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I’m so happy and hopes this marriage will get cancel…but, unexpectedly Nikil accepts this wedding..! he say’s to my father that HE IS READY TO TAKE MY CHILD’S RESPONSIBILITY. Becoz,he want to reunite his mother and my father and want to see his mother’s happiness..! this made Nikil image great in my Dad’s eye….I firstly hesitates but..feels happy that Nikil is a very nice guy….who cares about his family like me…so I marries him..!

After 3 months..Nikil shows his reality! I understood that he is only money minded..he marries me for my father’s properties…. ! He tries to wound me so, that I can have a miscarriage and loose my child..But I tries my best to save myself and my baby from him….! Nikil Acts as Noble husband in front of everyone..! But My Bua identifies him being his Mother!! she starts to protect me from Nikil& his Dad..!
By my Good fate, Nikil get’s a big contract ..for which he has to stay in U.s for 1 yr… he agrees for it..and leaves to U.S…soon,My Bua sends me to My Dad’s home for my Safety..! I feels protective there..I stayed there only till my delivery and blessed with a Baby Boy !! I’m so happy and finds u in him… and names him as ANSH!…I feels completed and I brought up him with much love and care…he is so precious to me than my life…..! my luck works and nikil returns get late for 6 more, I stayed in my father’s home … My day starts with ANSH Smile and Ends with his Sleep…I completely starts enjoying my MOTHERHOOD! .I find u in ANSH…and feels completed…
But, my happiness get’s vanishes when I learned that Nikil is coming back… Nikil comes to my home and talks lovingly with Ansh and cares him…I just got some hope that he changed…Slowly Ansh completes 1year And nikil celebrates his B’day very grandly… He proudly say’s Ansh is his son to whole world…which makes Me, my Bua and my father more happy….but, it just a trap for my father…Nikil slowly wins my father’s trust …my father becomes blind in his trust… he ignores his own daughter’s pain too

Dad: I ‘m so happy for U…Today i can prove u my decision about ur marriage is correct..! I’m so blessed to have Nikil as son-in-law..!
I say’s”Dad! It’s good..I mean Nikil is a nice guy..but What’s the need to handover all properties on his name..Now?””
Dad stares me and say’s”Why ? R u having any problem in this too? I mean It’s my property and I want to name it on My son-in-law..!””
I tries to explain him..”Yes dad! it’s ur property..Ur wish..! But why now? what’s hurry?””
Dad stares me and say’s”Pragya! At least now….Now, learn to respect Nikil..! Once think If u& me are in this good’s just becoz of him..!
I say’s”Papa! he didn’t done any great thing..! plz stop blaming me..!””
Dad shout’s “Of Course! Of course he done a very great thing..! It’s him who Accepts u & Ur son.. who is not his blood..! If he didn’t have accepted u that day..Then, today My Respect, Image everything will be on steak..!
I say’s”Papa! plz I didn’t beg him to accept me & My son..! I can capable to handle myself and my baby..! so, plz stop talking like this…and I just want to say..He’s not such a good person as ur thinking..!”
Dad stares Angrily and say’s”Huh..! U ? U r talking about right and wrong? U just don’t have that right pragya! and I already told u..these r my, It’s my Wish ..wither I will name these on Nikil’s or on any other’s…and Why ur reacting like this…U have any doubt that I will not give u anything?”
I say’s “Papa! Neither I’m asking U nor expecting anything from u…But plz By ur Blind trust..Don’t put everything on Stake..plz Papa it’s a request from ur Daughter..!
By saying this I just silently leaves from there…………..Scene Ends..!

But, My father’s behaviour didn’t change ! I tried a lot to explain Nikil’s reality to him..but, he didn’t give worth to my words. he handovers his properties to Nikil ….Soon, Nikil and his Dad killed my father brutally ..they even killed my Bua who came to save my father….. !

Suddenly I became alone…I really don’t know hw to protect myself & my child from Nikil? I stayed at his home and works like a servant…and have to protect my son from him…! I hope even my enemies don’t have this type of fate..Which is worst than anything… I just feels like hell though I’m living…Every morning is like a NEW LIFE to me..Sometimes, I didn’t find ANSH beside me and searches for him madly in home..soon, came to know about Nikil intentions that he wants’ to kill my Son…who becomes a burden to achieve his goals..becoz, Ansh becomes legal heir of Nikil’s properties..! becoz, Ansh is Nikil’s son for World!… I hardly tries to escape with my son..From them but they made us House arrest…! After that, Nikil moves to Mumbai for his business expansions…with us… sometimes, in my absence Nikil takes Ansh with him and leaves him somewhere …!


