HI, Guys I’m so happy after receiving ur comments..I know u all r very excited for this story…so, Let’s begin it…And Friends i already told u that This story is not at all a love story..[routine]..but it will have lot’s of twists and lovable, plz feedback ur response after reading this….!



It’s Early Morning! I’m just looking at newspaper with my hot coffee….My eyes just stops at a line “Rock star Abhishek Khanna got a big contract!…” i just smiled on that and checking other news…but some thoughts surrounded my mind..”.Abhishek khanna! a top most Business man..and A EX- ROCK STAR…” he has a lot’s of fan following..and people always want to know about him…but, people doesn’t know that, Their favorite Rock star is just an lonely man….He doesn’t have anyone to share his happiness and sorrow….Sry But, actually he doesn’t want anybody to share his happiness or sorrow..but it doesn’t mean I’m an Orphan…i had Wonderful Parents who loved me a lot..but, i’m not a gud son..that’s why i want to live alone….! My parents r staying in Mumbai…with our properties…and I’m staying in NEW YORK! a wonderful city!..

Suddenly i heard a li’ll footsteps sound..Automatically, A smile just came on my face!! i just kept my news paper a side and sit’s comfortably..and waits for him…. Slowly a small hand leans on my shoulder and a cute voice call me Papaa! Yes, he’s My Life….ANSH! HE IS JUST 2&1/2 YRS OLD.. I turned towards him with a smile….he is still rubbing his eyes and yawning and slowly gives his hand to lift him…I takes him in my arms and placed in my lap…and kissed him..Ansh is still sleepy he slowly holds my fingure…and lay’s his head on my shoulder…! I smiled seeing his Innocent face and slowly takes the hair which is falling on his face … Ansh feels comfortable and hugs me..he feels warmth in my lap…and clutched my shirt tightly…I know he is still feeling sleepy that’s why i just stayed like that while caring his face…..


Ansh slowly wakes up and say’s”Papa! Hungry!” I smiled and slowly lifts him and went to room and get’s him fresh up..later we went to kitchen…and I say’s “Now, what’s my Ansh want to have today…? Anything special?” Ansh smiles innocently and say’s “Cereals!” I made a bowl of cereals ready and start to feed him… Ansh calmly eats but, He is gaining energy and becoming Active. Now.. and slowly get’s down from my arms and starts running…I know, it’s our fav game..and my fav exercise too…which we used to play daily.. I runs behind him to catch and feeds him…our game continues for 1/2n hr…and Ansh completes Cereals… I lift him and takes to bath room… and placed in Bath tub… After playing with foam and toys..I slowly made Ansh bath..and wipes him with a towel and gets him ready and diverts him towards T.v.. where his fav show..Barney! plays…

I quickly goes to get ready to my office seeing time,…When I return and see’s Ansh is still watching his show with full excitement…and slowly learning some Rhymes with his Barney! I slowly went to kitchen and makes my breakfast ready….Just then Our Nanny..sry Ansh Nanny ..Came.. Her name is Marie! She is a nice person..I greeted her and talks with her… She reminds me time and helps me to pack my files… I thanked her and slowly tries to go..but, Ansh see’s I’m leaving and starts crying..He surrenders my legs and cries..i can’t see this and takes him in my Arms and went inside..i just convinces him and sit’s with him..Again we both watching Barney..and I slowly notice Ansh feels sleepy..! I signs Marie and she passed me a pillow..I slowly places Ansh on sofa without disturbing him and signs Marie and leaves to office….

I received a warm welcome by my staff as usual…I attended my meetings and conferences and also given some instructions regarding my new project..I was just doing my work..but, My mind is thinking about Ansh! I know he will trouble Marie…which she never complained me..hahh..She is such a nice person..she treats Ansh as her own grandson and handles him very well….I just see Ansh ‘s photo frame which is on my table and smiles recalling him…Just then my heavy thoughts chain were broken by my secretary….he informed me about my producer..So, I went to meet him..we discussed some thing about our new album…he suddenly ask’s me”Mr.khanna! Why we have to launch our Album with new faces? Why can’t u give a Come back? I mean our projects r becoming Hit..But, if u will do it ..Then, it will be a Super Hit..Right Mr.Khanna? I just smiled at him and say’s” Sry..Mr.chawla! But I stick on my words..I left my Rock star position 3 yrs ago..But, my heart can’t left Music..That’s why..I still compose for new projects..ect,.. But it doesn’t mean I have to give a Grand Come Back…! And I’m too busy now, and I don’t want to get more busy…I just want to manage my”.

Mr chawla say’s” So, Is this ur problem Mr.Khanna! But don’t worry about this we will manage ur Son..I know he is so small..But we can manage him with some Nanny..Right? Just for this small thing..u doesn’t want to give A Come Back..? I just cutt’s off him and say’s” I’m sorry Mr.Chawla! but it is not at all a small thing for me…Now, my Son is my Life..My Responsibility..Which I want to have in my life… and My son wants’ only His Father….who is best than any other third person..sry..But don’t repeat this words in front of me Again..! .plz… I said somewhat Angrily…Mr.Chawla just leaves my cabin with a sad face…But, I can’t change my decision…! I just saw time and leaves to Home….

When I entered Home…I finds Ansh in Marie’s hands in kitchen…Ansh is explaining something to Marie by expanding his li’ll hands..and Marie is listening with full concentration with a smile on her face while doing her work…..I just smiles seeing them and say’s “Where’s My Ansh…Marie?” ..By listening my voice Ansh get’s down from her hands and hides at Sofa’s backside…. I smiles and casually starts searching for him…Marie smiles seeing our game..becoz she just get habitual by our funny and crazy games… I slowly sit’s on Sofa and call’s Ansh…Ansh… I can hear Ansh laughing by hiding.. I just giving him some clues..that I’m nearer to him…I slowly leans on Sofa..Suddenly Ansh get’s up and shouts Bhoo! I just acted as scared and take him in hands and kissed him…

He just laughs at me about his victory..! I slowly diverts him towards Marie and gets fresh up …Soon we played some games and had our dinner with so many tricks..Which is a daily routine to me While Marie leaves saying gudnt8..…later, It’s night, I slowly finishes my office calls and lay’s on my swing chair…Soon, Ansh comes to me and sits in my lap..I slowly passed him his bottle..he starts to sip his milk and I continued to pat gently his back…soon, Ansh falls asleep on my chest..I just lost in some thoughts while caring his innocent face…..



Abhi meets Pragya ….

Guys, i know it’s somewhat small…and I hope u will like this..pla leave ur valuable feedback..on this….!

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