Love lasts forever (Episode 13)


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Arshi,abhi,Tisha,reji,aditi your ff’s are awesome. Tamizh and nisha your ff’s are great.

The episode begins with kushi thinking about arnav.

Fb begins

Payal’s engagement gets over.

Arnav: so

Kushi: so…

Arnav: I

Kushi: you??

Payal: kushi come here na

Kushi: haan di

Arnav: wrong timing yaar

Kushi: wait I will be back soon

Arnav: smiles

Kushi is laughing as she is walking.

She didn’t notice the oil on the floor.

Kushi slips but arnav catches her .

Rabba ve plays.

Kanavellam neethane en uyire plays.

Raman and ishita laugh.

Regaining their senses ,they stood up but ishita pushed arnav.

Arnav fell on kushi .they shared a lip kiss.

Kushi was shocked.

Raman: please turn this side my dear.

Arnav: stop it Raman.

Ishita and Raman share an hi-fi.

Kushi: arnav ji get up

Arnav: ya

Arnav and kushi struggle and they finally got up.

Ishita: superb romantic scene yaar.

Kushi: ishu

Ishita starts running and kushi chases her.

Arnav and Raman smile.

Fb ends.

Kushi is crying .

Kushi: y did u do this arnav?? I thought u r my life. But u…..

Kushi’s phone rings.

Kushi: yes ! Don’t worry .tomorrow morning I will be there at the hotel when they check

in. Good night!!!

Kushi again starts to stare at the stars.

(Actually guys kushi is the manager at a Five star hotel.)

Kushi sleeps.

At the same time, arnav ,Raman and ishita arrive at the airport to reach Chennai.

Raman: ishu I hope arnav becomes normal after this.

Ishita: s Raman.

Raman hugs ishita.

Ishq wala love plays.

Ishita: stop it

Raman: I’m your fiancée

Ishita: not husband na

Raman grabs ishita ‘s hand and twists it.

Ishita: Arey leave it yaar.

Raman: what??

Ishita: mera pathi please leave my hand.

Raman: kk.

Ishita smirks at Raman.

Oh re piya plays.

Neeyum naanum sernthey sellum nerame plays.

They board the flight. The flight takes off.

Arnav: love u kushi.

Tears come from his eyes.

The next day morning,

Kushi dresses herself in a green chudi

Children: di have a great day

Kushi: oh mera bacha have a great day and she smiles.

Kushi goes to the hotel

Arnav,Raman and ishita reach Chennai.

Raman: I hope we have the cab to pick us

Raman phones to the hotel

Ishita : arnav will we reach.

Arnav: I doubt

Raman: Arey here is the cab

Cab driver: welcome to Chennai

They reach the hotel.

At the reception,

Raman: I have booked a suite in the name ishita

Receptionist: here is the key.

Raman: I need certain information about the prior booking for marriage.

Receptionist: sir u can ask our manager about it. There she is.

Raman,ishita and arnav are shocked to see kushi.

Arnav runs and hugs kushi

Sajna ve plays.

Anbe anbe plays.

Arnav: I love you kushi.

Kushi: excuse me sir

Arnav is shocked.

Kushi moves and she leaves.

Ishita: we found kushi

Arnav: she is behaving weirdly.

Ishita and Raman smirk at arnav.

Arnav: kushi stop

Kushi: what can I do for u?

Arnav: I’m sorry

Kushi : sorry sir I don’t know who you are.

Arnav feels bad.

Raman: Arey don’t feel bad.

Arnav: you are mine.

At mehra mansion,

Abhi: arnav reached Chennai ah.

Pragya: I hope

Abhi: everything will be fine chasmish


Abhi: ya

Pragya: k rock star

Abhi : I’m a rock star

Pragya: ya boring rock star.

Pragya runs ,abhi tries to catch her.

Abhi catches her but they slip and fall on the bed.

They share an eyelock.

Sanam re sanam re plays.

Iravaga nee plays.

Suddenly the phone rings.

Precap: arnav’s plan

Hope u guys like this episode

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Credit to: ammu

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