My love for you kkb… episode 3

Hello everyone… thanks a lot for your support and love.. so move on to story…
Pragya is arranging breakfast…
Da; pragya…
Pr; haa.. Dadi bolo..
Da: nothing.. beta.. I wish to see you both like this..
Ali; so what’s going on here.. good morning bhabhi…
Abhi; good morning aliya…
Ali; good morning bhai.. Bhai are you going to office..
Ab:yes.. why???
Ali; what is this Bhai.. it’s only you both Married yesterday… and going to office today.. you are too unromantic bhai.. look bhabhi is so sad..
Pr; no aliya.. he has an important meeting.. let him leave..
Ali; what is this bhabhi.. you are with bhais side..
Pragya smiles..
She serves food to him..
Da; wow.. my bahu is too good chef..
Ali; ya.. bhabhi.. do you knew this is my bhais favourite…
Da; how you knew that… oh abhi may say it to you na..
Ab; haa.. pragya look at him.. abhi signs pragya…
Ab; dadi I am leaving…
Da; tell to you wife too..
Ab; pragu I am leaving..
Ali; wow.. so sweet of you..
Abhi leaves..

Pr; suniye.. abhi stops..I want to ask you one thing..
Ab; what’s that.. can you tell me fast as I am running out of my time.. pr; actually… I want to ask you will you have any problem… as I am going for job..
Ab; what?
Pr; yes.. I wish to go for my job..
Ab; I have no problem with what ever you do.. because you are nothing for me..
Pr; but dadi…
Abhi calls dadi.. dadi.. Pragu wants to go for job… I gave permission for her… don’t stop her.. is that her happiness.. then..
Da:so you are warning me right abhi..
Ab; dadi…
Dadi laughs… look pragya beti… you have no restrictions here.. if you want to do job then it’s k..
Ali; haa… bhabhi.. go actually you are perfect match for Bhai.. both loves their job..
Ab; k dadi I am leaving…
Abhi goes…
Aftersometime… pragya takes dadis blessings and go for her job..

Scene shifted to an office…
Pragya enters and meet with receptionalist…
Rec girl; mam.. what help do you want?
Pr; actually I want to meet your MD..
Rec girl; do you have any appointment..
Pr; actually I have got an appointment letter..
Rec girl; k.just wait.. that girl calls someone… you can go now… go straight then left.. there’s MDs cabin..
Pragya leaves…
Pragya knocks at the door..
Pr; sir may I come in..

Pr:good morning sir… I have got an appointment letter.. and shows to him..
MD; take your seat.. he opens the letter and read it… and smiles.. so you are pragya Arora.. new PA..
Pr: yes sir..
M.D.; actually you are not my p.a…
Pr: – what?
M.D.; actually i have send this appointment letter.. but it’s not for me.. you are going to work for PA to real Md… actually I am not the godfather of this business.. but it’s true I am looking all this.. and M.D. here.. I will call you after sometime…as the man to whom assist will reach soon..
Screen shifted to abhi entering into cabin.. and sitting in his chair..
Purab enters..
Ab; purab.. mera Bhai… why you call me here… do you knew I am really tried of working here..
Purab smiles.. hello don’t act more.. only you manage here for just one week right.. otherwise it’s me who is managing all the works here..
Abhi giggles..
Pu; abhi.. I have succeed in my work there..
Ab: I knew you will as you are too talented like me..
Ab; no more than me.. purab smiles. Purab.. look here after I will not come here.. it’s your duty to look all works here.. and I will manage other business…
Pu: I knew abhi… you have too headlock of works.. so I found a solution..
Ab; solution..???
Pu; just wait.. purab calls someone.. ab; what solution?
Pu; just wait… at that time they hear a sound may I come in..
Pu; yes you can.. the person enters.. ab; pragu…??
Pr; you???

Actually that M.D. is purab.. and pragya is appointed as secretary of abhi..
Pu; pragu?.. which means you both knew each other.. abhi is this your friend..
Ab; no..
Pu: then?
Ab; my wife..
Pu; oh.. your wife.. then he came to sense.. what wife…??
And look at pragya.. who is shocked
By his sudden look..
Pu; your wife. Abhi.. your wife.. don’t crack joke yaar.. so pragya how you both knew each other..
Pr; actually we both met before a week.. and he is my husband now..
Pu; husband…??
Ab; pragu.. can you stay outside for sometime..
Pragya leaves..