Nikil came back to his home and find’s Ansh playing Alone..!!He see’s Pragya is busy in kitchen..And thoughts something. He smiles evilly and goes to Ansh and say’s”Ansh bacha..! chalo bahar cheltey …Come..!”and slowly picks Ansh in hands and leaves ..
After sometime, Nikil came back home with empty hands..He seated in sofa relaxed and looks at Newspaper..! Pragya finished her work and slowly goes to see Ansh..! She didn’t find Ansh there and starts searching for him..and call’s Änsh..! kaha ho? Hide & seek kelrihu kya? Bacha plz..aajav..Mamma ko bahut kaam hai..plz ! Ansh..! aajav Mamma key pass…!![Ansh! Where r u bacha? R u playing hide& seek with Mamma…! Plz bacha! Mom is so busy..plz come to me know….plz Ansh!”].
Nikil hears silently but ignores her..Pragya continuously call’ Ansh for 1/2n hr….! But didn’t found him..she senses something Fishy …and Stares Nikil…Nikil looks so relaxed ..! Pragya hurriedly runs to room and see’s CCTV footage..! She get’s shocked seeing Nikil takes Ansh with him….She hurriedly runs to living room..And ask’s” Nikil! Mera Ansh kaha hai?” Nikil tries to ignore her but Pragya ask’s again with high voice..! Nikil stands and say’s”Hw will I know? About ur son?” Pragya angrily stares him and say’s ”Don’t dare to lie..Nikil! I have seen CCTV footage!”Nikil say’s ”So..what? It will not be news to me if u sees it or not..!” Pragya angry peeks and holds Nikil collar…! And say’s”Nikil! Tell me where is my Ansh!” Nikil stares Angrily ! Pragya steps back and slowly leaves his collar..! Nikil say’s”Go and search where u want…but u will not find ur son…Pragya!” Pragya say’s”Nikil! Plz he’s a kid of just 1 and 1/n yr..plz NIkil…! Wo kya kiya hey..tum mujsey navrat karteh hey na…woe k chotasa bachey hey plz..Nikil! tell me..I’m begging u..! plz” Nikil stares her and say’s”I hate u & ur son…! It’s my fate that I have to marry u and have to accept ur son for ur properties..! Now, I can’t act further..! Ansh mera bacha nehi…So, I don’t care about him…if he’s Alive or Dead!”Pragya shout’s”Nikil! Shut ur mouth…Don’t dare to speak anything about my son..! I’m warning u..!”Nikil shout’s “ Just shut up…u Blu***y lady..! I will not let u live in peace..Pragya!”Pragya tries to cool herself and stares angrily…! Nikil comes to her and twist her hand…! Pragya feels pain..and want to get out of his grip…she stares Angrily and say’s”Nikil! Leave me..!”Nikil angrily say’s”What happen? Feeling pain ha? Ur pain is not at all worthy in front of my Pain..! Gussa tho mujhey hona chahiyeh ta…Jab tum aur tumhara so called Foolish Papa ney ithna sab kush kiya..!”[I have right to get Angry…! U and ur dad had done this much with me..].
Pragya looks angrily..Nikil continues” Tumhara Papa bahut acha hai..per unhey tho..Mujhey ullu banaya tha.[Ur so called Dad is very nice person..But he fools me.]…He’s a bl**dy cheater !Pragya shout’s “Nikil! Enough!” Nikil yell’s “Why? I’m I saying wrong?? Tumhara papa ney unki properties sab kuch mera naam karliya…Par oh oss land tumhari naam kardiya..! Uss Land merey ill legal business key liyeh kitna important hey jantihu? Pur tum & tum hara papa ney mujhey cheat kardiya..!”[ U r dad had name all his properties on my Name ..!But he named that Land on ur name..! U have any idea..That land is very important for my Illegal Bussiness..!U and ur Dad cheated me..!]..Pragya shout’s”Mera papa sab kuch tumhara naam karliya tha..! Uss land mera naam mei issliyeh karliya tha..kyu ki mera Maa ka aakri kwaish hei ki..uss land ko ek Orphanage keliyeh use ki ya jay…Tumhara so called Bussiness kehliyeh nehi..!”[ My dad had named all ur properties on ur name..But he named that Land on me becoz, It’s my Mom’s last wish..That land is used for Orphanages..!not for ur so called Bussiness..!] Nikil shout’s”It’s just a trap..! U both don’t want to give that land to me..becoz, It’s worth is very high….It’s very precious in price than ur all properties..!”

