My love for you kkb episode 24

Pragya back to cabin by assuring that he has gone…sees abhi disturbed..

Pr;abhi..what happened to you? Who is that person..did he bothers you..

Ab;nothing like that pragu..just..

Pr;abhi you are telling lie that i knew just tell me yaar..who is that..

Ab;he is mr.ram kapoor..the reason of how i become like this..

Pr;did he come out by bail..

Ab,no pragu..his punishment he will be here to trouble us..but this time i wont leave him to do all was that time abhi sees his pragu …pragu..why are you getting look ..iam here na ..nothing…

Pr;abhi..iam not tensed about me and our i nothing will happen as you are there with us..but abhi..i cant take risk at you..

Ab;pragu..why are you tensed yaar..nothing will happen to me..

Pr;abhi…i dont knew how much important are you for much role you played in my life…husband friend lover…many many roles..abhi i cant live with you ..abhi i loves you that much and hugs him…abhi hugs him back and consoles her..

Ab;look you are spoiling my romantic mood by this emotional lectures..its too bad…i thought to spend some time with you by telling the tag of lunch..and pinch at her waist..


Abhi moves his hand seducingly…so can we move on to lunch…pragya who was well affected by his touch just smiled back…by spending time with pragya abhi make her normal..but his mind was not normal as lot of thoughts are moving on through his mind mainly what ram kapoor tells him secretly..

Fb shows..

Ab;please get out of my sight you devil..otherwise i cant control myself.. ram started to laugh..

Ra;just control man..dont get anger and frustrated for this silly thing..its because you are young cant control your emotions..cant take a proper decision..but want to take a perfect decision soon..abhi look confused..yes great business man abhishek mehra.soon you need to take a big decision so be prepared for it…

His thought process get broken by pragus voice..

Pr;abhi..can we leave back to office still works are pending na..


Screen shifted to abhigyas cabin

Ab;hello purab…come soon you must be here today itself…take a flight i dont want to hear anything just do it..and ends call..

Pr;abhi..why you call them soon…do you knew they have gone for an important assignment..

Ab;that i knew iam not that much fool..his harsh words hurt her..she didnt spoke anything and back to work..abhi rest his head on chair..time flies…abhi too dont knew abhi opens his eyes..see its 11 pm at night..and sees his pragu..sleeping there by resting her head on table..

Abhi moves close to her and moves his hands through her hairs..

Pragya gotup by touch…sorry abhi..i didnt see you wake up..

Ab;sorry pragu..i shout at you. I must not do like that…

Pr;arrey abhi…why are you telling sorry to iam anyone not close to you. Iam your wife na..i can understand you than are too much tensed today thats why behave like that…

Abhi suddenly give a peck on her forehead…thanks alot for understanding me yaar..

Pr;again you..

Oops sorry..

Pr;can we leave now..

Ab;ofcourse …abhigya reached their home already purab and aliya was there..

Aliya and purab hugs them..

Ali;what is this cancelled our assignments and make us wait till now ..too bad.

Ab;sorry dear..

Pr;so have you have anything..

Ali;dont worry i entered kitchen and prepared dinner…

Pu;dinner..and laughs…is this your so called dinner aliya..bhabhi dont you knew what this superchef has made..its maggi noodles..too risky dish..whoever going to married you will have tolerate this..

Pr;that means its you going to tolerate her..

All in chorus what???

Ab;pragu what are you talking..

Pr;arrey abhi..dont you knew this simple thing..wait i will explain all sit here..all sit around pragya..acually its telepathy..

All in chorus telepathy…

Hey dont shout like this i will explain na..aliya tease purab..purab tease her back..
Aliya fights with purab..purab fights with back..purab love to be fight and tease with her..aliya too loved to be do the same that means..purab loves aliya and aliya loves purab..they loves each other..its called telepathy..

What all in chorus..

Arrey yaar..are you all playing the role of chorus team in my song to tell all this loud.. you knew what you tell..

Arrey iam not fool like you to not be just ask them..

Ab; hey aliya and purab..did what your bhabhi tells is right..did you both love each other..

Pu;actually abhi..i loved to be fight with her .

Ali;i loved to be tease him..

Pr;i told na they love each other..

Purab and aliya in chorus its not like that bhabhi..

Again in chorus..ufff..its like that alu and puru..look your name too have connection..telpathic connection..

Ab;pragu..again where this telepathi come..

Pr;look knew poori right and we have it with side dish alu..alu and puru..telepathic connection…

Ab;i think you gone mad pragu..

Pr,its not like that rockstar .iam telling truth only..they both havent realised that they love each you knew..they feel bored without seeing each other..really feel day as worse if they wont talk.. as pragya says points one by one alu and puru nods as its correct…look abhi..all my telepathic connection is right na..they love each other..

Ab;look pragu..we cant force them..

Pr;did i force them…they can take their own time ..i just make their way smooth with my telepathy..

Ab;you and your telepathy..abhi moves upstairs..pragya follows him by saying whats the problem about my telepathy abhi..

Purab and aliya look at each other and feels uncomfortable..but just smile…

Precap;nobody knew the play of fate in get cooled by rain..but it will be worsen for living beings if it come with heavy storm..such a storm is coming into abhis life…

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  1. Sree1603

    Storm but diiiiiiiii don’t separate abhigya.

    And telepathy is nice…….

  2. Saranya24

    Suprb loved it love u darlu muuaahh??????darlu dnt mistake me jst a small request can u pls update 2 stories at a time frst and complete them and then go fr nxt coz i love all ur stories a lot so if i get confused iam not able to enjoy it sry if i hurt u da jst my request actuallt tat too tis time u updated aftr vry long time na so frgt many things and was confused so oly i said again sry fr hurting u da lpve u loads??????

    1. HARITHA

      Darlu..its k i can understand why are you talking like that .you have full rights hey na…and now…iam going to finish for someone special and pyaar hua…so will upadte it alternately and will give i will make you mine daily..its my mistake as take a long silence

      1. Saranya24

        Dnt say mistake and all darlu all hve wrks na no prblm wrk is imprtant na so dnt wry tq fr undrstanding love u so much darlu muuaahh??????

  3. Reshma_Pradeep

    Superb! Interestinggg!

  4. SamyuSam

    I too agree with saranya… We are enjoyng ua all ff,, if u give all of a sudden,, then am damn sure am gonna mingle all these stories…. Soo plzz its a request frm us,, plzzz if i hurt u… Am sryyyy… But any how pra telepathy idea is suprb…. Just loved it

    1. HARITHA

      Hey its fine..even i too get confised then it will be more confused for you na…k iam going to end pyaar hua and for someone special…i will update it alternately and i will make you mine daily..

  5. Oh no what’s happening in precap abhi’s life storm please di don’t separate them please and pragya’s telepathy was nice but one doubt is bulbul there in this story?

  6. Lopez

    awesome dear

  7. Superb dii

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