HI, Guys…I’m so happy by receiving ur comments..Plz don’t worry..As i said I can’t separate Abhigya for Long..!!


I get’s ready for my Office and finds Ansh is still sleeping…! I went to my Mom and greeted her..We have a family talk. for some time…while I ‘m having my coffee…Soon, I heard Ansh’s crying and runs to see him…Ansh sees me and hugs me…I understood that he had a bad dreams.. 6 months passed but, Ansh still reminds that Incidents…!.I slowly takes him in Arms..and consoles him..Later, I get’s ready to my Office while Mom & Dad tries their best to divert him..But Ansh is not at all ready to leave me…! I decided to be with him home…!
After playing so many tricks and games..Finally, I became so what successful in diverting his mood…! Ansh starts playing with Mom and Dad..I just Admiring his happiness….!! Which i always want to see in his face..!! While i’m checking some files…! Suddenly a book falls down..I take it in hands find’s It’s a Diary! My Pragya’s Dairy..!! Which gives me lot’s of happiness in my life…! I slowly opens DAIRY and lost in her thoughts…!!


I just don’t know what I have to do? Whom I have to inform…? Why pragya said I should not inform any one about Ansh? Why? Why? So many questions surround my mind and make it restless… Soon, I recall’s last words of pragya…!!
When I find Pragya is stabbed and in pain..I hurriedly carries her to car ..she just smiles at me and cupped my face and say’s “I know..u have so many questions…I don’t know whether I’m able to give, go to my room and finds my diary…u will finds ur answers their..” I quickly informs Nurse to take care of Ansh and leaves to Pragya’s house…I find no body there so, I went to stairs and see’s Nikil is celebrating with his friends..I couldn’t understand, I went to her room and find’s a dairy… “A”…My soul..”! I get’s emotional and picks the dairy and went back to hospital…I started to read it…..

Abhi, I want to say so many things to u..but u didn’t there with me…Actually, I make u way from me…so, I want to explain through this dairy!.. Abhi I know u got hurt by listening about my decision…! I learned that My father’s family is coming to our city so, I wanted to meet my bua…so, I insisted my father and leaves to temple…There I saw my Bua…! My Dad’s eyes were filled with happy tears by seeing his lovely sister..After many years..! Later, I just met her at Temple and talks with her…Later I reveals that I’m Vivek Kundra’s daughter….She see’s me lovingly and Soon her eyes starts searching madly for her beloved brother..! I finally Met my Bua & Dad without any one’s notice…That’s was a beautiful movement in my life…which shows my father’s real Happiness. to me.!! Soon, bua’s family came to know about Dad..and tries to Attack us..but Dad’s security rescues us…! On that day, I saw Their Hatred towards My father..!! day, I saw Their Hatred towards My father..!!

Soon, I learned that My bua’s family wants me to marry their son..for re union…firstly I get shocked..and my father accepts this proposal very happily..Later, he came to me and say’s…………
SCENE-1: Dad: Pragya! plz accept this marriage..!! I want to give u a perfect life..!!
I get’s angry and say’s”Hw can u say I will be happy and safe? U too saw their Hatred towards U!!”
Dad: that’s why I’m telling..u..Their hatred is Just for me..Not u..! And U will be under ur Bua’s protection…That’s what i wanted pragya!
I say’s”So…Their is no value for My Happiness? I’m too a Girl!..! A normal girl who has some wishes and dreams about My Life..!
Dad: I values ur dreams and wishes..But i can’t let u choose wrong person in life and suffered…!
I stares at my Dad and say’s”But..I love Abhi! Just Abhi! App jithanabhi koshish karlo..papa! per App mera dil sey unko nekal nehi payengi..! He’s My Life..!
Dad: U just gonna mad! U just loves that Rock star…! He’s profession is just on fame..! If time didn’t support him then? Hw will u servile with him?
I say’s”If time didn’t support him..?? Then, I will support him…Mei unki takath banungi..!! U just seeing his fame and position..But I can see his talent…!
Dad: Pragya! plz Merey liyeh plz…I want to give u a secure life..Which u will get by marrying Nikil..!!
I said”But I’m Married..! U can’t marry a married girl again..!!
Dad shocking ask’s”What?”
I shows him My thread mangalsutra..! and say’s”I have married Abhi..! Now, He’s my Husband..!!
Dad angrily shout’s”Pragya! just shut up..It’s not legal! U both didn’t married legally..! this society will Dad angrily shout’s”Pragya! just shut up..It’s not legal! U both didn’t married legally..! this society will not accept this…!
I shout’s”I don’t care about society…! I just care about U..!””
Dad say’s”I won’t accept this…! never..! If u go with him..then, U just find My dead body..! that’s it…!! and leaves from there..
I breaks down by listening his words…! I really don’t know what to do..?………….Scene Ends..!!
After a lot of thinking I determines to say NO…to this..but, just then I came to know about my Father’s, for his last wish..and happiness I agrees for marriage…My bua’s son came and introduced him self as NIKIL LAMBA…! He is a great business man in Bihar.. later, my engagement was over but, I came to know that I’m going to be ur child’s mother…! I can’t understand anything and thinks about it..Lastly, I determine to have this ur memory..later, I informed about my pregnancy to my father…and requests him to cancel this marriage…!
I pleads my dad to cancel this marriage…! and reveals I’m PREGNANT..!
Dad slaps me hard and scolds me ..and say’s”Shame on u..! hw can u fall this low? U just ruin my respect..!””
I slowly say’s”I didn’t done any thing wrong…Abhi is my Husband…! We loved and marry each other..! That’s why I want this child..!”
Dad shout’s”this will never happen..! i will not let u ruin ur life by ur blind love..!
I shout’s”If u want to do any harm to my Baby..! then, U will just see my Dead body..!I’m very serious about it Papa..! I just gave my love for u..! I hurted Abhi for u..! But, Now, I can’t Scarifies my Baby for u..! I have proved my Love on u..But, u didn’t try to understand it….!!
By saying this, I just left from there….!!…………………………….Scene Ends.!!

Soon, Dad understood i will not give up my decision by seeing My determination..about Having Baby..! He informed this to NIKIL! I’m so happy and hopes this marriage will get cancel…
To be continued…..!

PRECAP: Nikil say’s”He is ready to take this Responsibility..!”

Hi friends…I’m sorry if i bore u with my episode..But it’s essential to express Pragya’s love towards Her Abhi!! Thank u…

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