Love lasts forever (Episode 8)

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Precap: the vodka time.
The episode begins with abhi and pragya sleeping . pragya wakes up.
Pragya: I love you abhi and she was about to kiss his forehead. Somebody knocked the door.
Abhi: arey I have no privacy to romance my wife.
Pragya: you are not sleeping ah .cheaterkok.
Abhi: y r u getting angry on me. It’s my right sweet heart
Pragya: early morning romance ah
Abhi: beauty not admired is a sin.( kuch kuch hota hai plays).
Nee partha vizhigal plays.
Pragya gets up and goes to the door.
Akash stands in tension.
Pragya: y r u tensed.
Akash: di vo payal’s mom has decided to arrange for payal’ S marriage.
Pragya: you don’t be tensed we will go and talk to payal’s mom. Abhi get up we are leaving to payal’s home.

At Kushi’s home
Kushi is sleeping. Slowly she wakes up.
Kushi: gud morning di
Arnav: gud morning kushi.
Kushi is shocked.
Kushi: arnav what the hell are you doing here.
Arnav: I came to drop you.
Kushi : then y didn’t leave to ur home
Arnav: kushi you don’t remember anything ah
Kushi: what arnav.
Arnav starts laughing.immediately kushi closes his mouth.
Kushi: please don’t do this arnav.if mom knows about this she is gonna kill me.
Arnav: kushi cockroach
Kushi jumps and hugs arnav.
Rabba ve plays. Vizhudena tholaidena niraiyamal vazhidena iladha pookalai kilamal kolkiren solamal UN idum thanthu vitu pogiren plays.
Someone clicks this as a photo in a mobile phone.
Arnav: kushi please leave me na in a teasing voice.
Kushi: vo I’m sorry . now leave I will meet u in clg.
Arnav: no sorry no thanks between us kushi.he smiles and he leaves.
Kushi: he is really an idiot.

At ishita’ S house ,raman and ishita are sleeping. Ishita’s mum was shocked to see them together. She was happy. Its because ishita had insomnia.people with insomnia will not sleep at night.
Ishita wakes up and she is really happy.
Ishita : raman wake up
Raman: I’m really tired ishita.
Ishita: come on raman wake up.
Raman: ha baba tell me.
Ishita : raman I love u
Raman smiles and he says I also love you my sweety.
Ishita I want to dance.
Raman: you are stupid ishita.
Ishita grabs raman’s hand and starts dancing.
UN parvai podhum vanam mele nilavu thevai ilayai. Plays
Yhm bgm plays.
Abhi pragya and akash raeach payal’ S home.
Abhi knocks at the door.
Kushi opens the door and she is shocked to see them.
Abhi: move kushi.
Abhi,pragya and akash enter into the house.
Abhi and garima have a talk. Kushi couldn’t believe her eyes. Garima said OK for the marriage.
Akash and payal were really happy.( sanam re plays).
Neeyum naanum sernthey sellum nerame plays.

Garima said as payal is working now.will it be an issue for u.
Pragya: not at all aunty.I’m there to take care of here .you need not worry.
Garima smiles. They decide to have the engagement the next week. Akash and payal were smiling.
Kushi got ready and she went to college. She was really happy as her di is going to get married with her kushi goes everyone is laughing at her. Kushi felt embarrassing and she went to her class. Kushi’s friend came and showed her the photo. Kushi was shocked to see it. The photo had kushi hugging arnav. Kushi got really angry.
Kushi went to arnav.
Kushi: arnav did you see that photo
Arnav : what’s the big deal in it.
Kushi gets angry and she slaps arnav hard.
Arnav is shocked. Kushi leaves from there crying. Agar tum sath ho plays.
Kanave kanave plays.

Precap:: payal- akash marriage preparation.

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