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Pragya’s P.O.V
I was standing here over an hour I’m just waiting for him..My Abhishek..The most lovable man in the universe.. Officially my classmate and sometimes my roommate and he is my soulmate forever..But now I’m really mad at him he made me to wait for an hour.When I was thinking about him Suddenly a hand patted my shoulder I know it’s him his chocolate fragrance itself enough to identify his presence.I turned to him.As always he was with puppy face with a sorry expression I couldn’t help.. chuckled at his expression and pulled his cheeks.He made a cute smile.

Author’s P.O.V
So what’s the plan,he asked with a wide smile.Um..Movie,she said with a cute smile.Uff..not again u know we almost watched all the movies over the city malls,he pouted.So u had already planned something for weekend ryt,she asked by raising her brows.He nodded like a kid.So what’s the plan,asked Pragya.I have collection of ur favorite Harry Potter movies so let’s watch it over my place.She said okay and they started to walk towards his place by holding hands in hands.
As they reached his place.He closed the door behind them and welcomed her.She smiled at him.He asked her to sit and goes to bring water.She removed her sandals and seated in his bed as it was a two room rented place.He came back with a glass of water.She drank the water.Do want something else,he asked.Stop being so formal I don’t want anything,she said.He smiled at her and he started to made the arrangements to watch the movie.

Pragya removed her watch and placed it on side table and she sat comfortable by leaning over the headboard and sat comfortable.So all set lets watch,He said with a wide smile.He dimmed the lights and took the place besides her and played the movie.He very well know he won’t able to concentrate on the movie.They started to watch the movie.

Abhi wrapped his hands around her shoulder.Pragya slowly rested her head on his chest.He just carred her hair and admired her.Her eyes were glistening in the dim light She looked gorgeous.She sat straight and continued to watch the movie.She removed her duppata when she entered the room as she want to be free.

Abhi’s P.O.V
I started to unbutton my shirt actually not with any naughty intentions.She jerked and asked,What are u doing.Nothing fuggi..U watch the movie,I said.She continued to watch the movie.I removed my shirt and lied on my stomach.Fuggi,Can u please stand on my back it’s really paining,I asked her.Are u mad..U want to increase ur pain or what,She scolded me.No,it ll b alryt just give a try,I said.Somewhat she convinced and stood up on my back by holding my hands..I feel somewhat relieved from the pain.Is this enough Abhishek,she asked with concern and fear as it may hurt me more.I assured her I’m okay.She lost the balance and fell on the bed I couldn’t stop laughing at the way she fell down.

She slapped in my arms and asked me to stop laughing.I controlled myself and said,Thank u Fuggi and sorry,I said with a smile.She glared at me and about to sat up.I just pulled her back to the lying position.She was anger at me for laughing at her.I came on top of her.She turned her face away without facing me.I holded her cheeks and turned her to face me.What,she asked with a blank expression.I just gave a small Peck on her lips.

She remained to maintain her fake anger and she looked away.I repeated once again she still showed her attitude and she tried to push me.I hold her hands and I pressed my lips onto her roughly she was shocked initially and she was responding to the kiss passionately.After a long deep kiss we broke the kiss in need of air.She was exhausted by the kiss so I let her to sat up.She relaxed herself.I wrapped my arms her waist and moved her close to me.Fuggi..U r so weak..How u ll keep up with me,I teased her.She glared at me..Oh well..I ll b all ready at the time of our wedding.I nodded at her statement with a smile.She smiled at me and for my surprise she pecked on my cheek and smiled at me.

I pulled her close to me and held her face in a hand.She blushed in a most beautiful way.I started to kiss her on lips very softly by tasting her juicy lips she was so sweet and she too responded in a same manner.I playfully bitted her lower lip she parted her lips as I entered my tounge into her.As the kiss grown passionate we both laid on the bed without breaking the soft passionate kiss.We slowly break the kiss and their lips were so wet.I licked her lips with my tounge tip.She pulled me to the another kiss we both remained in the kiss while her hands were roaming around my back.

