Love lasts forever (Episode 12)


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After three months,

Arnav gets ready for work. He leaves .he stops in a temple.

Arnav removes his shoes and he goes inside the temple .

Arnav to himself: please God!! Make things normal !!

Arnav leaves. Hamari adhuri kahani plays.

Oru kal oru kannadi udayamal modikondral kaadhal plays.

At mehra mansion,

Akash: I’m leaving for office.

Payal: ya sure

Akash: arey Mrs .akash for how many days will u be like this?? I know it’s hard to digest. Believe me

Every thing will be OK.

Payal hugs akash.

Payal: I’m missing kushi.

Akash: don’t worry payal. Akash has tears in his eyes. Learn to accept reality.

Janam janam plays.

Pesugiren pesugiren UN idhayam pesugiren plays.

Abhi: y this house is like this??

Pragya: what should I do???

Pragya leaves from the room but abhi holds her hand.

Abhi: I know you are not leaving bcoz u r angry. Pls don’t cry pragya.

Pragya: abhi vo

Abhi hugs pragya

Sanam re sanam re plays.

Kadhale kadhale plays.
Abhi: I don’t know y we are facing these situations.

Pragya: I am missing kushi.

Abhi: even me

Pragya: I thought we all can stay together but kushi and she starts crying heavily.

Abhi makes her sit on the bed.

Abhi: meri jaan. You cannot change the past by crying .

Pragya: I know that abhi but did you see arnav.

He is behaving in a weird manner.

Abhi: I will talk to him.

At arnav’s office,

Arnav to himself: within three months,my life has changed. But I’m still lagging. I cannot move

Forward .arnav sees Kushi’s photo and he cries.

Hamari adhuri kahani plays.

Neethane enthan ponvasantham plays.

Raman : hi arnav!!

Arnav: ishita and raman you guys are here.

Ishita: y we should not come ah

Arnav: no formalities between us ,ishu.

Raman: I know Mr.arnav owner of AR companies that you are busy always. But spend some time

With your friends also.

Arnav: I’m sorry I cannot make it to ur engagement.

Ishita:: hmm

Raman: arey leave it ishu. Arnav stop looking the photo and he grabs kushi’s photo.

Arnav: please raman

Ishita: understand raman.

Raman: you do something. He places the photo and he leaves.

Arnav. Gets worried.

Ishita: I will take care.

Raman leaves but ishita stops him

Ishita : y r u hurting arnav,raman.

Raman: ishu pls don’t support him.

Ishita: arnav loves kushi .

Raman: I accept. The truth is that we have no information about the whereabouts of kushi.

Ishita: we can find her.

Raman: it has been three months. After payal engagement things got really complicated.

But still we did not trace kushi.

Ishita: raman we should make arnav happy.

Raman tells something to ishu.

Ishu: u r the best my dear.

Jeene lagaan ho plays.

Kadhal kankatudhe plays.

Raman: come let’s go.

Arnav comes out and calls raman.

Raman: tell me,arnav

Arnav: where r u?

Raman: at the car parking.

Arnav comes there and hugs raman.

Raman: arey arnav come on man. I have to tell you something.

Arnav: what

Ishita: our wedding is taking place in Chennai.

Arnav: y

Raman: we met each other for the first time in Chennai only.

Arnav smiles.

Raman: we are leaving tomorrow yaar.

Arnav: but

Raman: you are coming ,it’s an order .

Arnav: k

Ishita: so we are going to Chennai.

Raman and arnav smiles.

At Chennai in an NGO,

A lady is singing . tum hi ho

Everyone claps for her.

It’s a NGO for children.

The children are playing with the lady.the children shout

Kushi di wait.

Kushi turns and smiles and she leaves.

Kushi goes to a temple .

Kushi to herself : everyone should be happy.

Kushi goes for shopping and she returns to the NGO.

The children ask kushi to sing nagira.

Kushi sings nagira.

Her moments with arnav flashes in her mind. Her eyes gets filled with tears.

Kushi wiped her tears and started preparing food for them.

Kushi is in charge of five kids.

For the past three months the children became kushi’s family.

Kushi served dinner.

The children are happily.

Kushi showed the sky to the children.
Kushi: life is like a star everyday it shines but it depends on how u see it.

The children gives a confused look to kushi.

Kushi: arey mere bacha let’s sleep.

At mehra mansion,

Arnav was looking at the stars.

Arnav: where r u kushi?? I m really missing u . please come back to me.

Hamari adhuri kahani plays.

Oh penne penne plays.

Arnav cries.

Precap::no precap.

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