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I quickly wipes my tears and say'” Ansh bacha! kya huva..? kyu isey puchrihi ho..?[Ansh bacha! what happen to u? why u r asking like this?] Ansh shout’s” Papa! mujhey Mamma ko dekhna hai…!”[Papa! i want to see Mamma!]in a crying toon…!His eyes r filled with tears…! I can’t see him like that..I quickly took him in My Lap…and wipes his tears..I kissed his forehead and say’s” Ansh bacha! ur a very gud boy! Phir kya huvaa achanak? Papa ko nehi batavungi?[Ansh bacha! ur a very gud boy…then, what happen suddenly? u won’t say to Papa?] Ansh see’s me with teared eyes and hugs me tightly ….I can see some pain in his eyes…Ansh starts sobbing and clutched my shirt tightly…! I slowly rubbed his back and tries to console him..After 2 min, Ansh becomes some what cool! and starts to say’ Papa! aaj mei dekhaa party mei …bachey their Mamma key saath hai…then, mei kyu nehi hu? Kya mamma not loves mee? Oh mujhey bulgai hoi?[Ppa! i have seen All children r there with their mothers in party..then, why i’m not with mom?Mom doesn’t loves me? Is she forgot me?]

I hugs him and tries to control my self….I slowly say’s” Bacha! iesey koie baath nehi hai..! Mei aur Mamma app sey bahut pyaar karthi hai..! Ansh Tum tho hamara Jaan hoo..!plz esa kabhi nehi sochnaa!”[ Bacha! It’s nothing like that.. I and Mamma loves u so much.and ..Ansh ur our life..!.plz don’t think like this again!] by saying this i hugs him and peaked his forehead…Ansh slowly ask’s” Papa! Mamma is here na? I want to meet her..plz” Now, i couldn’t say anything …becoz, Now i too feel’s It’s very tough time..! Now, i can’t keep A Child away from his Mother.. But, What can i do? My Pragya Alive in My heart…! Not in this World..! But hw can i make Ansh understand this..?

Slowly i picks Ansh in Arms and lay’s him on my shoulder and start to pat’s him…Soon, Ansh fall’s asleep…I still thinking what to do? At very late Night, I too get’s into sleep with this heavy thoughts…

While I’m getting ready for a meeting finds Ansh is still sleeping…It’s something strange,..becoz, he never sleeps up to this time…I slowly goes to him and slowly whisper’s In his ear’s” Ansh ji…Papa jaraha hai..!” But there is no reply from ANSH..I Slowly cares his hair finds..He’s having fever..I get panicked and slowly takes in Arms and tries to wake him…But he looks so weak and pale..This increases my tension…So, I slowly lay’s him on my shoulders and runs towards Hall… My Mom , Dad see me tensed and I explain them..we all left to Hospital… I didn’t know why I felt so tensed seeing him like that and tears r slowly coming from my eyes..My Mom see’s this and tries to console me..

We slowly reaches Hospital..I quickly runs inside taking Ansh…After 1 hr..Doctor say’s he’s having some viral fever..becoz, of change in environment and some, it’s normal..don’t worry…” I slowly nodes But I know he’s missing Pragya!
After some time, I went to buy some medicines and A nurse meets me..she greets me and say’s “ U r Rock star…Abhi..hey na?” I smiled at her and nodes yes… I expects that she is going to take paper for autograph..but to my surprise She takes me side my pulling my hands..i didn’t understood anything…She say’s “ Abhi sir…u had come here 6 months ago by taking a women and a small boy?” I just realized this is the same hospital once I take Pranga and Ansh after recues them…I say’s” Haa..i just got it..” she say’s “ sir! I have to tell u an imp thing..on that day the women u bought was not dead!” I just got freeze for a min..i really don’t know hw to react ..i came to my senses and ask‘” what? My…my pragya is alive?” by holding nurse…Nurse say’s “ Yes..sir, she is alive …!
I just feeling crazy with happiness…The dream which i always wished to happen..finally, it happen! My…My Pragya is Alive!I didn’t lost her..! My happiness has no limit…Slowly Happy tears are rolling in eyes..!

I Runs to Prayer Room and falls on my Knees…in front of God’s idol…For the First time, i felt i have to thank him….He has given me everything..! A good family, Wonderful parents, Name..Fame, Money…so much…But i didn’t thanked him any day..but Now, After realizing he haven’t snatched my Love..My life[pragya] from me…..Now, i can’t blame him…! He’s God..! really, He has given my life back to me….I just burst out in tears and The Pain, guilt , Sorrow and Divine feeling which always stored in my heart …..! I have poured it out..! Tears which r rolling from my eyes me peace….! A happiness..! I just stay like that for long time….!

My Mom& Dad came there..searching for me….Mom runs to me and wiped my tears and say’s” Abhi! don’t worry Ansh will be kk..plz u have to be strong beta..!” I nodes with a smile….! I slowly reaches Ansh room…and saw him sleeping..! I thinks” Ansh! Today is the best day in my life…Now, i’m getting a hope…I will fulfill ur wish..!” by seeing him lovingly…..I went to corridor and seated in a chair with happy tears…! I feels like flying… I don’t know hw to control this happiness?

I came back to senses…..and Thought ” If pragya is Alive..then, why doctor said..She was Dead..! that day??” I starts searching for that nurse who informed me about Pragya..!
After lot of searching, I find her and Ask’s” If That lady is Alive? then, why u have said she was dead?” Nurse downs her head and say’s”when u took her here we found some one stabs her…we treated her..but, some goon came to us..and they threaten us and takes her away..!”
I get’s shock hearing this….I shockingly ask’s” Goons? who?” Nurse say’s” I’m sorry sir..i really don’t know about them….I thought to informed u that day only..but they have threatened us ….!” I tries further esquire her..but she doesn’t have any answers…!

Slowly I settles in a chair ..My mind is filled with Many questions..! who can be the goons? Nikil..? no..he’s in jail..! then, who can do this? who?” I asked so many times to myself..but i didn’t have any answer..but I need Answer for this question…and I will find it Anyway…..!

Suddenly, My heavy thoughts were broken by Mom’s words..she informed me..Ansh gains consious….! I happyilyu runs to him and hugs him….Ansh looks so pale…I took care of him Till late Night…and get’s into sleep with many thoughts…


Doctor informed me that we can take Ansh home….After sometime, Ansh get’s discharged and we reached Our Home…KHANNA MANSION..! I makes Ansh sleep and Again thinks hw to find truth regarding Pragya? suddenly I reminds some thing and call’s my Manager Rajesh…and told him some thing..[which is muted]..My face became determined and feels some what peace in Mind..!

To be continued..!

A man comes to meet Abhi! Abhi get’s shock listening his Name…!

Who’s that man? Who kidnapped she Alive now? or Not?…..To know answers for this Question…Just stay tuned my dear friends..!
Friends, i’m sorry ..i have received an important, may be i will be out of my further episode will be some what late…sry for inconvenience….i will try my level best to post early… Thank u…

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