Pu; abhi.. what’s all this.. you are telling her as your wife and he is telling as your husband….
Ab; is both person says the same then it is the truth..
Purab look in confused..
Ab; actually purab.. we both get married yesterday..
Pu; you married.. abhi.. what are you telling I am not a fool to believe that..
Ab; yes that’s the truth.. I got married to her.. and it was so sudden.. as you are out of station.. I can’t tell this to you..
Pu; I am happy man.. as you get married.. but abhi.. how this happened.. I knew you can’t do that…
Ab; purab.. I did this marriage for my dadi.. and to get all properties to my name.. as it was now I understand that.. if I don’t get married before 27 then… I will not get all properties and it will go to that ram kapoor..
Pu; what ram kapoor..
Ab; yes it’s grandapas will.. so I did this.. it’s not a marriage it’s a type of contract..
Pu; contract??
Ab; yes.. because I will divorce her soon..
Pu; abhi.. are you in sense.. do you knew what are you telling..
Ab; you knew abhi well.. as I will talk in sense..
Pu: abhi.. do you knew you are playing with a girl’s life..
Ab; purab.. why are you reacting so.. as she can’t have any problem..
Pu; what?
Ab; ha… actually she too is ready for this deal..
Pu; did she knew the reason for your marriage…
Ab; haa.. but there’s some change in what she knew.. she thinks that I get married for money.. and she thought that I am a money minded person..
Pu; abhi.. why you tell so..
Ab; its because.. I want to make hate in her towards me.. as.. we both are staying in same place for sometime.. may be she got attracted to me.. then..
Pu; then.. it’s good right..
Ab; purab.. you knew everything.. then you are talking like this. You knew I can’t think of anyone expect her..
Pu; abhi…
Ab; purab.. I knew what’s you are going to tell.. we both have talked about this a lot.. now tell me why she is here..
Pu; she is your PA..
Ab; PA?
Pu; haa.. actually I thought to help you..
Ab; is I told you for that..
Pu; I thought to help you..

It was at that time dadi enters with pragya..
Ab; dadi…
Da; ohoo… so you are making your wife as your Pa right.. so now I am double k with this job.. as you both will always together..
Ab; but dadi..
Da; no abhi.. I am happy… abhi look at purab in anger..
Purab takes dadis blessing..
Da; you are too bad purab.. you are not in their marriage..
Pu; actually dadi..
Da; I knew beta… no need to explain.. pragya this is purab.. abhis all in all..
Pu; sorry.. pragya di.. actually..
Pragya smiles..
Abhi look at purab…
Episode ends..

So guys.. I knew now.. you all get doubt about who is this ram kapoor.. arjun… what happened in abhis life.. it will be revealed soon.. but now what will happened to abhigyas deal..??? Is they violate that deal.. or not.. sorry anshi.. for being late..

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    Too good dii..superr…im eagerly waiting fr nxt part you dii???…

  2. Exicting ff dear honey

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    Superrrrrr…….. Intersing……waiting for next episode……

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    super awesome. continue…i will wait for the next…

  5. Vishvaja

    Awesome di…pragya being abhi’s PA…super di.. it will increase their closeness..I think they both will feel for each other but won’t confess it because of their first love or deal di..waiting for the next episode you a lot my pyaari di

  6. Superb yaar…going interesting…..

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  8. Its quite interesting…. Keep writing

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  10. Just awesome di! I am reading this ff fr the first time and when I read ur name at the end I was really soooo happy to have u back here di! My favourite writer is back too so r my favourite ffs is like a treat fr me!! It is a very interesting!! Eagerly waiting fr next epi..keep rocking n writing di!! Take care n love u loadddds!!! 😀 😉 😀 😉 …

    1. HARITHA

      Ashika sis.. actually I came back… and I am dealing an another ff here… I can’t go away from all of you.. so I just took 1 week break… thanks a lot for this comment.. because I feel your love in this

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  12. Monesha

    Wow… Wow…. Wow… My dear baby doll chechi. Really AWESOMEEEEEEE….. Episode. I really loved it to the coreeeeeeeeeeeee……. Keep ROCKINGGGGGGG…… I am missing you to the death chechi. Love you a lottttttt…. Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa….. ?

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    Yaay!! I loved this Epi so Pragya became Abhi’s secretary! Wow Superb Hari

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