Love lasts forever (Episode 5)

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Precap::: arnav and kushi enter the second round.

The episode begins with arshi enjoying their success. Abhi says let’s have a treat. So pragya ,abhi ,kushi ,payal,arnav and akash leave to a hotel. Abhi is driving a bike and pragya accompanies him. Arnav and kushi offer lift to akash and payal and they all leave. On the way abhi kept on applying breaks. Pragya started to hug him tightly. Abhi smiled and said I’m really thankful to speed breakers. Pragya asks y. Abhi replies somebody is huging me with full of love. Pragya blushes and abhi notices it in his rear view mirror. Abhi winks at pragya and kisses the mirror. Arshi starts taunting abhi. Abhi gets irked and says arey baba you guys don’t have any work ah . they smile and pragya asks abhi not to argue.

At the hotel akash called everyone and said guys I have to tell u something. As everyone started listening. Akash started to share his feelings on payal. Suddenly he took a ring and proposed her. Payal was shocked . she stood up . akash thought payal is going to reject his proposal. So he stood up with his head down. To everyone’s surprise ,payal hugged akash and said I too love you. Akash put the ring on her hand said pragya. They changed rings and everyone clapped. Abhi said I hope someone needs privacy . so arshi and abhigya leaves to another table. Kushi told that I feel like having chat di. Pragya asks arnav to take care. Arnav and kushi leave.

While walking, arnav explains kushi about the competition and it’s stages. Kushi says we have to win it arnav at any cost.sure kushi we will. Arnav asks her what’s the big deal in it. She says I have promised some people. Arnav says kushi who r they. We will go and meet them tomorrow. Arnav says kushi what will you give me if we win. Kushi says anything you ask for. Arnav really then let’s see who wins this challenge. Arnav drops kushi and she leaves.

The next day morning arnav finds kushi ‘ S message. He reads it and gets ready immediately. Pragya notices all this and asks arnav to have break fast . he says no di and leaves. Arnav reaches that place. He senses that someone is standing behind him. He turns and is shocked to find kids surrounding him. Kushi introduces arnav to the kids. Kushi says I’m a volunteer in this NGO.arnav eyes becomes teary. Kushi says hey stop your senti drama. Kushi starts dancing with arnav and arnav smiles. Arnav says to himself she is something special. Suddenly it starts to rain. Arshi eyelock. Rabba ve plays .

Precap:: kushi drinks a glass of vodka.

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