love that last for eternity (chapter 1)


hii this is deeva again to bore u all but i can’t resist my self writing in such a beautiful weather …i like rain allot . but this time i have written something better …..hope so that u all will like it .

A girl of nearly 21 is shown standing at the balcony cum window of her room watching and feeling the rain drops on her face .she was standing by extanding her hands feeling the rain , as her face is shown she had brown hazzel eyes , eyes that can drive anybody crazy and her beautiful features is like an angel has herself came on the earth with so much positive energy and with incredible beauty of her heart as well as face. she is playng with rain drops like a small child is playing without any worries and tensions of the world. an innocent face with innocent heart.
just then her beautiful thought are broken by the voice of man and then a man in his mid 20’s entered the room and hug the girl from behind and girl without turning her face said u came i was waiting for u arjun u came late i am angry with u now u have to get my forgiveness. ok i will get ur forgiveness i know that because u love me so much that u cant remain angry from me for a long time. And if someday u will stop talking or loving me that day would be the last day of my life radhika. said arjun.

radhika turn to face arjun with tears of happiness in her eyes …..but she cant see his face properly there was blur on his face she tried her level best to see his face but cant see it due to blur ……….and a voice that stole her heart was again audible …and voice said “I LOVE U RADHIKA TILL THE ETERNITY …..I LOVE UUUUUUU RADHIKA FOR THIS LIFE AND ALSO OTHER LIFES THAT I WILL EVER HAVE IN EVERY BIRTH I WILL LOVE U JUST THE WAY I USED TO LOVE U TODAY AND FOREVER”
Just then radhika woke up with screame and sadi aaarrrjjuuunnnn………..she woke up and sat on the bed searcging for somebody in the room and then she realise that she was dreaming and her thought again went to arjun ………then enterd a man in his mid 50’s and said what happen beta again the same dream which u were seening from when u became 18 , ur 18 birthday night was the first night when u saw this dream and from that day every night u saw this what this dream is trying to tell u beta.

dont know kaka every night i use to see the same dream as if this dream wants me to complete an incomplete story and this name “arjun” that i always murmur during my dream but i cant see his face every time i try to see his face i woke with a screame and heard the same voice saying i love u radhiks. but kaka u know what i never met a person named arjun in my whole life then how could he love me like mad what is this kaka i am so confused ……kaka u know me from my childhood did mom dad or i had ever met a person with name arjun in my childhood.
no beta i never heard ur mom dad known about any person with name arjun nor did u had anyone known with this name in ur childhood.

U dont worry beta every things will be fine and u r also taking ur medichine for this right …..time will set every thing at its place . now just get up and get ready i will make bf for u just fresh n up and come down stairs …..and here is ur morning tea have ok.
Ok thank u so much kaka …..radhika nodher head in positive and went to washroom. After sometime rads came down stairs and sat for bf, sudenly her eyes cought a site , a site that bring tears to her eyes …there at distance hung a large wall size photo they are her parents…..they are dead when she was 15 and she lives aloane in this big mansion with her servant whom she call as kaka …..but memories of her dead parents still haunt her….

precape: introduction to arjun and his dream…..

so guys here’s the first chapter plz let me know that i should continue or not plz commet if u like it……….

Credit to: deeva

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