Hi, sorry for late..Lot’s of apologizes and push up’s….!!


I and Purab starts searching madly every where..becoz, we r very firm about our decision to find a clue which will give some hint to us…Ultimately takes us to My Pragya..!
Finally after 1 hr, Purab and Me both looks very frustrated for not able to find anything..! Suddenly, My eyes stopped at a thing..! Yes, It’s a BRACELET..!! I hurriedly takes it in my hands and call’s Purabh! purabh comers to me and I said”I have found something which will take us to pragya.,.! Particularly to that person who involved in Pragya’s kidnap..! Purab looks shockingly and sign me to say..I slowly takes Bracelet and shows it to Purabh….! Purab get’s shocked seeing it..! He slowly took it in hand and absorbed it for sometime..!
Later, Purab say’s”Abhi! r u sure..! this will reach us to Pragyadi’s kidnappers..! May be It’s some co incident thing..??”I smiled and took the bracelet in hands and say’s”No…Purabh!! This cannot be Co incidence…! becoz, It’s an ANTIC PIECE…JUST 1 PIECE..! So, it’s easy to find about This bracelet owned person Name and Details..!

Purab say’s”Abhi! i know about a person who can help us…! I will do this work..! u go to Home..! Ansh will be waiting for u..!!” I nodes kk..and handover’s that Bracelet to Purab and left the place..!


When I entered home…Mom looks some what tensed..! she comes to me and say’s”Abhi!..i’m waiting for u..! Ansh didn’t ate anything..! i tried my best but he’s not at all listening to me..plz go and do something..!”I calm down my Mom and say’s”Ma..! it’s kk..u don’t worry..! i will see him..kk”and left to Room..!
When I enterd my Room I find Ansh is in tears while caring Pragya’s photo frame..! The tears in his li’ll eyes hurts me a lot..I slowly peeps inside and call’s”Ansh !!” Ansh turns to be and runs to be …He hugs me and starts sobbing..! I quickly picked him in Arms and pat’s his back gently..! Ansh is still sobbing.. I gently say’s”shh…! Bass mera Bacha key aakoh mei ithni badi badi Aaasu..? Nehi bacha..! ” [ shh..stop my child..this much big tears in my child’s eyes..! No..stop it bacha..] I tries to console him…! I seated on bed and placed him in m,y lap..! Ansh is still sobbing and hides his face on my chest..! I slowl;y starts cares his hair and say’s”Kya huva bacha..! abb tho batav papa ko kya huva ? kisis ney kuch kahaa? kya huva bacha? tummei pata heina papa tera Aaasu nehi deksakthi..!! ha..! batav baat kya hai..!”[ What happen bacha? Now tell the reason to papa..! Did any one said something?? what happen to u? u now right? papa can’t see tears in ur eyes..! come on tell me..!] i placed a kiss on his forehead and slowly ask him reason..! Ansh slowly say’s”Papa! mujhey fear lakti..! Mujhey U and Mamma chahiyh..! Don’t go leaving me..! Moamma nehi there mera saath..!Wo nehi ayengi..! [Papa! i’m feeling very scared.mamma is also not there with me..! she will not come to me..plz ui too don’t go leaving me..!] I cares his back and say’s”No..! bacha! Mamma aayengi! Mei aur Mamma hamesha aap ki saath hogi..! Aap darna maath..bass ap kuch din hey..Mamma ayengi..! mei usey lekar aathi hu..! Abb vo hamarey saath hamesha rahengi..! I Promise bacha!![ No bacha! mamma will be come to us..! Me and Mamma will be with u forever..! U don’t fear kk..I will take ur mamma to u.,.we will be together for eevr..! i promise bacha ] I wiped his tears and kissed his face..! Ansh forward his palm and say’s”Promish!! Mamma ayehgi na?”[ Promise! mamma will come na] I kissed his palms and say’s”promish..! and u know na Papa never forgets his promise..!!”Ansh nodes yes and hugs me with a smile..! Slowly i feed him food my telling so many stories and with lot’s of tricks..!

