Love lasts forever (Episode 10)


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Precap: kushi hugs arnav.
The episode begins with kushi hugging arnav. A car passes by. Suddenly another person comes and hugs arnav.
Arnav: what the
Kushi: y arnav u r always shouting
Raman: its because of me.
Kushi: raman (in a surprising tone)
Raman: kushi you don’t remember me.
Arnav starts smiling.

Ishita: hi kushi
Kushi: hi ishita and hugs ishita
Arnav: how do you guys know each other.
Kushi: actually that day we had hiccups and we shared a glass of water.
Arnav and raman Gave a hi-fi and started laughing heavily.
Kushi and ishu got angry and they started leaving.
Arnav: arey raman again she got angry.
Raman: ya ishu is also angry at me.
Raman and arnav run towards ishita and kushi.
They keep on walking and it rains.
Arnav: kushi
Kushi smirks at arnav
Arnav: vo I will also come with me.
Raman smiles.
Ishu: hmm
Raman : arey ishu pls.
Konjam ularikotava

Konjam nenjai thiranthukatava
Konjam vayai muduva plays.
Sun saathiya plays.
Ishita and kushi Smile.
Arnav: kushi you smiled.
Kushi : haan
Arnav: see there
Raman and ishita were hugging each other.
Kushi coughs.
Raman and ishita break their hug.
Kushi: ishita tomorrow is my di’s mehandi u should come
Ishita: arey sure PA
Ishita and raman leave.
Arnav: kushi I want to ask you something
Kushi: tell me
Arnav: whatever I ask you should give me
Kushi: ya

Arnav goes and tells something in kushi’s ears.
Kushi gets shocked and runs away.
Arnav: I’m waiting yaar.
The next day the arrangements are being made for payal’ S mehandi.
Payal: I’m really excited.
At the time her phone rings.
It was akash.
Akash: arey baby what r u doing
Payal: getting ready
Akash: u forgot something
Payal: arey what
Akash: think and he cuts the phone.
Kushi is still sleeping.
Payal: arey kushi wake up.
Kushi: arnav please I want to sleep dear.
Payal: wake up
Kushi: what di
Payal: come on get up

Kushi: k di
Kushi sees her mobile phone. A message from arnav .
Kushi opened it.the msg was I’m waiting.
Kushi got shocked.
Arnav in his room thinks wait and watch Ms.kushi
Precap: arnav kisses kushi.

Hope u guys like this episode. I’m your friend so share your opinions.

Credit to: ammu

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