My love for you kkb episode 21

Pr;how i will face him…no i cant…but i cant stay like this in this washroom na..pragya slowly opens the door and look oustside..she didnt see abhi ..gets out fast and started to get she feels abhi is entering the room soon she hides behind the door..

Ab;uff…its good she has gone otherwise how will i face her..what will she think about me..looking at mirror..did you want to do all kissed her that too without touching the nose..

By looking at mirror abhi sees pragya hiding behind the mirror..

Ab (in mind); oh god she is here..she must have here all this na
.look she dont even to face me..i knew she may starts to hate me…

Abhi suddenly left to washroom

Screen shifted to pragya..yaar..he feels too bad..he cant even face me..dont you have any need to ask him for kiss..its all because of you pragya.its better to stay away from him..then both of us feel some peace…

Abhi and pragya started to hide each other..pragya will get up early and did all the arrangements what he needs…abhi came last so that she have slept…one week passed like this..

Pragyas pov

No…i cant..i cant stay away from him like this..i feel so sad..i cant talk with him as before..i cant spend time with him..i cant see him randomly..

Abhis pov

No…i cant take it anymore…i want to be as before…i want to talk with her as before..spend time with her .want to see and enjoy all her antics..

Pu;abhi…iam leaving with aliya as we have to attend and important meeting…

Ab;k purab…all.the best..take care happy journey..

Pu;thanks abhi and hugs..

Screen shifted to abhis house…

Pragya return back

Da;pragya beti you came..sorry actually i dont wish to call i want to visit rishikeshwar and badrinath ..i called as aliya and abhi will be alone na..

Pr;its k dadi..i have no problem in it..when you are leaving.

Da;now it’self iam waiting for you.

Pr;k dadi..happy journey..take care of your health…

Dadi leaves..

Pragya enters kitchen and prepared food for dinner..after freshup ..she take fresh and get ready in nightware..she comes out of washroom suddenly her leg slips..before falling down.
Two arms surrounds her waist and stops her from falling…

Yes its our abhi..but he dont  knew that she will be there..they both share an eyelock…they both came to sense..abhi make her stand..

Pr;thanks for help..

Ab;i dont knew you will be here.

Pr;as dadi is gone for holy trip aliya and you will be alone here na..

Ab:where is robin..

Pr:he has gone to home…did aliya came..

Ab:aliya..she didnt told you that she is leaving to delhi will be back after fewdays..


Ab;may be she have forget..i have no problem can stay at your house pragu..i will manage everything by own..

Pr;murmers..that i knew you have no problem …


Pr;haa..thats presence or absence wont affect you…

Ab;who told you all that…

Pr;is there any need to talk about this you are just avoiding me these days na..

Ab,then who is waking up so early and did all my needs and escape..

Pr;then who is always coming late to home and now stay here making me alone…make a puppy face…

Abhi smiles…


Pr;what so..dont talk with me..

Ab;so my absence and presence affect you..

Pr;no…no affect on me..

Ab;are you serious…

Pr;haa..abhi move towards pragya..pragya moves backward

Abhi takes her hand and place a kiss on it..he slowly moves upwards and reach at her shoulder..he removes all the hairs from there to next side..and placed a kiss on her neck..he wraps pragyas and his hand together and wrapped around her belly and nuzzles through her neck..

Pragya is breathing heavily…
Pr;now too no affect..
Pragya nods no..abhi make her turn towards him ..pragya lowers her face down..abhi raised her chin and make her look at him..he wrapps his hands around her waist and pulls her more close to him..

Ab;now too….
Pr;ab…abhi…(as from her sound he knews how he has effect on her..he is really enjoying his pragus nervousness )

Abhi smiles…so theres effect right…

Pr;leave me lowering her face..

Abhi pulls her more i cant ..if you want then promise me you wont ever act so..dont go away from me..dont stay silent..because i have no one otherthan you to tell everything..pragu…i need you..i need you in the whole life because now i madly loves you..dont make me alone as like sree..and break the hug and sits on bed..he is crying..pragya who cant see this.
Sits beside him and tutn his face towards her..she wipes down his tears..

Abhi..i will never ever leave you..because i feel alone without you without my love and kissed at his face..abhi was super happy and shocked by her it was her first kiss when both are in normal state..they both hug each other…

They break their hug..

Pr;now my good boy..go and take a fresh ..i will get your food..

Abhi smiles and goes..

Pragya is arranging food on table..abhi too reach and sits there..pragya serves food to him..abhi too serves food for her..with their chit chat abhi and pragya return to their they both feel nervous as you all knew why so..abhigya look at each other..pragya sits on one side of bed and abhi on otherside …pragya takes the wall which she construct between them before..from that abhi knew that she is signing him to start a new journey…

Ab;i dont want my journey of love to open in such a we can make it happen you can sleep without fear…

Pragya blushes as he too feel her nervousness…

Next morning…pragya wakes abhi with coffee..

Abhi take a a coffee ..and hugs pragya..he gets go..before leaving..

Ab; so get ready pragu to start our journey of love at this night..

Pragya blushes…

Episode ends…

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