Love lasts forever (Episode 1)

Hi guys !! Thank for your support. Please do comment below. The episode begins with kushi and payal packing their stuffs. Kushi and payal are moving to Mumbai as their father has planned to shift their shop to Mumbai. Kushi and her family leave to Mumbai by train. At Mumbai, dadi calls anjali(arnav’s sister) . anjali prepares food for arnav and akash(arnav’s elder brother). Arnav and akash have their dinner. Suddenly they start talking about their college. Akash tells arnav that there is a new admission in his class. Arnav says even in my class there is a new admission bhai. Anjali asks them to dine and go and sleep.

Akash told arnav that he has a feeling that the new student will bring a new twist to his life. Arnav smiles and they smile. The next day morning kushi and payal reach Mumbai. They get ready in beautiful anarkali. They get blessings from their parents. Kushi and payal go to their college. Arnav and akash get ready and they leave to college. They go by car. Arnav and akash were chatting and akash was driving the car. Suddenly a girl came in front of the car. Akash stopped the car with a sudden brake. Arnav gets down. A white shawl comes and falls on arnav’s face. Arnav removes the shawl. A beautiful young woman was standing. Arnav handed over the shawl. Arnav shouted at kushi very badly. Kushi was stunned but she did not react. Suddenly she bent down and a small doll was there . kushi picked up the doll and gave it to the crying child . the child thanked kushi and kushi gave a smile. Arnav watched everything and he felt embarrassed. Arnav thought of apologizing but kushi left . arnav felt bad . he got into the car and he left.

Arnav and akash left to college. Arnav is in first year and akash is in second year. Arnav and akash go to their respective classes. At akash’s class suddenly a girl entered . akash was flattered seeing her beauty. The professor introduced her as payal to class. Payal came and sat near akash . they introduced themselves. At the same time kushi enters arnav’s class, arnav is shocked. Kushi introduces herself to the class. Professor asks her to sit near arnav. She silently goes and sits near her. Rabba ve plays in arnav’s mind. Arnav tries to speak to kushi but he forbids himself from doing so.

Precap:: arnav kushi eyelock.?

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  1. Mind blowing episode

  2. Keep it up.I hope It’ll be a nice ff

  3. Ohooo he is always angry young man

  4. very nice

  5. Awesome yar just carry on

  6. Really mesmerising.. Loved it 🙂

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