tears with his li’ll finger and leans towards his chest and say’s”Mamma ko kuh nehi hoga..! rovo math papa!”[ mamma will be safe..don’t cry papa] Abhi hugs him tightly and pecked his forehead…he slowly becomes cool and tensely waiting for Pragya
Doctor comes outside..Abhi and Purab runs to him and ask’s about Pragya! Doctor say’s”Don’t worry she’s safe..u both took her at right time..she had blood loss so, we r treating her..soon she will be kk..don’t worry..”by saying this left from there..Abhi and Purab looks at pragya through glass door..!

After 2 hrs:
Pragya gains conscious and her eyes gets wet seeing her front of her eyes..! Her Son…Her Ansh! Whom she lost 6 months before …Now, he’s standing in front of her eyes..!!Unknowingly her eyes starts watering with mixing of happiness and sadness..! She signs Ansh to come..Ansh runs towards her and hugs her tightly..Pragya burst out in tears and feels her son’s presence..! she pours her heart out and kissed Ansh’s face inch by inch..! She stays like that for an hr…! Abhi and Purab looks at her with tears in their eyes..becoz, they realize hw she must feeling now..! hw a mother feels when she get back her child..After a long separation..!!

After sometime, Pragya came backs to sense and hugs Abhi and Purab…Purab and pragya shares an emotional movement followed by Abhi..!
AFTER 1 WEEK, Pragya get’s discharged and Abhi took her to Home..Vikram kundra and all are very happy seeing Pragya..! they welcomes pragya whole heartedly…For a month, Abhi took utmost care of pragya..Later, her wounds get healed..she becomes normal and slowly resumes her duties of A Bahu, A wife and A mother too…slowly Pragya had become Daughter to vikram and Radha..!! Fb Ends!!


I slowly came back to my senses hearing pragya’s voice..She call’s me and ask’s ”when will we cut the cake..Come on..All r waiting..!”I smiles and goes to her..We cut’s the cake with Ansh and feeds cake happily to each other..!
Lastly, I presented a small Guitar to Ansh! His eyes r shinning with happiness…while Purab presented a mini toy car to him..!We all r feeling very happy and complete by seeing our Ansh’s face..

With lots of struggle finally, I became successful in putting Ansh sleep..becoz, he’s very excited about his gifts..! he is not at all willing to leave them .. I lay’s him on my shoulders and starts telling a story..! Slowly Ansh falls asleep and I lay’s him on bed and covered with a blanket…Just then Pragya enters inside the room with baby steps..She smiles seeing Ansh and kissed on his forehead…She takes out plate of food for me..We start sharing food and feed each other..! Lastly, I and Pragya were seated at balcony on couch..we r just enjoying Full Moon and slowly reminding all movements with each other..! Pragya slowly leans on my shoulders and say’s” Äbhi! Now Ansh is 3 yrs..! I really don’t understand hw can this time runs fast…??”I slowly cares her hairs and say’s”Yes..i too feeling this..I’m still feeling he is a small baby…but he’s gonna big..I mean He is showing Interest on Guitar..!

“ Pragya smiles and say’s” U know what? All r saying he will become Rockstar like his papa!”I smiles and say’s” Hahh I really don’t know..I mean..It’s completely depends on Ansh decision..if he is interested in music..then he can go for it..or else he can to go with other too!” Pragya say’s”U know what I feels?”I turns towards her and ask’s”what?”Pragya replies ”This Industry has to spare another Abhishek. too!” I laughs at her and we both slowly drifts into sleep..!

Thank u guys…Today, It’s an Important event in My Sister’s life…She gonna start a new life with her partner….I hope she always stays happy and blessed… meet u all in next episode..!

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