My love for you kkb… episode 5


Hello everyone.. thanks a lot for your support and love.. I knew all are curios to knew further.. so let’s move on..
Pu: sree.. who is that..
Pr; purab.. don’t try to hide anything.. as from your face itself I knew you knew everything..
Pu; di… sree… sree is..
Abhi shouts purab… purab get shocked.. pragya too shocked..
Ab; purab come with me..
Purab leaves..
Pr; I knew you got anger on him.. for trying to tell about sree..
Screen shifted to abhirab..
Ab; purab.. what are you doing there.. what is the need of about sree to her.
Pu; actually it’s not me.. you said about sree.. and now di wanted to knew about her..
Ab; so you are going to tell about sree to your pyaari di right..
Pu; abhi…
Ab; no purab.. no need of telling about sree to her..
Abhi goes…
It’s evening abhigya return to their home together… but they both never talk or look at each other..
They both reach home..
Da; so you obey my order..
Ab; haa… I will always you na Dadi.. da; pragya how is the day.. at office..
Ali; bhabhi will like the job.. as she can stay with Bhai.. always na.. hey na bhabhi…
Pragya look at abhi..
Da; don’t tease her aliya..
Ali; I am not teasing just saying truth na..
Da; I told you both to come early.. as you both can spend some time together.. we are leaving.. dadi and aliya leaves..
Pragya close the door.. and turns see abhi going upstairs..
Pragya goes to kitchen… sees robin in kitchen..
Ro; mam.. what you need..
Pr; don’t call me mam call me di..
Ro; sir.
Pr; sir will not say anything.. I will call you as robu..
Robin smiles.. di what you need?
Pr; coffee.. but I will make it.. pragya make coffee and give to robin..
Ro; for me..
Pr; haa.. to my Bhai… both are having coffee.. abhi comes there and sees this…
Ab; this pragu is very jaalak.. she simply make everyone fall in her trap..
Robin sees abhi..
Ro: sir… what you need…
Ab; coffee…
Pr:robin. I have kept coffin in that mug.. robin takes coffee and fills in cup.. and give to abhi..
Abhi leaves from there.. he kept coffee on table and takes his phone and take a sip from coffee..
Ab; wow.. yummy.. so she knew to make good coffee.. abhi thinks something..
Fb shows..
Abhi is sitting and watching tv.. sree comes there..
Sree; abhi what you need to Drink.
Ab; coffee.. aftersometime she came back with coffee and gives to abhi..
Abhi take a sip from it..
Sree; how is it.. yummy.. so you knew to cook well.. so I will get a good chef as my wife….
Sree to take a sip from coffee and look at abhi..
Abhi smiles..
Sree; abhi is this your yummy coffee. This is the most worst coffee that I ever heard.. I knew you tease me na..
Ab; no sree.. I am telling truth.. because I can taste the love in it which you can’t… sree… I can feel your love in it… so it will be tastier to me..
Sree; love you abhi.. sure I will learn to make good coffee..
Ab; love you too
Fb ends..
Pragya sees abhi still lost in some thoughts. And tears in his eyes… and goes to her room..
Pr; who is this sree… where is she.. but it’s sure he loves her a lot.. every time he get lost in her thoughts. Why they both can’t join.. there will be some stories like me.. na.. which cannot be joined…
She look at sky and sees a star twinkling at her… she said to that star…
arjun where are you.. I really miss you.. it’s been 4 years I am waiting for you… I knew you will back soon.. but.. my maa has no faith that you will come back
She thought that going to waste my life…. but my maa don’t knew that always your memories are with me which make my life lively..
Pragya sees the star again twinkling at her
Fb shows…
Pragya and her arjun are sitting on a bench in a park.. it was a night.. arjun is holding pragyas hand.. and pragya is lying her head on his shoulder..
Pr; arjun.. when you go… I will surely miss you..
Ar; you won’t miss me.. because I will be close to you..
Pr; which means you are not going right..
Ar; no..
Pr; then…
Ar; I wish you… pragu just look at that star standing
Closer to moon.. it is me… and I will always looking you by standing there.. whenever you miss me.. come and talk with it.. your saying will reach at me..
Pr: how…
Ar; you don’t have faith in that right… k you go home let us check…
Pragya goes to home.and rush to balcony…
Pr; I am going to check whether he is telling true or not.. pragya look at star… arjun…. I love you lot.. miss you too.. whenever I am with you I am happy.. but I am alone.. I feel..
Pragyas phone ring it arjun… she attend call..
Ar; hey pragu… you are not alone.. always I am with you..
Pr; what? How is this possible…?
Ar; I told you na.. I can hear everything what you talk to star..
Pr; arjun… don’t play with me.. how can you knew that..
Ar; pragu.. there is no need of phones or messages between us.. as there is an another connection which convey.. Heart to heart connection.. our live connection…
Fb ends..
Pragya smiles.. arjun..
It was at that time pragya sees abhi there..
Pr: abhi…
Ab; sorry… I.. I just came to tell you that dadi has planned a reception party tomorrow evening..
Pr; but abhi you have an important meeting…
Ab; I have cancelled it… as I will do anything for my dadi..
Pr; just like this marriage…
Abhi doesn’t tell anything…
Ab; what about you… you did just for your mother’s sake right..
Pr; haa…
Ab; do you love someone…
Pragya look at abhi…
Pr; haaa…
Ab: then why you both don’t join together… is because of your maa..
Pr; why you and sree don’t join together…
Ab; we are together…
Pr; what do you mean..
Ab; haa.. sree with me..
Pr; where…?
Ab: here. Pointed towards his heart..
Pr; oh you said it literally..
Ab; no… it’s her heart beating for me..
Pr: what??
Ab; yes.. she is live inside me.. my heart is sree.. she is still beating for me.. abhi get teary eyed…

Episode ends..
Sorry I knew it little bit small.. but I will give longer one..

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