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I came Home very lately becoz of my meeting regarding My New Album..! When i entered home I notice Full of Silence…I understood My Anshji is sleeping! I smiled and slowly goes to fresh up..and Went to My Room ..I saw Ansh is sleeping peacefully by holding his toy car and my Jacket in other hand….While Mary is gently pat’s his back…! I slowly peeps into Room by baby steps…Marie Noticed me and signs me to come..I slowly goes to Ansh and slowly cares his hair and kissed him … Marie smiles and slowly whispers ” Ansh is missing u ..and cries for u..I tried a lot and finally convinces him … Still now, he’s waiting for u..but slowly get’s into sleep…Take care Abhi! Ur food is on dinning table..have it…I will leave now…Bye..gudnt8″ By saying this Marie slowly left from there…I slowly makes him sleep properly but he tightly hugs me and murmurs ” Paapa! I’m missing u…!” while sleeping…A lane tear drop escapes from my eye….I kissed him and slowly makes him sleep on my chest…He feels comfortable and hugs me tightly….I’m just get busy in caring his cute face and slowly lost in My Pragya’s thoughts…..!


Pragya came to clg with her Dad ” Vivek Kundra.”..A police Officer! Abhi came to her and wished her..Pragya with feared eye’s saw Abhi becoz, her Dad is beside her.. She hardly tries to go from there but Abhi stopped her and say’s” I like u…!” My listening Abhi’s words her eyes Poped out with shock..! Abhi continues” Pragya! I like u..U know To know about A person..there are mainly 3 reasons…1 Intelligence , 2.Nature and 3.Heart..Pragya say’s” what?” Abhi say’s” I like u..ur Intelligence! U don’t have show any partiality b/w people by their economy status…Becoz, Money is not at all a matter to u…! It’s so nice..and Next is Nature ! Ur helping nature..I saw u in clg function u r busy in boasting ur friends…And If u think ur friend is in some problem..u will try to solve it anyway…It’s too good! and Next is Heart! Ur so good at heart…U didn’t have any Ego! and I know ur so attached to ur Father..! and ur smile attracts me more…..rather than this all….I just love ur simplicity! By saying this, Abhi slowly turned to leave but remember something so, he say’s” My name is Not Rockstar..! I’m Abhi!” and leaves from there while Pragya and her Dad see’s each other faces in shock!

After 2 days, Pragya came to meet Abhi to his office..Abhi came to her and greets her ..he then, say’s” Any thing Imp?” Pragya gives a cold look and say’s” I need to talk to u..!” Abhi smiles and say’s”’s better we go to coffee shop! plz” Later, they both left to Coffee shop….


Both r sipping their coffee’s and Abhi say’s” So..madam! what u want to talk?” Pragya stares him and say’s” I don’t like ur over smartness….! U just stuck me when my Father is with me.! but i like ur Frankness! and I really didn’t like plan…U secretly followed me for 1’s too bad! ” Abhi smiles and say’s” So..u too like me..!” Pragya say’s” When i said like that?” Abhi say’s” Becoz, if u don’t like me..u will never come to me to say this..?” saying this he winked to Pragya….! Pragya gives a cold look but she felt happy inside…! she took a tissue paper and writes some thing and gives to Abhi and say’s” It’s my No…Don’t try to cross ur limits..kk we r just friends!” and kept Money for her coffee leaves while smiling…! Abhi smiles and say’s”Miss.Pragya! is it necessary to pay separately among friends?” Pragya say’s” We r going to be friends…! Not now!” and leaves from their smilingly…! Abhi shocks his head in disbelief and leaves from there smilingly….!

Slowly they both started to talk on phone..When Abhi is busy in Album ..Pragya didn’t disturb him just she massages ” ALL THE BEST..ROCK STAR!” Abhi smiles seeing this…! slowly they used to talk for late night…Pragya unknowingly falls asleep while talking to Abhi..! Next morning when she wakes up she is surprised to see call is on..Abhi waits for her for full night..! By this small cute & lovely incidents..Gradually they start feeling something special about each other..! They both cares each other than themselves…Specially, They both used to lost in Each Other’s thoughts….!

