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I ended call with a smile and winked to purab..We both hug each other with full Excitement…Purab shout’s” Wow!! Abhi! We traced the call…!” Now, It’s not far to see Pragya! We both said in a chorus and hugs again with happy tears..!! Purab say’s”Abhi! I will be back..! with Security… and I will text u location Address..! u plz stay here only..!”By saying this, purab left the place..!!
I nodes happily and sit’s on my Knees by wiping my happy tears..My Happiness has no limit..! Finally, I’m Going to meet My Love..My Pragya..!! I couldn’t able to control my happy tears..! May be these r tears of my heart..!It’s The Day, My Heart feels relax by soothing the pain which it has hidden inside..!! I can’t describe My Feelings..! I couldn’t able to wait more for meeting My pragya..!! Soon, My heart commands me to Go Right Now…To meet Pragya..!! I too obeyed to it..becoz, Even I can’t resists myself..! Soon I runs to my Car and left the place with full speed..!!

Pragya is lost in thoughts…Her mind keep on searching for an answer..”Who can be this?? I know Purab can’t do this..! Then, who? Who??…. Suddenly, She found Deelip is coming towards her..! Deelip comes to her and said something…Which makes her hell shocked…Soon, her eyes starts filled with tears..!

I’m driving with full speed …My mind is full with so much Craziness and Excitement..!Suddenly My phone beeped and it locates current Address of Pragya..!! Which increased my speed and Finally, I Reached that Place..! It’s an Old Building..! “Pragya! I’m here for u…I promise Today onwards I will return ur every small U..!!”I said to myself and slowly lead inside the Building…! Finally, I peeped inside without anyone’s Knowledge..! I finds A lady who is tired with Many Ropes..! I’m so far so I couldn’t able to see her clearly…When I’m approaching her Her face is visible clearly which Increasing My Heart Beat.!!
Finally, My heart frozen for a min…seeing My Lady Love in front of my eyes.! My Pragya! Whom I thought I was Lost is sitting In front of Me..!! My happiness has no limits..I want to thank someone..! for showing her again..!! I want to share this happiness…But with whom?? Whom? This thoughts r making me crazy…Finally, I compose myself and shout’s” PRAGYA!!”
Pragya turns to me with tears in her Eyes..! I can see Mixing of Happiness and Surprise in her beautiful eyes..!! I just get’s lost in her Eyes…!! Really, I’m so fortunate…The day which I’m dreamed comes to me..but, I couldn’t able to believe is this True??. I slowly walks to her with happy tears…!!
We Both eyeing Each other With Much Emotion and Happiness..!![ While A song Saiyara vey Saiyara play in back ground..] Finally, I came towards her..Tears are Rolling from Our Eyes seeing Each Other..! After A long Silence, Finally both came back to senses and I slowly forward my Hand to Touch her face with a Smile….!!

Suddenly Pragya Turns Away her face..! Which gives me A Heavy Shock..!!? I slowly say’s”Pragya! I’mhere ..! F..o r ..U!!” said with a smile and again tries to care her face..! But, Pragya again Turns her face and shout’s ”Leave Me..!!” I stood with Hell Shock..!! I slowly compose myself by thinking May be she’s Angry on me for late..I slowly say’s”Pragya! I’m very sorry dear..! Actually, I didn’t Know about U na..?? That’s why….I tries to said something but Pragya again shot’s”Just Get Lost from here…Abhi! Leave Me Alone..!!” This time I felt A heavy shot on my Heart..!! Her words r hurting me..!! I again say’s”Pragya! What happen dear..?? I know u r Angry on me…but……! Pragya stops me and shot’s”Abhi! I said Just Leave from here..!!”with Angry look…! I felt some one stabs my heart in to 1000 pieces..Her Angry eyes r killing me..!! I couldn’t able to control my self and burst out in tears…I folded my hands and say’s”Pragya! Plz maaf kardoo muhjey..! plz Phar mujhey tum sey duur janey keliyeh maat kahoo..plz..Abb bahut mushkil sey ayyahu terey paas..Terey liyeh..”[ pragya! Plz forgive me!! Plz but plz don’t say to go away from u..! I have struggle very hard to reach u..!! for U..]

