Love lasts forever (Episode 2)

Hi guys.!! Happy valentines day guys!! Let love bring happiness to all.

The episode begins with arnav thinking how to talk with kushi.the class gets over . kushi goes out of the class. Arnav stares at kushi. Suddenly he rans to kushi . before he could stop himself he pushed kushi and fell on her. Rabba ve starts to play .arshi have an eyelock. Kushi and arnav got up and they smiled as it was embarrassing. Arnav asked sorry to kushi
Kushi said no mention. Kushi gave a hand and asked friendzzz. Arnav was very happy but he didn’t show it. Ya kushi and they had a hand shake. At that time akash called arnav . arnav turned back and he was shocked to see akash. Kushi said di. Payal was also there with akash. They introduce themselves . kushi and payal left by clg bus. Akash and arnav left in their car.
At arnav’s home, arnav was thinking about kushi. Pragya and abhi(arnav’s cousin and his wife) they visit arnav. Pragya notices the unusual behavior of arnav. As arnav and akash are close to abhi and pragya. They share about their experiences in college. Arnav asks pragya whether she will leave them again and go. Pragya says arey mera bache from now on I will not go anywhere. Pragya prepares dinner and they happily enjoy it.

Precap::: kushi dances in rain. Arnav enjoys it

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  1. Ammu ammu ammu….. So wonderfull yar plz continue on….. My fouvrite couple arnav and kushi, abhi and pragya… so interesting when i read your ff.

    1. Thanks aarush and swara for the support. Please continue reading my ff

  2. very nice

  3. Guys I’m not getting enough comments. Do you like this ff if yes please do comment. I have written two episodes as it is valentines day. Hope you guys like it.

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