One day Night, Pragya call’s Abhi and say’s” Abhi! i want to show u smthing…Will u pick up me..?” Abhi smiles and say’s” KK..!” Soon Abhi came to Pragya’s house..and they both left to a Isolated place and Abhi didn’t understand anything…Soon he get’s surprised seeing Full decorations and Finds a Birthday Cake! He turns to Pragya in shock! Pragya smiles and slowly whispers” HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROCK STAR!” Abhi is super surprised and his eyes get’s moist..He hugs her tightly and say’s” My mom use to surprise me like this…But today u surprised me…! thank u..Thank u so much pragya!” Pragya feels happy listening this ..and feels something in his Hug! Both shares an special Movement and feels each other presence ..!

After sometime, Both came to their senses and Broke their hug…Later, Abhi cut’s the cake and feeds Pragya first…At that time, Pragya friends too join in party and Abhi enjoy’s their company…! At late night, Abhi and Pragya thanked their Friends for their help and slowly leaves to home…
Abhi dropped Pragya home…They both expecting to say something but remains Silent..! Finally, Abhi get’s ready to leave..but suddenly call’s pragya.!.Pragya turns towards him…Abhi say’s ” ur beautiful Inside and Outside!” and leaves from there..Pragya blushes and went to inside….

Abhi slowly slept while lost in pragya’s thoughts….!


I wakes up and having my hot Coffee! Ansh slowly comes to me …I happily took him in my embrace and kissed him.Ansh hugs me tightly…I’m still feeling guilty about my yesterday’s behaviour..I slowly cares his back and pecked his forehead…Ansh slowly say’s” Paapa! I missd u very mush! [i missed u very much] “..I hardly tries to control my tears..I now i have hurt my li’ll love..! He’s my Life..! i’m still cursing my self for hurting him…Ansh slowly continues..Papa! taak me wit u..plz i’m getting faer!{take mew with u..plz i’m getting fear]” I smiles and slowly pecked his forehead and say’s” I’m sorry Bacha! i missed u too…Papa will never hurt u again..kk!” I don’t know whether he understood or not…Ansh still lay’s on my embrace and busy in some thoughts..I slowly picks him and get’s him fresh up..He’s not ready to leave me so, I slowly say’s” Ansh! Nani will come…! stay with her..kk? Papa have to go to Office..!” Ansh face becomes so dull and upset…I feel bad.but i too don’t have any other option! I tries to Lighten his Mood and say’s” Ansh! dekkho..papa will be with u at Lunch time..kk? papa Ansh ko lunch kilayegi.! kk I promise!” Ansh sharply see’s me and smiles…then, say’s” Promisjh![promise!} I say’s promise! and kissed him..I felt relaxed..Finally, i convinced him…I quickly get’s ready to my Office.. while Marie came and get’s busy with Ansh….I slowly left Office signing her..

I came back to home….I know Ansh will be Angry on me..but I tried my best to Fulfill my Promise! I already informed Mary about my delay..I just hope she will Manage Ansh..! I slowly went to my Room..and find’s Ansh is upset.. drawing something ..While Mary tries to lighten his Mood…! I slowly say’s” Ansh!” Ansh turns excitedly and runs towards me….with full happiness..I get’s relieved by his action and took him in Arms..Ansh hugs me for sometime and then , slowly get’s down from my hands….and turned to opposite side..I understood He’s Angry on me…! I kneels down in front of him and holds my ears and say’s” Sorry!” Ansh controls his laugh seeing me but still acts to be sad…I understood this,..but continues to request him… I say’s” Ansh! Papa did a mistake..common ask something..Papa will definitely get for u..!” Ansh starts thinking and say’s” ICE CREAM!” I said kk..and leaves to Ice cream parlor with him…!


I picked Ansh in hands and asked” Anshji! which flavor?” Ansh laughs and say’s” Strawberry!” I smiled and buys an Strawberry Ice cream for him and gives to him…When we r returning ..Ansh ask’s” Papa! for u?” I smiles and say’s” No.bacha!” Ansh signs me to come …I kneel down in front of him Ansh gives his Ice cream and ask’s me to have it….I happily kissed by hearing his sweet request and thought I’m so lucky..seeing his Love for me !