Pragya breaks down in tears…! And say’s”Abhi! Plz chaley jav yaha say..!”[ Abhi! Plz go from here..plz] Now, I couldn’t control my Angry and shout’s” Just shut up..! ek aur shabdh nehi!!Tum pagal hei kyaa?? Mei terey liyeh yeha aayata..Abb mei tujhey lekar javungi..!![ Shut up! Not a word any more..! R u mad? I came for u..! now, I will return with u only..!] I said with a firm voice..! I starts to removing her ropes while Pragya tries to resists and keeps on blabbering same thing…I really didn’t mind her words..beocz, Now I will not leave her …For Any reason..Even for her too..!!
I held her hand tightly and turns to leave…Suddenly some one hit me on my head with a Rod…I slowly get’s Unconscious..! I really couldn’t able to see anyone..Just Pragya’s shouts and her cries r echoes in my ears..!


I slowly open my eyes with great difficulty. My head is paining I hardly tries to get up..But I found myself tired with full ropes.. I couldn’t able to move .! The Room is full of Dark..! Suddenly someone opens the door and comes to me clapping…! I couldn’t able to see his face clearly becoz of heavy brightness.!!

A old man of 50 yrs came to me with wicked smile while clapping…I understood he’s Deelip Lamba.!! He comes to me and say’s”Hello..Rock star Abhi! So nice to meet u…! hw r u?” I stares him Angrily..He continues” U would be happy..right? By sending my innocent son to jail?? I shout’s”Shut Up! Ur son is a bl***y creap!!”Delip shout’s ”Don’t dare to speak anything about My son..! he’s innocent… He scarifies his life for this Blu**y lady who cheated him with u..!”I couldn’t able to control my anger and shout’s” Just shut up!! Mr.Lamba! I won’t spare u if u talk like this about her..! SHE’S MY WIFE..!! Understood?? Mrs.Pragya Abhishek Khanna!! Said with firm voice and Angry look…! Deelip say’s”Wow! Ur wife??U Loves her right? Ha? Then what about my son?“ He said with smirk..!

I shout’s”Hey! U and ur so called innocent were very good persons right? A great Husband who killed his own wife..! And A Loyal son who helped in killing his own Mother!!” I said in a firm voice…Delip say’sÏt’s my personal decision…Mr Abhi! Anyways u know how it feels when u lost loved one’s?? Ha? I will show u know..!”and He picks his gun and shoot at Pragya..!! I shout’s Pragya..!!! by closing my eyes..! After 2 min, I slowly opens my eyes..and madly searching for Pragya..! Finally I found she’s weeping..! I felt happy seeing her safe..!! I angrily stares Deelip and say’s”What’s ur problem? Why r u doing this?”Deelip stares and say’s”For My happiness!! What u think I will kill her! No…I will not… Ha..I hate this girl..! but I will not kill her..i will not give her death that much easily..!If I thought to kill her then, that day when I kidnapped her from Purab’s house..! At that day, I would have killed her..!! But, No..! I want to see her Pain! She must feel dying through she’s living..! She must feel that pain of losing happiness when her loved ones are living happily..! She must feel that pain of missing her child.! I stares him Angrily….He just behaving like a sycoo..! I shouts” what she had done with u? she is innocent…! She didn’t harm u in any form then, why this much of hatred ??” I shouted and stares him Angrily…Deelip laughs evilly and say’s”Becoz, she’s my Enemy Daughter…! Whom I want to kill by my hands..! But, My bad luck..he has gone..but, his daughter is there with me…by which I can fulfill my hatred…That’s why I want to give her pain…!! “I couldn’t control my anger..and stares him Angrily..!

Hw can he do this much with a lady? Hw can he? My nerves r breaking with Anger by seeing his Sadism !!” My hands r able to do..or else u can’t even imagine what I can do with u..!”I shouted at him..! While deelip laughs evilly.. By his sadism ..My pragya had gone through a horrible pain..! She just living for name sake..but she has broken inside !! Her child who is her life get’s away from her..! As a mother , It’s horrible pain to her..!! Her Husband, Her Family..all r living happily in front of her..but, she can’t able to be part in her family..!! She’s living alone ..Though she’s having a Family..! By thinking about her pain, unknowingly, tears r rolling from my eyes..!I stares her helplessly while Pragya cries badly seeing me!!

Screen Freezes On Abhi and Pragya’s crying faces..!!!

PRECAP: Abhi get’s hell shocked seeing someone..!!

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