HI, Friends….HAPPY DASARA..To u all..May this Daseraa brings u lot’s of happiness and joy in your life..!


PAST [continuation]:
After catching Nikil red handedly..Lastly i got My Ansh back..! I kissed his face inch by inch becoz, I know hw much i feared about him….Ansh hugs me tightly…and lay’s his head on my shoulder and clutched my shirt tightly..may be he’s feared about leaving me…Again!

Later, I takes Ansh to my home…Firstly, Ansh cries for Pragya…! But he gradually get’s habitual to me…As mentioned in Pragya’s dairy…I quickly found about Ansh ‘s state..He used to be very scare..! I still remember He used to call everyone as Mamma! Firstly i thought he’s is asking for Pragya..but I slowly realized Ansh didn’t get any love from any other’s in nikil’s house…! The only word he knows is “Mamma”!

After realizing all this, I started to spend my quality time with him. And tries to change him..but being in that same surroundings, places.The past which i want to hide from him..Always comes in front of his eyes..! and Used to scares him …! So, i thought to shift…But before this, I have to end Nikil’s chapter first..!
Nikil is taken to court….he got a best lawyer in Mumbai..but i didn’t get any fear about this case..! I File charges on Mental and Physical torture on Pragya and Kidnapping Ansh and for killing Pragya..!


Nikil’s lawyer tries his best to defense Nikil.. By blaming Pragya and Pragya’s father…They tries their best to manipulate Abhi by their words…But our Abhi calmly wait’s for his chance to speak…He used to be very Cool& Relax..!
Lastly, After a lot’s of waiting…Court ask’s Abhi’s statement..! Abhi given his statement against Nikil and also handovers Proofs which r Essential..! Nikil get’s shocked by seeing Proofs against him becoz, he had managed everything smoothly and cover up’s all his sins by money…
Lastly, After seeing Proofs and evidences ..The Court Sentenced LIFE IMPRISONMENT for Nikil! and also granted Custody of Ansh to Abhi! ******..Screen Ends..!

By recalling that Incident I still feels very Blessed ..I have fulfilled my Promise to my Pragya…! and I got My Ansh for Lifetime…! Everything is perfect..But My Mom and DAD couldn’t spare that suspense about, i revealed them…!


Dad and Mom looking very worried..and seated in living Room…
I just enters with Ansh and greets them…Their faces clearly showing me..why were up to something…I ask’s Ansh to play in garden and handover him to Kaka..! I slowly seated and say’s” What happen Papa?”
Dad stares me and say’s” That’s what i want to know…Abhi! U didn’t tell me about that Proofs?”
I smiles and say'” Papa! relax..Now Everything will be fine…na?”
My Mom ask’s” Abhi! why u didn’t informed us about this….? r u having any doubts on us..?”

I said” Mom! what r u saying..?.it’s nothing like that…! I just want to maintain this as a secret becoz, If we looks so confident..then, Automatically..they will get’s Alert.! That’s why i just kept this as secret..!
Dad say’s” KK… Now, u achieved what u want..At least now tell us?”
I starts saying” Papaa! After Pragya’s death ..i informed this news to Nikil…! Nikil continues his Acting…I just thought to use this time..and starts frequently visit’s Nikil for Giving my Moral support ..! Later i came to know about CCTV Footage..! I bribed Nikil’s watchmen and got that clips in which Nikil tortures Ansh and Pragya!

Later I makes Ansh’s D.N.A test reports Ready…And , Pragya and my Marriage certificate , which once i brought to surprise Pragya on her birthday…helps me a lot…And Lastly, Property papers which Pragya’s father named on Nikil’s name and Nikil’s Audio clips which he talked with Kidnappers about Ansh …! also helps a lot…By collecting all, Lastly, i submit these evidences and Proofs in Court..!
Papa! lastly, I want to say…I just adopt Nikil’s evil thinking and used it against him..and got success..! Screen Ends**

After 1 Month:
My Mom starts me forcing for Marriage….I tries my best to Avoid this topic..But Mom emotionally blackmails me about Ansh…i.e;.Ansh needs a Mother..! I’m very confident about my Love for him..but some how feels incapable …So, Lastly ..With lot’s of hesitation, I agrees to Marry my Maternal Uncle’s Daughter Tanu..!
She’s a nice person…I told her clearly about Pragya and My Relationship..! .After listening all, Tanu accepts to take Ansh responsibility..!
After our Engagement, Tanu visit’s my home for Ansh..! she talks to him and takes him in her Lap..! I just absorbing Ansh’s ethics ….Later, Ansh feels some uncomfortable and get’s up from Tanu’s lap and slowly comes to me and hides behind me …!

On that day, I understood, My Love is capable for my Ansh…! Ansh doesn’t need any third person when he will be with his Father..! Tanu too understands this and Cancels our Marriage!
I thanked her and leaves to NEWYORK..! becoz, I want to take Ansh Very Far where his past will not able to reach him..! My mom is not at all ready to leave Ansh …she didn’t let us shift to Newyork..But after Explaining everything about Ansh’s condition..she some how get’s convinced..Mom and Dad accompanies with us..and reaches Newyork for Ansh..but due to some official problems..Dad insist’s to go back to Mumbai..!

After clearing this all mess, I starts to change Ansh by giving my Love! I starts to give my complete attention to him…We used to spend lot’s of time together…! Lastly, After lot’s of waiting, Ansh becomes Normal…The happiness which lost on his face..returns back to him..He starts to enjoy like other kids…!
Now, we happily completed 6 months like this,.But A small fear always haunts me..that is..Pragya! what will happen if Ansh came to know about Pragya’s death? what i have to answer him if he ask’s about Pragya?

Tanu helped me in this tough situation…As i said, Tanu is such a nice person… Though we cancels our Marriage, we still remains as Best friends…Tanu made a promise that she will Alive Pragya by her voice…so, she started to talk frequently with Ansh in the form of His Mamma![pragya]
Now, for me Ansh is only motivation to my Life…, I have became everything for him..Now,.For Ansh, I’m his mother, father and his best friend…!

To be continued..!

Ansh Ask’s about Pragya!

Thank u friends for ur huge and wonderful support…sry for not able to give replies to ur comments…so sry.if i bored u with my episode…Thank U..!

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    Fantastic.. Luv it..

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    So cute Adhya…… u a lot…….pragya was alive ah…..really a entire different story line frm all others….

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  3. I have started loving ur writing.ur are such a great writter.I was eagerly waiting for ur epi.semma writing.I am waiting for pragya’s entry.Lov u lods <3

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    A million dollar doubt is pragya alive?… Wonderful epi

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    Adhya, hatttsss offf yaarrr ??. You definitely havd some SPL talent coz switching between past and current is not that easy. Even if the writer is clear about story, it’s not that easy to make reads clear as well. #keepgoing #loadsofluv #huggisss

    One request please plan to reunite abhigya.

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      Thank u…Sandy..u r my best supporter through out this ff..thank u for ur support dear..lot’s og u

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    thanks abhi not marry tanu……..

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    Awesome twist darlu loved to tgr core waiting fr pragya love u????

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  9. Nice episode and the way you describe fatherhood was awesome

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    nice but please can you say that is pragya is alive or not

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