Love lasts forever (Episode 6)

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Precap: akash – payal love proposal

The episode begins with arnav and kushi participating in the competition. Arshi did everything in style and of course they bagged the best couple award. They were really happy. Suddenly kushi kissed arnav in excitement. Regaining her senses,kushi moved back and she ran away.arnav kept his hand on the cheek and he smiled.

On the other hand, abhi kept on flirting with pragya. Pragya laughed and said stop it abhi and don’t behave like a child. Abhi replies when I have a baby , I will not behave like a child. Pragya was shocked. Abhi pulled her and wrapped her in his arms and said in her ears I’m ready darling. Pragya breaks the hug and she says stop day dreaming abhi. Abhi smiles and pragya leaves. Pragya stands in the balcony and blushes. Abhi sees and thinks soon we are going to be one soul.

Akash and payal are chatting in phone. They chat for a long time. Akash asks her to meet him at the café tomorrow. Payal says that’s not possible. Maa will not allow. You don’t worry about that. Payal says I am afraid. Akash smiles and says let’s meet tomorrow, bye dear. Payal blushes and says k. It’s ur plan so make arrangements . akash in a teasing tone yes boss. They again go back to their usual chat.

As arnav and kushi won the event, arnav decided to party .kushi said but others. Suddenly payal ,akash,abhi ,pragya came and said surprise. Kushi stood speechless. Payal said arnav asked us not to disclose to u. They all reach a restaurant. Suddenly kushi gets hiccups .kushi goes and takes a glass from the waiter. At the same time another woman also holded the glass. She also had hiccups. Kushi said let’s have it together. The woman introduced herself as ishita( yeh hai mohabatein) .without their knowledge, ishita and kushi had vodka. They started feeling dizzy and the effect of vodka began. Arnav came in search of kushi and was shocked to know that kushi had a drink. He hold her by her arms and asked her but ishita came and said hi. Arnav was puzzled.At the same time a man got hold of ishita and said come on ishita please stop this. Arnav explains him that ishita and kushi had vodka by mistake. The man introduces himself as Raman (yeh hai mohabatein). Arnav and raman ordered a lemon juice to reduce the alcohol effect. Suddenly kushi stood up on the table. She started confessing about her feelings for arnav. Arnav felt happy but he has to stop her. Ishita started dancing and raman slowly made her understand . raman thanked arnav for his help. Ishita asked raman to carry her. Raman carries ishita to the car. Ishita sleeps in raman’s arms. Raman smiles and carres her hair.

Arnav asks kushi to get down. Suddenly kushi slips and arnav catches her. Payal is shocked to see kushi. Kushi faints and arnav carries her in his arms.

Precap:::: arnav creeps into kushi’s bedroom.ishita kisses raman.abhi hugs pragya and akash and payal dance on the song sanam re.

Hope you guys like it. This is the entry of raman and ishita from yeh hai mohabatein in love lasts forever. Wait and watch guys how love blossoms in their lives.

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