Love lasts forever (Episode 7)

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Precap:: kushi drinks vodka.

The episode begins with arnav carrying kushi in his arms.
Kushi: arnav
Arnav: kushi you woke. Thank God.
Kushi: I want to sing arnav.
Arnav: what the?
Kushi starts singing.
Kushi: tum le ho Abu tum le ho
Zindagi ab tum le ho
( yaaro yen nenjai theriyathu oru viralale)
Arnav: superb kushi . now will you walk.
Kushi : ya sure. Now she starts whistling the song shaam shandar.
Suddenly it started to rain.
Arnav: not any more. I really expected a great time. I feel this is the most adventurous day in my life.
Arnav turned to see kushi but she was not there.arnav searched everywhere and he was completely drenched.
Arnav hears some voice from behind.
Kushi is smiling at arnav.
Arnav is at the peak of his anger.he comes near kushi .
Kushi: arnav see who is with me.
Ishita: hi arnav !! Watsup
Arnav : ishita you. Why are you here ? Where is raman?
Raman: I’m here arnav.
Arnav: what happened ? Ishita and you started early na
Raman: ya. On the way she saw kushi standing .she asked me to stop the car and offer kushi a lift but when I stopped the car ishita got down and started running.
Arnav:: I understand raman.

Meanwhile at abhi’ S mansion.
Pragya enter S the room and is shocked to find abhi lying unconscious on the ground.
Pragya: abhi please get up !! Please I love you abhi.don’t leave me alone abhi
Abhi hugs pragya and gives her a lip to lip kiss. Saynthu saynthu nee parkum pothu plays. ( jeene lagaan ho plays)
Pragya : breaks the hug and she gets up and says chi . you are shameless abhi.
Abhi: yes I’m pragya and hugs her.
Pragya shyly moves away. The wind blows as the windows are kept open.abhi loosens pragyas hair. Slowly pragya and abhi comes close to each other.pragya closes her eyes. Abhi says we are going to become one soul. Nagira nagira from saathiya plays.( kadhal sadugudu kangal thodu thodu plays) and then. Guys it is bad to get into others personal space so let them enjoy. 🙂

At the same time
Payal: I don’t know what kushi is doing.
Akash: don’t worry arnav will take care of her.
They join their hands together and smile.
Manwa laage plays.
( nee partha vizhigal plays) akash starts imagining of dancing with payal for the song gerua.
Raman and arnav are stunned by seeing the behavior of kushi and ishita.
Sun saathiya plays. Ishita and kushi are dancing. Arnav and raman admire it.
Raman says we have to stop it arnav.
Arnav: but how?
Raman : wait and watch.
Raman walks towards ishita and grabs her hand.( naan nee Nam vaalave uravey plays)
Raman slaps her. Ishita faints raman carries her to the car and leaves. ( yhm music plays)
Arnav goes to kushi and snatches her shawl and ties it around her mouth. And ties her hands.
Kushi tries to remove it but arnav takes her to the car and starts the car. Arnav reached kushi’s home. He slowly creeped into kushi’s bedroom and he made her to sleep on the bed. Arnav smiles seeing kushi.( rabba ve plays). Arnav asks payal to change Kushi’s dress.
Arnav leaves.

Raman takes ishita to her home. Ishita kisses raman and thanks him and she slept again. Raman smiled.

Precap::::: kushi says pls arnav don’t do it.
Raman and ishita have a couple dance for the song ( UN parvai podhum vanam mele nilavu thevai ilay)
Payal- akash engagement hope you guys like it.

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  8. Abhigya scenes starts from episode5 only?

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