Purab is lost in thoughts in his office room….! He really don’t know how to beleive this..!!
PURABH’S POV: I get’s shocked seeing that bracelet..! it’s of a person who is familiar to me..! I can’t beleive he will do anything like this..! but I have to find wither he did this or not..! that’s why i have inquired about this Bracelet owner details..! But unexpectedly Which i wished not to happen…happen today..! Now, i will not leave that person who harmed my pragya di..! who took her away from us..! Quickly I called my friend Rajesh and told him to come to a place ..I have to tell an imp thing to him..! while Rajesh said kk for this ..

I made Ansh sleep while caring his hairs…Ansh clutched my shirt tightly and slept in my lap…I just lost in thoughts of Mine and pragya’s happy movements..! Suddenly a call takes me back to senses..It’s Purab ‘s call..! I answers it and say’s”Ha.. purabh1 tell me!” Purab say’s”Abhi! just come to this address’s urgent..!”I say’s”Kk..”and cut’s the call…I took Ansh in hands and laid him on my shoulder and left my room.! I enters my Mom’s room and woke her and handover Ansh to her..! and left to That place ..!


I hurriedly get’s down from my car and runs to purab..I turns to me face to face and ask’s”What u have find about that person..? who’s that person?”Purab looks silent and signs me to see…I get’s shocked seeing A young man who is tied up and beaten up completely..! He is in semi conscious conditions and blood stats flowing from his wounds..!” I goes to him and tried him to wake up..! I then run back to purab and say’s”Who is he?”is he kidnapped pragya?”Purabh silently stood for some time…he slolwy say’s”He’s my child hood friend Rajesh..! Now, he’s my secretary..! he is involved in Pragya di’s kidnap..!” I get’s shocked hearing his name..I hurriedly ask’s”Is he that same Rajesh who informed u about pragya in hospital??”Purab nodes yes..! I stood dumbstruck..! Purab starts crying and say’s”U know what Abhi!! i trusted him completely..! he is the one who informed me about my missing sister…by his information only I have saved Pragya di on that day..! but Now, he is the one who helped some one for pragyadi’s kidanp..!”by sying this purab runs to him and starts kicking him hard…I runs to him and tries to stop him..! Finally i controlled him and made him seated I turns his face ..and say’s”Purabh! look in to my eyes..! YES, WHAT HE HAS DONE IS WRONG WITH U..! HE BETRAYED U..! BUT nOW, WE HAVE TO SAVE HIM..OR ELSE WE CAN’T FIND wHERE’S PRAGYA IS?? PLZ PURAB TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE SITUATION!!”i TRIES MY LEVEL BEST TO CONVINCE HIM BUT, PURAB IS NOT AT ALL IN LISTENING STAGE..! fINALLY AFTER LOT’S OF CONVINCING, pURABH SAY’S”kK..”AND WE BOTH CARRIED RAJESH TOWARDS CAR AND LEFT TO HOSPITAL..!

Soon we admitted him in hospital and waits outside..! Purab seated in chair and he is in full Anger and Frustration..! I slowly sit’s beside him and hold his hand and say’s”Purabh! tell me what happen?” Purabh starts explaining me”Abhiu! when u took that bracelet..! then only i felt something fishy..! i remembered it’s Rajesh’s bracelet which he lost long ago..! but I can’t able to believe this..becoz, he’s my friend..! I started enquirer about this bracelet owner details and find Rajesh’s name !! Later, i traced out Rajesh’s phone call list..! Then i understood he is the on e who involved in pragya’s kidnap..! but hw will we know about real kidnappers..??”I pat’s his shoulder and say’s” Kidnappers will reveals my them selves..! U just watch..!” i said with firm face while purab looks clueless..!

To be continue..!!
PRECAP: Pragya is seen trying to a chair..she looks dull and weak..! suddenly some one splashes water on her..she looks everyone with fear..!

Thank u so much for ur sweet and wonderful comments..Thank u every one..! As i said i’m gonna end this soon..becoz my exams is near…so keep enjoying and supporting me..!!

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