Love Kumkum Bhagya (Episode 1)


Hey guys I am Sara zavyar…….. a huge fan of abhigya
The episode from the day when abhi truth about memory loss will come infront of pragya.
The day before the truth reveal pragya met with an accident and she is brought to the hospital by abhi and purab. She is in critical. Her head was bleeding……… she is shifted to the OT.the doctor come out of the room and inform everyone that pragya is out of danger but she suffer from miscarriage and there are very less chance for her to become a mother again.
Everyone was shocked……. even abhi…. he was feeling very guilty and think pragya was pregnant and she did not tell this to anyone. And then thinks that did pragya know about her pregnancy……….. after some hours pragya regain conscious. Dadi go to pragya room.

Dadi:how r u now?
Pragya: I am fyn Dadi but why r u getting sad?
Dadi: pragya u had suffer miscarriage
Pragya was shocked. And thinks was I pregnant?
Dadi give her blessing and leave
Pragya was still in shock
She start crying

When abhi make an entry pragya act to sleep and he thinks that may be she is sleeping…….
Abhi: I am very sorry pragya.I tried to save u from Alia and tannu by doing this drama but because of me u r in this condition.
Pragya gets shocked
She see abhi angrily
Abhi get shocked to know that pragya had come to know about his drama.
Abhi: Nikita?
Pragya:wah abhi wah………. only bcoz of u I am in this situation and still u r doing drama I thought u love me but…….. what a drama
Abhi: pragya please try to listen to me for once. Please
Pragya:kaise karoon app per yaqeen? Main apo k liye pragya se Nikita ban Gaye sirf Roz app ki jhalak daikhnay k liye….acha chalay agar app KO yeh krna Hi tha to muije ek bar bata Hi detay km se km ajj yeh to na hota?
Abhi: pragya please….I want to save u from them thats y I have done this.
Pragya gets unconscious

Abhi:pragya pragya? Doctor
Doctor checks her and make her wear oxygen mask
Abhi:what happened to pragya?
Doctor: she is very depressed and tension is not good for her………. may be it can happen that when she will gain conscious she will forget everything what had happen in this 2 hours
Abhi gets relived and request doctor not to tell her about her miscarriage
Abhi even request Dadi to forget about pragya miscarriage and not to tell her
Pragya get conscious and shouts maaa
Abhi goes to her
ABHI was little confuse that does she remebero our last conversation
Abhi get relived
Guys if there is some mistake so please tell
I don’t know is this correct or not

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  1. Superrrrr…… Waiting for next episode…..

  2. lipsilita kar

    Plz next part post karo

  3. Adhya

    Hey…It’s Superb..hahh .but i’ll confusing..anyways plz continue and clear my confusion plz…

    1. Kya confusion

  4. Prathi

    Hey Sara can I call you so?? Waiting for the next epi eagerly dear keep writing

  5. Superb yaar…

  6. Monesha

    Wow awesome

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