Love lasts forever (Episode 11)

Hi guys !! Sorry for the late update. I was thinking whether to continue my ff or not. There are no comments. I would like to wish all the students facing board exams best of luck. I don’t know y I didn’t feel like writing this ff.but now I’m writing this ff as my friends told me. From now on,the story goes on.

The episode begins with kushi stunned seeing arnav’s message.
Payal: arey wat are you doing
Kushi: deletes the message.vo di just checking some messages .
Payal: go get ready kushi.

At mehara mansion,
Pragya gets ready in a beautiful red saree.
Abhi:: arey pragya come out I have to get ready.
Pragay:: just a sec
Abhi: I’m hearing the same for the past one hour.
Pragya: what the.
Abhi leans on the door and pragya opens the door.abhi falls on pragya.

Sanam re sanam re plays.

Malai mangum neram plays.

Pragya: arey what’s this.

Abhi: wait a second.

Pragya: first get up.

On abhi’s cheek there is pragya’s lipstick mark.

Abhi: move.

Pragya smirks and she leaves.

Abhi takes the required things and he leaves.

Pragya: abhi come down.

Arnav: di

Pragya: arnav you have worn this.

Arnav is dressed in dhoti and shirt.

Akash: vo di. Arnav is leaving for a tamilian marriage, after my engagement.

Pragya: that’s really great.I’m leaving.

Akash and pragya leaves.

Arnav: abhi

Abhi: I’m here .y r u shouting??

Arnav: shall we leave.

Abhi: S

Arnav notices the lipstick mark .

Arnav: abhi on your cheek.

Abhi:: don’t waste time .

Abhi and arnav leaves. Arnav tries to tell abhi but he doesn’t listen.

At ishita’s house,

Ishita: raman enough

Raman: what’s ur problem

Ishita:: you please come out we are getting late.

Raman: arey how am I looking.

Ishita: you look like a devil .

Raman pinches ishita.

Khamoshiyan plays.

Theni kathaoda thena theluchale plays.

Ishita: shall we leave.

Raman smiles.

At kushi’s home

Kushi gets ready in a beautiful green saree.

Payal: you look great.

Kushi: thanks.

Kushi gets a message.

Akash: kushi I need a favor. I need to gift payal. I will come after Ten minutes.

Make sure no one is there.

Kushi: sure jiju.

Payal: to whom are texting ah??(in a teasing tone)

Kushi: nothing.

Akash: hi payal

Payal: stop ur nonsense kushi.

Kushi: vo di turn around.

Payal: what

Payal is shocked to see akash standing behind her. Kushi leaves.

Akash: payal

Payal: I’m sorry .I didn’t notice you.

Akash: I love you payal.

Payal : I love u too.

They hug each other.

Sajna ve plays.

Pragya: akash.

Akash: haan di.

Regaining his senses, akash breaks the hug.

Pragya laughs.

Abhi enters the room. Everyone laughs at pragya.

Pragya: don’t you have the habit of seeing the mirror.

Abhi: I’m handsome in all occasions.

Pragya rubes his cheek with a tissue and she leaves.

Abhi smiles and he leaves.

Pragya (to herself) :: still a child.

Kushi goes to the garden. Suddenly someone grabs her hand and drags her.kushi tries to shout. Arnav closes her mouth.

Arnav: kushi I’m waiting.

Kushi frees herself.

Arnav: I’m waiting yaar.

Kushi: what the

Arnav comes closer .kushi leaves.arnav grabs her hand and forces a kiss on Kushi’s lips.
Kushi is stunned.

Manam mastu kare plays. Let’s take a selfie Pula plays.

Arnav leaves her.

Kushi stands speechless.

Arnav: you are mine.

Raman and ishita come there. Arnav invites raman.

Raman: hi arnav.

Arnav: raman welcome yaar.

Ishita: kushi and she shakes kushi.

Kushi: hi ishita.

Arnav: hi ishita.

Kushi’s cheeks turns red and her hands tremble.

Ishita: are u alright

Kushi: nothing come let’s go ishu.

Arnav smiles.

The engagement begins . payal and akash exchange their rings.

The preparation for sangeet starts.

Abhi: engagement is over.

Kushi: I’m leaving abhi bhai.

Pragya: you go and take rest.

Kushi leaves.

Arnav searches pragya.

Pragya: what happened arnav

Arnav: vo kushi

Pragya: suddenly she got fever so

Arnav: fever .

Pragya gets a phone call and leaves.

Arnav smiles. Nijam Adi penne plays.

Kushi: what is happening here.

Precap: three months leap.

Guys wait and watch the twist in the next episode. I’m your friend so share your thoughts.

Credit to: ammu


  1. A

    Who the blo*dy has time to read this shit? Get over it people, thats a t.v serial and not your life. Grow up!

  2. ARSHI

    Hey i’m a grt…….. fan of arshi n was i silent reader till but could’nt control to say dat epi was wowwww coooollll actualy completely awsm…………. Waaiting since few days and yes finally . Don’t quit it it’s a humble request n yes ur a completely awsm writer.

  3. Kristy

    I really loved it ammu. Keep it up. Don’t let the negative comments get to you. I really loved. So do my friends. It is just that many readers are silent readers so they don’t comment. I usually don’t comment but today I had to comment letting you know that you should countinue it no matter what other ppl say.

  4. Monika

    I am a silent reader, but today on behalf of all the silent readers u want you to know that you should countinue you ff. It is really good. If they were leaving bad comments they should leave it with their real names. They are afraid to leave negative comments with their real names so you should not take it into concideration. Keep up the good work.

  5. Swetha

    Wow yaar keep continue nalla story yar enna sonalum neenga unga story ya stop pannadhiga all the best :-*

  6. Khushi

    Nice yaar…I am totally new for ur ff… I did not read this ff.. But today I read it… And feel very happy cause this is an Awesome ff… And this episode was fabulous… Seriously yaar, you r rocking…

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