Pragya pleads “Nikil! Plz abb eh time nehi hai eesab baath karneyko..plz batav mera Ansh kaha hai..!”[Nikil! plz it’s not time to discuss about this matters..plz tell me where’s my Ansh?] Nikil laughs evilly and say’s”I will not say…Go to hell do what u want..!”Pragya continuously pleads him….Nikil say’s”I will say ..but u have to sign power of Authority papers and handover’s them to me..!”Pragya tensely say’s”KK.!”and runs to her room…! She hurriedly takes a file and goes to Nikil..! and gives it to him…Nikil laughs and say’s”U r so good pragya! But I’m not..! Go and search ur son..! NOW, everything is in ur God’s hands..! And leaves from there laughingly..! Pragya shatters and slowly compose herself and hurriedly leaves to search Ansh..!
While she’s leaving..Nikil’s driver stop’s her and tell’s”Pragya beta..i will tell u where Ansh baba is..!” Pragya get’s relieved..Later, Driver tells about location where Nikil leaves Ansh..! Pragya thanks him and leaves to find Ansh!!

After some time, Pragya reaches a place and find’s A Temple there..I madly search for him and Finds Ansh crying alone…! She runs towards him and hugs him emotionally..! After sometime, she slowly composed herself and looks at him with Happy tears…Ansh slowly stops crying seeing his Mom..Pragya slowly picks him in Arms and kissed him..!

Just then, A hand forcefully turns her…It’s Nikil!! He stares angrily and shot’s ”Ur really a bl**y cheat!! U just fooled me like ur Dad with this Duplicate Papers?” Pragya Angrily levels peaked ..she turns to him and slaps him hardly..! Nikil stares her shockingly….! Pragya say’s”Nikil! Don’t dare to do this again with My Ansh..I’m warning u!!!hw cheap person is u? Tum par vishvass karniki bull kiya mera papa ney…unney Apni beti sey syada tum par vishvass hai..Pur tum? Tum mera Papa ko mardiya..! Tum sey shadi keriliya meineh..iss ki saaza mujhey dooh…Par ek baat yaad rakho…Agar tum mera bacha key pass ayana! Toh mujhsey bura koie nehi hooga..! Mera Ansh mera jindagi hai…Uski raksha kehliyeh mei appni jan dehsakthihu..! Tho socho…Agar Ansh kelhiley mei Apni jaan dehsakthihu..tho mei tumhari jaan lehbhi sakthihu…Yaad rakna..! Tumhara gussa mujpar nikaalo…Mei sab kuch bardash karungi..par Agar tumari bura saaya mera bachey par padgaya na..! tho mei tujhey chodingi nehi..!Agar tum eh Gandi harkath phir karnehki koshioshkiyana tho tum sochbhi nehi saktehho mei kya karsakthi hu…! Remember this..Nikil! Aur uss land ki saval hei ki..Jab tak mei zinda tak oh land mei tumhara havali kabhi nehi karungi..!Kyuki ek beti honeki nathey mei Meri Maa ka kwaish puri kardungi..!Issliyeh uss land key barey mey sochnehki himmath math karna…Tunharey balai key liyeh bolriyu..! and leaves from there..While Nikil fumes in Anger!!……………………………… Screen Ends!!

like this, Nikil tries to separate my Ansh from me..but, I can’t let happen this…!


PRECAP: Pragya say’s”But i failed one day…My Ansh get’s separated from me..!”

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Thank u..Asmitha, Akshaya Di, Vaishali, Saranya, Varsha,Sugan, Maya, I’m his chashmish..,Reji, rithu, Madhura, shree, Di,Vigneesh kannan, neetu,Reshma, rishi,Prathi, A.s, Maha…sry if i missed any one..!

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