HI, Guys..I’m so sorry for late.I’m out of station Actually due to an imp work..sorry once again…!



After reading Pragya’s dairy …Once again I’m feeling broken inside….! I’m feeling Once again, restless….! I couldn’t done anything to reduce her pain! Even i couldn’t able to share her pain..! I can imagine hw much pain she’s gone through! But i’m there with her when she needs me more..! Now, After reading her Dairy once again…! I can still feel her pain…!
Now, i didn’t have any chance to rectify my Mistakes unless Just cursing myself..!

But still I’m feeling very happy for reading her Dairy….Though it always remains my mistakes to me..But It’s a best thing which gives me Happiest movements in my Life..! It’s the best thing Which gives me an another life…i.e; Fatherhood!! By this Dairy only I Found My child..! Actually, I have found My Life..! A cause to live rest of my Life….without my Pragya!

I still remember that movements…. When I read that Dairy for the first time….I have mixed emotions..! I feel’s broken by seeing Pragya’s pain….The harassment which she gone through..! I couldn’t forgive my self..For this Mistake…! Finally i came to know Nikil’s reality..! My Angry levels peeked after knowing his Reality..! He used to torture my Pragya..! he used to beat her..! But I’m such a fool who trust him…! Even i started to believe In Nikil’s words after seeing Pragya’s pain..too..? I have committed such a mistake which can’t be rectify..! By recall’s his lies , his friendly behavior…! I couldn’t Able to control my Anger! I determined to punish him for his sins at any cost.! After giving such a pain to My Pragya..! he didn’t have any right to lead a happy life anymore..! I will not leave him..! That’s a promise to My Pragya!

After sometime, Happy tears are rolled in eyes…I have a SON..! My Blood..! Symbol of Our LOVE..! Symbol of Our Relation….Our True Love..!Slowly I remember our closed movements after Our marriage at temple…We used to spend some quality time with each other..But Now, I still couldn’t believe ..God had taken My Love , My pragya from me..but he has shown a hope for my Life…A hope of living…By Giving My Ansh to me..! My Ansh had faced many painful situations…In this small Age…! As a Father I didn’t done anything for him upto know..But After knowing Reality..Now, I can’t loose any chance by which i can see Happiness in My son’s face..! Slowly I cares his hair lovingly and kissed him with happy tears..!

Though Nikil’s punishment is necessary..! But I can’t make Ansh away from me…Now it’s High time, He had bear so much..He lost his Mom’s Love..But Now, just to punish that Ble**y Creap! i couldn’t make my Ansh feels alone anymore…! He had lost his Mother…But he couldn’t gonna lost his Father..! His Father’s love for him..! Soon i started to spend my Time with him..! I slowly get’s habitual in my Father duties…!
After Ansh health get’s stable …I informed My Mom about him…My Mom already knows about our Love she Happily Accepted Ansh and we reach our home with Ansh..! Firstly he feels so scare…But gradually he get’s habitual to me..!
Like this..6 Months Have passed Happily..!

I just wiped my tears and put’s back Pragya’s Dairy in cupboard…I just want to make myself away from that thoughts…I just sat on my bed and starts working in my laptop..But that, incidents r still surrounds my mind…I feels restless and couldn’t able to concentrate on my Work..! Just then, My Rock star enters and lay’s in My Lap…I cares his hair with a smile trying my best to hide my emotions..becoz, Ansh is just like pragya..Like his Mom, He too quickly understood My emotions and moods…! That’s why It’s hard to cover up in front of him..! I still tries my best and manages with a fake smile….Ansh slowly ask’s” Papa! wht happen?[what happen?]..I just nodes No..and say’s” Nothing bacha..! I’m fine..!” Ansh get up’s from my lap and comes to me..He touches my Face with his li” arms and say’s” Papa! r u having feval?[papa! r u having fever?] I slowly kissed his palms and say’s” No..Bacha! i’m good..!” Ansh smiles and say’s” Then we will go and play…Boling here![then, we will go and play..i’m feeling bore here..] with a pout! I smiles and picks him in Arms and say’s” Kk..Pakka What we will play?” By rubbing my nose with him..Ansh laughs and starts saying” Hide& seek, Ranning razh[running race], hmm..and starts to think…I said ” KK..come first we will play then, we will roam for some time..kk?” Ansh excitedly say’s” Double kk..!” and hugs me… Soon, i informed my Mom and leaves from there..!

We reaches a park and Plays for some time…! After , Ansh and I have our fav icecreams ..and I bought his fav balloons for him…We just walked for sometime in Grass…He keep on asking something to me..and I’m just get’s busy in giving Satisfactory Answers to him ….
When we r returning, It’s getting Dark..Ansh feels tired and enjoying seeing weather by window..! Suddenly i found a Spot..Which took me to my past Again..!


After Knowing Nikil’s reality….! To punish Nikil, I have to bring his true face in front of everyone..Becoz, Nikil had Manipulated everyone by his lies..! That’s why I want to Catch him Red handedly…..So,I called him and Informed him about Pragya’s death..! Nikil acts innocent and talks to me…After sometime, I slowly Informed him I have found Ansh..Nikil get’s shocked and say’s” Abhi! Is this true? My..My Ansh is alive? At least I got My Ansh back! I want to see him..plz Abhi!” I hardly controls my Anger and say’s” kk..Nikil..Don’t worry i will bring Ansh..!” and tells him address!
After sometime, we both reached that place and Nikil still Acts and took Ansh in hands…! Ansh starts crying hard…he’s not at all ready to leave me…! I’m cursing myself that I have make My Ansh cry for proving Nikil’s reality to everyone..! Lastly, Nikil took Ansh with him and leaves in his car..!
He takes Ansh to an Isolated place and tries to Kill him..Just then, I entered with Police and catches Nikil rad Handedly..! Later, I poured my Anger which i have stored in my heart and beats him Brutally…for Killing Pragya! For making a child away from his Mom! For separating my life[pragya] from me..!

Lastly, Police arrested Nikil and gives My Ansh backs to me….! I just feels my Life got Back to me…!

To be continued..!
My Marriage get’s fixed with Tanu..!

Thank u so much friends for ur huge support and love…Thank u very much once again…To know more..just Stay tuned my dear friends..!

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  1. Awesome Adhya ! Waiting for the next part !

  2. no dear abhi marriage with tanu………..

  3. Nice episode. Ur ff really emotional one. I think pragya is alive right . Pls bring her back and unite with abhi give some lovely and cute family story.

  4. oh no tabhi’s marriage… but todays part was osum. please bring back pragya soon, if you can.

  5. Awesome dear….. Always ur precap confused and interesting wht happen next…

  6. Sabeenia

    No…….no tanu n abi marriage……I ll kill u……

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    I jst love ur ff and ur way of writing awesome darlu but abhi tanu marrg no i cant bear it waiting fr nxt part love u????

  8. Please no Tanu i even hate the name. i cannot deal with her in fan fiction too. Unless Abhi kills her, or marries her to nikil or she is blind and lame and deaf and dumb.

  9. Im his chashmish

    Pls dont let abhi marry tanu then even if i die my soul will not rest in peace

    1. Calm down my dear…plz relax dear…

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    nice but dont pair tanu with abhi pls its a request

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