I broke the kiss and started to kiss her from her forehead.My hands were busy in her br*asts.I kissed her eyes the cheeks I sucked her nape she let a moan.I kissed her br*asts which I had the First rights to touch it.She clutched my arms Abhishek…Ufff…she moaned.My hands founded her zipper on her back I slowly removed her dori she helped me in unzip her top and left her with bra and her pant.

My hands move over the dori knot over the pant and removed it and threw away her pant leaving her in her panty.Abhishek…No… please I think we are crossing the limits,She said and sat up.Come on Fuggi..We are not making babies here,I said the fact.I crushed my lips onto her and we laid back on the bed.I removed my tightening jeans and throwed it away.I unhooked her bra and started to suck her nipples and she pulled my hair over pleasure.I placed a soft kiss on her nipples So fuggi,Im the first to taste ur br*ast’s wetness so after me it’s our baby,I said.She smiled and pulled my cheeks.

I removed her panty and inserted my finger into her feminity she just shouted aloud in pain and started to cry.. Abhishek u r on baby’s not fair..It’s paining,she cried.Relax Fuggi..I just inserted my finger see and showed it to her.But its paining,she said with a pout.Uffo…Fuggi I’m sorry,I kissed her South and laid besides her.Abhishek it’s really paining,she complained.I couldn’t hear the word I feel so guilty for making her to feel the pain..I keep on kissing her lips and cheek to sooth her.She was cooled and we both laid there naked by covering ourselves by warm devut.

She was saying abt our future with me.It was lovely to hear it from her mouth.She was even telling abt how to brought up our kids.As in the talk she slowly dozed off.I burried my face over her cleavage and dozed off by hugging eachother.Next morning,She woke up before me.She waked me up.Kya hua fuggi,Soney do na,i said lazily.Oh.. Abhishek Whr did u throwed my panty,she asked by searching it over my room by wearing my shirt.I slowly waked up and hugged her from back lazily and kissed on her nape with a lazy good morning.She turned towards me and gave a soft kiss on my lips and turned to search her stuffs after an hour of bathing together we finally dressed up I dropped her in her place.

After a month,Oh Abhishek u know I still didn’t get my periods it’s all coz of u,she scolded me.Oye fuggi..I didn’t do anything,I defended.No u lied me,She said.So it means u r pregnant with my child ryt Oh god I’m so happy,I teased her.She beated me with a pillow.I held her hands and pushed into a deep kiss the kiss had grown passionate soon we both were naked and I inserted my finger to her south as I removed my fingers I could feel the dark color sticky fluid for a moment I feel I was dead.Fuggi..I hurted u in a bad way,I almost cried.She glanced my fingers and stood up and wored her panties and said relax Abhishek I just got my cycles,She assured me.I suddenly hugged her.Im scared to the death fuggi,I cried.She consoled me as it is not my fault.I felt the divinity of the women at the time.They are giving us the happiness emotionally and physically by bearing all the pains emotionally and physically..I’m really feeling proud of my fuggi.
4 years later..

Fuggi..fuggi.., please bring my towel,I shouted from my bath place.yeah…I’m coming replied my wife Pragya Abhishek Mehra..yes we are just married.Here ur towel can’t u take it before,She scolded me as I pulled her inside.Oh..seems to be Mr.Rockstar is in good mood,she teased me.Actually I’m always in good mood for us,I replied with a naughty grin.She started to play on my chest with her fingers.I Just admired her beauty my cute lovely fuggi had turned to a beautiful woman now she is the epitome of beauty.We had bathed together many times even before our wedding but now it feels different feeling her in my arms the authority over her was perfect.She was writing her name on my chest with her finger and her face was glistening with a cute smile.
I admired her by holding her close to me by clutching her waist.Oye,Stop scribbling in my hot body,I teased her.Im not scribbling don’t u know what I’m writing,she glared me.Immediately I pressed my lips on her forehead.I know u r writing the name of a person to whom I belong to.She smiled at me cutely and she stood in her toe and kissed my cheeks.Pragya….Pragya…We heard a voice calling her.It was my Abhishek leave me I have to go she loosened my grip and ran away.I smiled at her.Our life was beautiful.

The end.


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