Love lasts forever (Episode 14)

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The phone rings.

Abhi:hi arnav

Arnav: Bhai I saw kushi

Abhi: arnav vo

Suddenly Raman and ishita fight for the phone and the loudspeaker gets on

Abhi:Arey mera bacha… Please tell me

All the three in chorus:: we saw kushi.she is in Chennai.

Abhi gets tears in his eyes.pragya grabs the phone.

Arnav: I saw kushi . I’m really happy Bhai

Pragya could not control her happiness.

Pragya: I’m really happy arnav.

Arnav: di can I stay in Chennai.

Pragya: sure dear

Arnav: I’m planning to start a branch of my company here.

Pragya: that’s awesome.

Raman: Arey u came for my marriage.

Aranv: ya ya only after your marriage

Pragya cuts the call and she gives a bone crushing hug to abhi

Abhi: hmmm…

Pragya: what

Abhi: I wish u listen a lot of good news everyday.

Pragya: y

Abhi: pragya look here na

Pragya slowly removed her hands. But abhi grabbed her hand

Pragya: vo …I have work at the kitchen.

Abhi: Arey Iisten!!!

Pragya looks at him.

Abhi: I love you mere jaan.

Sanam re sanam re plays.

Nee partha vizhigalil plays.

Pragya blushes and she leaves.

Abhi smiles.

At the hotel,

Arnav,Raman and ishita start enjoying their happiness.

They start dancing on the corridor. The other guests gets disturbed.

There is lot of complaints.

Kushi: I will go and handle it.

Kushi knocks on the room door as the door was open.

Kushi slowly enters the room

There is no one inside.

Suddenly arnav lifts her from behind and starts to swirl.

Kushi goes down the memory lane.

Fb starts

Kushi ,ishu,Raman and arnav are happily talking as tomorrow is payal’s wedding.

Abhi: what’s up

Pragya: abhi we have to leave

Abhi: what

Pragya: I have to take some things from home.

Abhi: haan OK OK and abhi smirks at pragya

Pragya: rock star …

Abhi : let’s leave

Everyone teases them .abhi and pragya leave. Raman and ishita also join them

Arshi is alone at the terrace.

Arnav: kushi

Kushi: tell me arnav.

Arnav holds her hand and he says I wish to marry u

Kushi: sure

Arnav and kushi hug each other.

Rabba ve plays.

Nee partha parvaikoru nandri plays.

Fb ends.

Regaining her senses kushi opens her eyes.

Aranv was not there

Kushi was about to leave.

Aranv: I need a favor ma’am

Kushi: s sir,at your service

Arnav: can u forgive me??

Kushi leaves.

Arnav: u are mine.

At the same time Raman and ishita were talking

Ishita: Raman we have to go for shopping

Raman: OK

Ishita: for three days

Raman:three days ah

Ishita: ya

Raman: no way

Ishita: OK and she keeps her face sad.

Raman: ishu we are going OK VA and he kisses on her forehead.

Sajna ve plays.

Neethane en than ponvasantham. Plays.

Precap: arnav -kushi separation secret

I hope u guys like this episode. I know it’s short. Please comment below.

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