HI, Guys…I’m so happy after receiving ur beautiful and energetic comments…Thank u everyone…! U r my energy in this long journey…This is my 16th episode…By all ur love and support i have completed 15 episodes successfully..Thank u for everything….My dear friends..


It’s a very hectic day for me..becoz, I have an important meetings and also some interviews regarding My New Album….I’m trying my best to handle everything smoothly…U all don’t believe this..This will be the most boring day ..becoz, I have to behave very energetic.. even too if I tired..!
From Morning Itself..I was Busy in phone call’s…! I woke up with a call from my manager Rajesh…! He informed me about the schedules of this hectic day…I m just struck with this many works…
It’s time to leave for office..Still receiving many call’s from many people…I’m patiently handling everything..While My Rock star woks up and came to me…He looks very Active today….!

Abhi beta..ur gone today..! I said to myself seeing My Ansh’s Active mood..becoz, It’s very hard to handle him…Ansh feels like flying and get’s so many crazy ideas ….Which he Ultimately test on his Papa…! Hahh..
I m attending a phone call with one hand..and finding some documents with other hand…! Ansh comes rubbing his eyes..! he jumps and pulling my coat and keeps on Asking..” Papa! Pick me…Papa pick me..!”
I’m signing him kk..and attending my call….Ansh is not at all listening…As I said, He is in Active mood…He continuously Jumps and repeats same thing…!
Finally, I found my documents..and Picked Ansh in hand…I’m still attending my call by holding Ansh with one hand…Ansh lay’s his head on my shoulder and wrapped his lill hands around my neck…..

I understood that He came to know about his papa’s busy schedule…! I slowly pecked his forehead..and signs him not to worry..Ansh gave a smile and again cliged to me…I smiles at him and slowly ends my call…Soon, I’m getting ready and tries to have my bread toast..I passed a piece to him..Ansh and I shared BREAD TOAST…and I slowly left from room and reaches Living Room…
By seeing scenery I realized Not only me..but all will be busy today! Becoz, Dad is running here and there and attending lot’s of calls…Mom see’s very busy in Lunch preparations…and all servants are hurriedly moving here and there and following Dad’s order..!

I laughs seeing them, becoz they r just resembles like Robots to me..! I clear my throat and say’s”Excuse me..!” All gave me a look and again get’s busy in their works…Suddenly, Dad walks to me fastly hugs me…he ends his call and say’s’ Congratulations..Abhi! Just Now, Rajesh had informed a gud news…Ur previous Album get’s super hit..and U have won BEST Album Award..! and Function on Today’s night…get ready for it Abhi..! he slowly pat’s my shoulder and left from there with another call…Mom walks to me with sweets..and gave me a piece… All servants comes to me and congratulates me…!

Soon, I passes Ansh to Kaka and placed a kiss on his forehead….Ansh face looks dull ..I feels bad but can’t do anything..I tries to light up his mood and say’s” Ansh! Papa jaldi ajayehga..!”[Ansh! Papa will come soon..] and leaves from there by waving bye to him with My dad…

Dad and I reaches my Office and Get’s busy with some projects and some business deals…Later, I gives some interviews about my Next Albums..and also have some meeting with producers and sponsors…!
I just had 10 min break for my Lunch…I call’s Mom and ask’s about Ansh! Mom told me he’s busy in playing with everyone…I smiles and ends the call and continues my Work…!
I reached Function Venue…and seated with all official persons and talks to them…My eyes r searching for Ansh becoz, Dad told me that he and Mom will bring him to function…!
After 30 min: Mom and Dad enters with Ansh …As usual All media surrounds them..I find’s Ansh looks very scare…I just stood up and greets my Dad and took Ansh in Arms ..Ansh looks very worried seeing much crowd ..Later, we seated in our places..and I’m continuously talking to him to lighten up his mood…! Now, It’s My Time to receive Award..!
Mom took Ansh from me…Ansh is not at all willing to leave me ..I whispers” Just 2 min..bacha!” and goes to Stage…I received Awards and They ask me to say few words…I took Mike in hand and say’s”

Hello everyone! I’m feeling very happy and Excited today..! Though it is not my first Award..But It’s my first Award which I’m receiving infront of My son! Till today, he knows his papa in very casual way..but today, he thinks his papa is receiving a prize for good behavior! He thinks his papa becomes a Good Boy today..! All smiles listening my speech… I continues” Today I’m very successful becoz of My son..! becoz he alive his papa and taught me once again hw to live happily..! I have losted My Love…My wife Pragya .! but it’s just becoz, of My Son…I’m standing in front of u all….! I must thank him for giving much joy in small things…and for taught me how to smile!
I points towards him and say’s” Ansh! See papa receives a prize for playing with u and Now, he becomes a Very Good Boy like u…!Thank u so much..Thank u for coming in to my Life and makes it wonderful.…Ansh… ! No, he’s Ansh Abhishek Khanna!S/o. Abhishek Vikram Khanna….! I said and see’s him lovingly…! Mom brings Ansh on stage and I took him in Arms…Ansh smiles happily seeing me…I handovers Award to him and we both rubs our noses..with a smile..!

