Hi, Guys..i know u all r angry on me..But I promise …My holidays goona, I will update episodes regularly..and I won’t drag the story line…I just wished u all remember this story as Short & Sweet Story..!!


like this, Nikil tries to separate my Ansh from me..but, I can’t let happen this…! But one day, I failed in this… I and Nikil, attended a Business function along with Ansh…. When we r returning Nikil creates an accident drama …and tries to manipulate me that Ansh is no more….! I just breaks down but, my Motherly Love and My heart is saying Ansh is still alive….by this hope only I filled a missing compliant in police station..But, Nikil buys them with his money….Finally I becomes helplessly…and finds my one way to find him…I just searches for him like a mad person..and just esquires everywhere about My Ansh..! but, I couldn’t find anything about him….

Abhi! for me That Land and everything is not more than my Ansh..! I know Nikil can fall low for that land….! After Ansh missing incidents…One thought Always haunts me…I.e; I ‘m there to protect My Ansh from Nikil..! but hw can I protects that Land papers…! so, I ‘m just looking for a secure place…

When i’m in this thoughts…Suddenly I found a person in temple …he’s none other than..My Brother …Purabh !He’s a CBI officer..he’s my cousin..!
I never met him till that day..but i know him becoz, my Mom used to tell about him…


I just went to temple and was praying..! Suddenly a hand taps on my shoulders and call’s me Pragya didi!
I was surprised and Finds a charming Young man….with a smile! I smiled and tries to regognised him…
He comes to me and say’s” Didi..u didn’t recognize me?” my making a pout…! I smiles and see’s him helplessly…! He slowly wrapped his hands around my shoulders and say’s” This is Purab! ur younger brother..!” I feels so happy ….! Slowly cares his hair..and say’s” I’m sorry..!”
Purab smiles and say’s” Not a problem di.. becoz, We didn’t met till know..! Becoz, Of Masi’s love, just chill now..! ”
Yes, Purab is my mom’s sister son…! My mom left her family for my, we cousins get separated ..! But we know about each other’s name and some qualities becoz, Mom used to be in contact with her sister..! she used to tell me about Purab’s ethics..!
We talked casually for some time…Later,I really don’t know why? I just shared my pain with him and I reveals everything about Nikil..& Ansh…! Purab assures he will always there to support me….I really don’t know his words makes a new energy in my life..! I trust him completely..! So After some days I handover’s Land papers to Purab…to make secure..! Later, Purab left for some work to states…that’s why i couldn’t able to contact him..But I truly Trust that Purab will keep that papers Safely..!! Screen Ends..!

But Now, i really don’t know what to do? I want to rescue My Ansh but really don’t know how? I started searched for him…Everywhere..! Nikil didn’t leave a chance to trouble me..He told every one that I’m in a tantruma..! That’s why I’m behaving Like a Mad lady..! He slowly makes everyone trust this…Finally No one came to help me..I tried my best to prove my Innocence but No body there to trust me..! If any one body finds me then they would call Nikil and informs about me..Nikil used to beat me..Tortures me a lot..! I used to bear everything for My Ansh..!!

After lot’s of struggle, I came to know that Nikil buys some kidnappers and kept Ansh with them…. I tries to rescue Ansh from, I follow Nikil’s car ..and came to know They r shifting Ansh to another place due to security problems…I just runs behind their vehicle and fall’s unconsciously…At that time only u came to me and rescue me…! I want to explain everything to u..And want to seek your help..But, Nikil get’s alerted and came to know that Ur Ansh’s, he continues to Accompanies me…and tries to be friendly with u so, that u don’t get doubt on him..and he scared me that If I tries to tell u..then, he will kill Ansh… ! I became helpless..and wait’s to find any other way………..Soon, Nikil tries to kill u..I came to know about his plan and saves u in time in the form a veil person…!

Abhi! I know u will be shocked to know about this…I really don’t have any complaints with u…but, Abhi I want to ask u..something… This is last page of this Dairy…may be Last page of my Life too.. I came to know that, Nikil wants’ to kill Ansh tonight…So, I decides to rescue my son… I didn’t have any idea or hope about my Life.. But I promised myself to save my Son till my last breath! I just want to say that” Abhi! Mei eh nehi janti ki agar mei jinda hongi yaa..nehi ..phar, mujhey barosaa hai iss bath par ki…jis din tujhey eh sach pata chalgayehga…us din sey Ansh ko apni Ma ko koyah dardh mehsus nehi hota..kyu ki tum Unki sath ho…!.[ Abhi! i really don’t know whither I will be alive or not..! but i know, When u came to know about this Truth..! On that day onwards …My Ansh didn’t face that sad ness of lossing his Mother..becoz, U will there for him..!] and I have one small request Abhi! If u married any other girl too..but, plz don’t make Ansh away from u…Becoz, Merey Ansh bahut kush sehenliya..oh bhi ithney chotey umaar mei…oh unki maa say alag hogaya…[My Ansh had faced a lot..! He became away from his Mother..! Abhi, I’m his world .!]

He lost The love of his mother and Lost his happiness…he is just waiting for some one’s love for him…He feels alone at this small age…so, I’m begging u plz don’t leave him alone at any cost…he needs u..Abhi! just U..!”…………..Your’s Pragya!

To be continued..!

Precap: Abhi Hugs Nikil and Handovers Ansh…to him!

Thank u so much friends for ur wonderful support..! Sry if i bored u all with my Episode..!!
Sry di, As …I don’t know about this problem..i will try to rectify it..!!

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