We both starts walking towards our car…Ansh is holds his Ice cream with One hand and holding my figure with Another hand…! Suddenly he shouts ” Papaa!” I worriedly ask’s ” What happen bacha?” Ansh signs me to see Balloons…! I smiles and buys 2 balloons for him and tied to his hand…While we r walking..Suddenly i receives an Imp call..I attends it speaks to them ..While Ansh is busy playing with Balloons..! Suddenly his balloons fly’s and Ansh happily tries to catch them…Unknowingly he frees his hand from my grip…Just then, A car with full speed coming towards Ansh..I saw this and left my phone there itself ..and runs to him ….Car is about to hit Ansh..but I pulled him towards me….! Ansh get’s scare and starts crying..I hugs him and slowly consoles him and went to my car….I tries to make him sit in another seat but, He’s not ready to leave me…I slowly makes sit in my lap..Soon He Wrapped his Li’ll Arms around my waist and rest his head on my chest..I slowly pecked his forehead..and cares his back… I just stay like that for sometime, becoz, Even I too still in that shock..! What happens if i didn’t notice the car in time….This thoughts r making my mind crazy…. I can’t imagine my Life with out my Ansh..!

This Accident incident slowly took me to my Past…!

It’s My consort That day, I requested Pragya to attend it with me…She say’s kk..and came with me..I’m feeling some stress and tense..I hardly tries to cover up my feelings but, Pragya can sense it very well she keeps on boost up’s me by signing..I just smiled at her and nodes..kk ..My consort craked again..I’m feeling so happy by seeing My fan’s enjoyment…! At last, Pragya & I’m both stands face to face…! I’m still nervous becoz, of 1 producer call..Pragya is waiting for me..I hardly ended the call and goes to her..Pragya happily say’s” Congrats..Rock star! ” i smiled and say’s” Thank u…!” I thought may be she really enjoys it..We talked for some time..But Again producer’s call interrupts me…I said”” and answers the call..Pragya waits for me..but i understood this call will take long, i called my P.A.. and told to drop pragya in my car..Pragya tries to resists but i convinced her… I’m still busy in talking and signs pragya to go..becoz, it’;s too late..She nodes smilingly and turns to leave..I get busy in call and crossed the road…! Pragya turns back to say something..she saw i’m leaving so she tries to call me but i’m too busy in my call…She then, notices a Car with high speed coming towards me..She tries to Alert me..but i’m not in a position to listen her…She runs to me and pulls me side ..I fall on her..I just lost in her beautiful Eyes…

Slowly i came back to my senses and see’s she’s in pain..I quickly get’s up and tries to help her..and Shockingly i found she had a Head Injury !! I get’s panicked seeing her in that condition…I hardly tries to Wake up her..but She’s semi conscious..Tears rolls in my eyes…I quickly picks her in Arms and get into my Car..I shouts my driver to go fastly..and tries to Wakes her..She’s in much pain and slowly say’s” Ab..hi!..I..D..o..n’..t k..n..o..w whither.. I..wi..ll.. ..b..e..s..a..v..e..d.or..N..o..t? ” I can’t control by tears and say’s” Shuuhh! don’t talk anything..stay calm plz…u will be fine..kk!” Pragya hardly tries to speak and say’s”…t..o..! I..f. I will.. die?No….i c..a..n’t ..take…risk!” Tears r rolling in my eyes..I hardly tries to calm her but she’s not in a listening mood…! Pragya say’s” I..L..O..V..E..U..R..O..C..K..S..T..A..R!…I ..L..O..V..E..U..SO..M..U..C..H!” by saying this she Admires me lovingly with teared eye and slowly fall unconscious…! I loudly shouts and tries to getup her…..

PRECAP: ABHI cries holding PRAGYA’s hand AND say’s ” I’m sorry…pragya! it’s too late to express my feelings for u ..I’m sorry!”

Thank u so much my dear friends for ur love & support….! Thank u..Vaishali, Akshaya Di, Mukund bhai, shriti,divya, reshma, varsha, di, nannu, Riya, AS, sharanya, Asmitha, b.k maha, rosy, Surbhi nirmala !! Thank u so much guys for ur response…

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