All officials including my fans gives an standing aviation to us..!
Later, I leaves to my home….with My family..!
Some one see’s Abhi’s program on T.v and cares Abhi and Ansh faces on T.v screen with happy tears…!

Ansh still holding My Award..and busy in absorbing it…I get’s fresh up and came back to my room with Ansh’s food in hand…I smiles seeing him and sit’s next to him with plate and say’s” What my Ansh will eat Now?” Ansh keeps on looking at Award and slowly took My wallet which is near to my Bed..he opens it and see’s Pragya photo….! He shows Award to Pragya’s photo and say’s” Mamma! See thish papa’s Prizh..![mamma! See this is my Papa’s prize.!] said with a smile…I felt happy seeing him and slowly starts feeding him..While telling him a story..Ansh suddenly ask’s” Papa! Mamma kahaa hai?”[Ppa! Where’s mamma?] My smile gets fade and tries to divert him to story….. But, Ansh ask’s” Papa! Mamma koi deshna hai..!”[ I want to see mamma!] with clear expression….
I didn’t have any answer for this question…I felt I’m a looser ! I controls my self and say’s” Ansh! U talks with Mamma na..? then why suddenly know? I mean Mamma said na she’s busy in work..!”
Ansh say’s” Papa! Kya mummy muchi miss nehi karengi?”[papa! Mamma will not miss me?]…By listening this, I remains with teared eyes!!

To Be continued..!

PRECAP: Ansh fall’s sick …Abhi panics..! and thinks what to do?

Hi, friends…hope u all will Enjoy this episode…i’m sorry if i make u all feel i’m dragging story..or makes u all feel bored…..

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  1. CuteVanshu

    nice epi…I guess that someone is pragya

    1. Adhya

      Thank u…Vanshu…hope so…hahh..stay tune dear

  2. Sabeenia

    No no ya….it was awesome…….pls bring pragya back……

    1. Adhya

      Thank u…Emmy…sure dear don’t worry

  3. Shanu

    Yes please bring pragya back it is awesome episode lol???

    1. Adhya


  4. Sandy

    Dear, #senti #emotional #happytears It was such a gooddd episode
    I liked all the scenes specially Abhi’s speech. It seems to a professionally fiction for me.
    I always admire the way u narrate. (Specially this scenes Abhi talking over phone, searching file, carrying Ansh, moving to living room, seeing everyone) #praiseworthy #loadsofluv #muaahhhh

    Am not sure how many times u reviewed?

    1. Sandy

      I said this “Am not sure how many times u reviewed? ” as i couldn’t find any mistakes. It was a perfect PIECE OF CAKE.

      When u chance or please make a chance to think other story as well. Even it maybe a given/portrayed already no problem yaarrr. I want to read the way you narrate. (It will be supper offcourse)

      By ur admirer 🙂 🙂

      1. Adhya so much my dear Sandy…i’m blessed to have a great supporter like u dear….Thank u so much..and I’m not able to express my happiness after receiving ur comment in my every episode…Thank u so much for giving me this much of energy…..Love u so much darlo…

  5. Super dear…. I think pragya alive….

    1. Adhya

      thank u..sugan

  6. It’s really superb n emotional one yaar abhi’s speech it’s cute emotional lovely sad happy it’s a complete emotional full speech n episode yaar…

    1. Adhya

      Thank u durga…!

  7. Rithu

    Very nice dear

    1. Adhya



    again an epic darlo such a sweetness in one episode loved it dear 😀

    1. Adhya

      Thanku..Surbhi …Sry i couldn’t able to comment on ur ff for last 3 days…sry for that dear…

  9. So much of cuteness and emotional too !?? Loved it Adhya di !? What did i say loved it >>> No no I am actually Lovingggg itttt always ! ?????Your writings are of Your own Special Awesome style !??? Love u di !?

    1. Adhya

      Thanku..Riya… i’m so blessed to have this many loving friends like u…

  10. wow super dear adhu……….

    1. Adhya


  11. Vaishali

    dii dii dii kya episode hai dii it was outstanding i just love abhi and ansh i feeel like it is hpng in front of me cuteness overloadedvno wwords just muahhhhh… love u dii upload next episode faster na and dii i want abhi ansh scenes a little bit more coz i love them both a lot love u too dii take care

    1. Adhya

      hey..vaishu….Happy to see ur msg..Miss u choti..waiting for ur ff…love u dear

  12. Saranya24

    Omg i think pragz wil be back soon super excited loved it darlu love u?????

    1. Adhya

      thank u… u dear

  13. superb no words to express talent.keep rocking pa

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..Maha…Love u so much darling

  14. B_Ani

    super Adhya dear. loved it so much. the speech was esp wonderful…even i was clapping my hands after reading it. love this and you too dear.
    will pragya come back ever again?

    1. Adhya

      Thanku…Ani…! as a Abhigya fan..i’m trying my best to unite them don’t worry dear…

  15. Prathi

    Adhya I think Pragya will be coming back soon… Hopefully and then this epi you surely have your own way in making us glued tip your work keep rocking!!

    1. Adhya

      Thank much Prathi dear…i’m so happy by receiving ur lovely msgs…thank u very u

  16. Adhya

    Thank much my dear darling friends for giving this much of Energy..!

  17. Mukundraj

    pls make.pragya alive please

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