My love for you kkb… episode 4


Hello everyone… thanks alot for your love and support.. so let’s move on to story…
Pu; dadi.. why are you standing like this.. come and sit here..
Da; I came here to see you.. come with me we have an urgent work..
Pu; yes dadi.. abhi I will back in minute.. both leaves..
Abhi look at pragya..
Ab; Pragu.. why can’t you say that you are going to work at here..
Pr; I thought there is no need of explaining that things to you..
Ab; now look what happened you are my Secretary.. and I want to bear you all the time.. in office and in house too..

Pr; actually it’s me who need to suffer.. to manage with such an irritating person..
Ab; yes.. because it’s all because of you..
Pr; me??
Ab; if you tell about your place of job then it would have not happen..
Pr; it’s actually because of you abhi. All your company’s are in mehra banner.. why this was not in it.. just love life company… then how could I knew that it’s yours too..

Ab; before coming to job… you must study about that company.. M.D…
Pr; haa.. I studied well.. it’s M.D. is not you.. it’s purab.. I thought I am going to work as his p.a… but everything happens in reverse..
Ab; because of you.. I too trapped.. now I need to bear.. you.. as for my dadi..
Pr; hello… mind your language..if anyone hear what your a talking.. it’s feel like I am the most worst person.. but.. it’s just opposite na.. he is standing in front of my eyes..
Both look each other in anger..
Purab and dadi come back..
Da; pragya.. abhi.. I am leaving.. you both should reach at home early.. I will. Be there.. and would leave only you both came back.. and purab.. you must do the work which I given you..
Pu; k dadi.. fikar math karna..
Dadi leaves..

Pu; di… sorry.. I don’t knew you are abhis wife.. I behave somewhat rude to you.. di.. from today onwards you can consider me as your Bhai..
Pragya smiles…
Pu:di.. will you accept me as your Bhai na..
Pr:haa purab.. they both hugs..
Abhi (in mind) what an emotional drama… if it shown in film.. may be anyone cries.. I must take care of this Pragu.. she is too jalak ladki.. all simply falls in her trap..
Pu; abhi. What was you thinking?
Ab; nothing.. pragu.. you just collect details of my meeting from that receptionalist..
Pragya leaves..
Purab hugs abhi….

Pu; I am really happy for you abhi… di is too nice..
Ab; hey.. bus karo this drama.. you become her side within minutes.
Pu; no abhi.. you just look at di.. you will surely find how good is di… just look at her eyes.. it’s tells how good she is at heart..
Ab; purab.. I think she has hypnotism with her.. as she trapped you with it..
Pur; abhi your jokes na.. and laughs..
Ab; hey idiot.. it’s not my joke.. I said it true..

Pur; abhi.. I think di will change your life…
Ab; purab.. is that you who talk like this.. she is nothing to me.. for me such a character doesn’t exist..
Pu; abhi… I knew you need sometime.. as time will make everything right…
Ab; purab.. you are mistaken.. time can’t change everything.. it can’t take away her memories from me.. you knew each day I love her more.. he place his hands on his heart..
Pu; but abhi.. how much days you live like this..
Ab; till my last breath..
Pu; abhi..
Ab; purab just leave me alone now..
Purab get teary eyed and leaves..
Abhi sits in purabs chair.. rest his head in that chair.. and close his eyes… thinking something..
Fb shows..
A girl is running.. abhi is following her..

Ab; sree.. just stop yaar.. how much you will run like this.. sree..
Sree; abhi.. come.. come.. and catch me if you can..
Abhi pretend to be fall..
Sree rushed towards abhi… and calls.. abhi.. what happened to you.. look at his leg.. and started to cry..
Abhi laughs..
Sree look at him.. she get anger as she came to knew its all his tricks.. and tries to go away.. but abhi holds her hand.. she turns and look at him..
Ab; sree.. I will not leave your hand..and I will not allow you to go away from me.. I need you every time close to me..
Sree smiles..
Ab; sree… promise you You will not leave me alone.. always with me..
He forward his hand.. sree placed her hand on his..
Sree; abhi.. I promise this sreelakshmi.. akka your sree will always be with you…
Both smiles…
Fb ends..
Pragya enters cabin.. sees.. abhi.. and tears are coming from his eyes.. pragya goes near abhi.. she forward her hand and wipes his tears.. ( tu safar mera plays )
Abhi holds her hands.. calling sree.. and opened his eyes.. sees pragya… both share an eyelock.. ( darmiyan plays )
Pragya broke their eye lock..

Pr; sorry.. I came her to tell you about your today’s schedule… but as I see you like this.. I..
Abhi is still admiring.. her.. actually for abhi… he is seeing his sree in pragya..
Pragya feels something in his looks.. she feel distracted by his looks.. she get tensed.
Ab;( smilingly) come towards pragya.. and hold her hands…
Both are looking each other.. as pragya tried to tell something.. abhi place his fingers on lips.. and tells shhh… and come closer to her… he came close to her ears.. and says I love you… sree… (sanam ‘re is playing on background )
Abhi then look at her.. and get shocked. As he is seeing pragya instead of pragu.. he can see her eyes is ready to ask all questions.. abhi just take his hands from her and goes out..

Pragya stands there like a statue..
Pr; ( sree who is she? He loves her… but why they both doesn’t joined.. )
It was at this time purab came and sees pragya lost in somewhere..
Pu; di… what happened to you…
Pr; purab… do you knew abhi well na..
Pu; haa di.. if he get anger on you.. then I will talk with him..
Pr; no..
Pu; then what happened
Pr; purab can you help me..
Pu; of course di..
Pr; then who is sree..
Pu: sree..

Screen get freezes on purabs shocked face..
Episode ends..
Hope you all like this.. drop your views on this new turn of this story..

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    Superrrrr….. Really interesting…… Waiting for next episode……

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    Oh 🙁 I feel so bad for Abhi! Can you break the suspense soon can’t wait to know what happened to Sree! Did she die in a accident or she had a disease or something???! 🙁

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    Superb yaar really it is very emotional ???

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  9. nice dear honey as u rocking it…………..

  10. B_Ani

    arey chechi…. it hought they will be loving each other…but this twist is just awesome. its so different. keep rockinG chechi!!!

  11. Saranya24

    Omg who s tis sree so sad but loved it love u darlu??????

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  13. Prathi

    Poor Abhi! Very Emotional Scene… Hope these idiots fall in love soon.. 😀

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