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I just lost my coolness hearing purabh’s words..! I held his collar and ask”What the hell r u talking?”with a angry look..! Purabh say’s”Abhi! i know u will be Angry..! i’m so sorry for not able to protect my sister..!I’m sorry Abhi!”by saying this tears flows from his eyes…! I just sit’s as a lifeless body..! why everything happen like this only.Got a hope ! have to leave that hope.very soon.! what’s this destiny? Purab keeps on tries to make me normal..but he can’t even except my Feelings ! he can’t understand my situation..! My heart had suffered a lot..! Firstly, I loosed pragya’s Love..! Now, she’s Alive..! but i couldn’t able to find her..I want to get that happiness which once left my life with Pragya..! I want to get Pragya back to my life..! I want to live with her rest of my life peacefully..! I want to give her my love and everything ..! But, Why God is doing like this with me?

Soon, i slowly came out of this thoughts…and pulls Purab towards me..Then, i held his collar and worriedly ask”Purab! what had happen? where is pragya? Just tell me what happen..! or else i will not spare u thought ur Pragya’s brother..!” Purab didn’t get angry he just see’s me helplessly and say’s”Abhi! i’m not angry with u..but Abhi! I will tell u everything..! becoz, I sensed ur happiness when u heard about My pragya di..! I don’t want u to loose that hope..!”He slowly holds my hand and say’s”Abhi! As u already read in dairy, I went to states for my Official works..! Pragya di had handover me her land papers..i just want to keep them safe..that’s why I left to Australia and kept that papers safely at a place..! when i returned , I hardly tries to meet Pragya di.! But nikkil always accompanies with her..! Soon, i came to know about Ansh death..! I sense something fishy..and started esquire about Ansh…! I have made a team with my close friends and start searching for Ansh..Soon, i traced Nikil’s call and finds about Kidnappers ! After lot’s of struggle One day, finally i met Pragya di and had explained everything About Ansh to her..! She get’s happy hearing about Ansh and told me not to involve in finding Ansh..becoz, she cares about my Life..she knows Nikil can go to any extent for anything..! Later, U and Pragya di finds Ansh…! When u had admitted Pragya and Ansh in that hospital..! My childhood friend Rohan saw Pragya di in hospital and informed me about her..Soon i came to hospital with my team and starts searching For Pragya di..! But I saw u waiting outside Pragyadi’s room and thought ur Nikil! so, i secretly envelop with Pragya di with my friends help…we bribed Doctor and told u Pragya was Dead..!

Later, i took Pragya di to Australia and took care of her..After 1 month she get’s fine..! But we lately came to know about U get punishment to Nikil and took Ansh responsibility..! Pragya is super happy with ur decision but she missed u all very much..I couldn’t able to see her, I decided to take her to u..! And want to Reunite u both..!
That’s why I took Her back to India! and tries to find ur Details..! But unexpectedly, Some one kidnapped her..!

Purabh and Pragya reached India..! they both went to a secret house of Purabh..![ guys, purabh used this house only for confidential works..that’s why it’s a secret house!]
Purabh: Di..! U take rest..! i will go and esquires about Abhi’s details..!
Pragya nodes and get’s fresh up..! Her face clearly shows how much she’s excited to meet her Family..! Her Abhi! Her son..! She couldn’t control her self and called purabh 10 times in a hour to know wither he got any information..?
Purabh smiles seeing her excitement and get’s busy in his work..!
At Lunch time, He slowly goes to his Secret house..! He keeps on knocking the door for 1 hr..But there is no response…Purab get’s tense and Call’s her no..but he heard the phone is ringing inside the room..! Finally he broke the door and didn’t find Pragya anywhere!!
…………Screen Ends!!

Purab continues”I just got much tensed and had searched everywhere like a mad person..! But i couldn’t able to find her..! I lost as a brother..! Who can’t protect his sister..!
By saying this, Purab breaks down in tears..I just listens silently…Soon, i hugs him and consoles him…!
After sometime, Purab compose himself and say’s”Abhi! plz forgive me..! I lost as a brother …Not able to protect my sister..Not able to become her protective shield..! But I promise u..! this time, I will Unite u both ..for sure..! Chahey mujhey apni jaan dena padega..!tab bhi..![ Though i had to give my life..! but i will unite u both..].. I slowly pat’s his shoulder and signs him not to worry…! But I can’t able to control my pain and tears…! Now, i can’t find any way to search her!! where?where i have to search her? hw can i get her back?

Just then, Ansh comes to me and call’s”Papa!”..I compose myself and goes to him ..I picked him and goes to Purabh! Purab see’s Ansh lovingly with happy tears…! I smiles and Say’s”Ansh! he’s ur Maamu!” Ansh say’s”Maamu?”in confused tone..!
I nodes yes and signs him to go and places him on ground …! Purab kneels down and waiting for Ansh..! Ansh slowly moves to purab confusingly …! He keeps on looking at me while i signs him to go…Ansh slowly goes to purab and ask’s”U r miy Maamu?”my pointing his finger towards purabh! Purab nodes yes..with happy tears..! Ansh ask’s”Why ull not come to shee me?”[why u never come to meet me?] Purab smiles and holds his ears and say’s”Sorry! Now on wards I will be with u..kk?” Ansh smiles and say’s”KK..! Frienshds[friends]?”by forwarding his hand ..Purab shake hands with him and tell’s” Friends..!” and hugs him emotionally..!

I feels happy by seeing them like that, Later I introduced Purab to My Mom ..and we talk for sometime..! Purabh and Ansh shares a great time…! But I can’t able to come out of that thoughts..! Hw to find Pragya? who kidnapped her? this questions are making me crazy…

I made Ansh sleep and sit’s in Balcony lost in Pragya’s thoughts..! Suddenly A hand touches my shoulder..Yes, it’s Purab! I turned towards him…Purab smiles and say’s”Thinking About Pragya di?”I nodes yes and say’s”U know what purabh? Though pragya is far from me..but she always stays in my heart! She speaks with me..! she tells me hw to handle a situation..! By this strength only..I ‘m able to live in this world happily..! But, Now? Now. i couldn’t able to find her though she’s living in same place..! By saying this a lone tear escapes from my eye..Purab pat’s my shoulder and signs to calm down..!

We both stands like that for a long time, just then some idea hit’s my mind..I worriedly ask’s”Purabh! where’s ur secret house?” Purabh say’s”Near beach Abhi!” I said “Tomorrow morning..we r visiting ur house…kk? Purab nodes yes..!

Me and purab get’s ready and left to Purabh’s secret house..! We slowly enters house and starts searching for some clues of that men who kidnapped pragya..! we searched every where but didn’t find anything..I casually ask’s”Purabh! u have CC Cameras here?” Purabh say’s”No..Abhi! this place is only for confidential cases, we never put any cameras here..!” I get’s frustrated and about to leave..but FIND SOMETHING AND GET’S SHOCK..!

To be continued..!
PRECAP: Abhi see’s something and tell’s”Purabh ! i know who done this..!” with a firm face..while purab looks shocking..!

What will happen know Stay tune my dear friends..! sry if i bore u all…

Thank u so much friends for ur wonderful support and love ..! And I’m WISHING U ALL ADVANCE “HAPPY DIWALI..! ” hope this wonderful event brings lot’s of happiness in ur life..!
Keep smiling..Stay blessed dears…!
THANK U…Minu, Emmy, Sharanya, Sandy, Maha, Surbhi, Lucky, di, Asmitha, vigan, Trisha,Ani,Rithu, durga,Sugan,Lakshmishiva and all silent readers….!
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