My love for you kkb… episode 2


Hello everyone thanks a lot for your love and support… so let’s move on to story…
As after everyone’s blessings and rituals later.. aliya drops pragya in her room… pragya enter with so much difficulty… as from today onwards this is going to major part of her world… as this is a house where only abhi stays… dadi and aliya are staying in another house…
Ali; bhabhi… this is your room… if you need anything just call me.. my name is aliya…his sister I knew… we both can’t meet till now.. as I am at Singapore and studying there… now my course end and I will be here.. but not in this house.. as this is bhais and bhabhis place.. no one will be here to disturb you both.. we will go to our room..
Pragya nods..
Ali; bhabhi… don’t be tensed.. my Bhai is really lovely and caring.. simple person… and will not get anger… so cool..
Pragya smiles..
Ali; all the best bhabhi. She giggled and leaves..
Pragya slowly look around the room.. actually it’s not a room.. its like a full house….. is set up inside this… too much spatitious..

In walls there is hangings of abhis photo receiving different awards..
He is a famous and most successful business man…
During this time abhi enters.. pragya turns and look at him….
Abhi smiles at her.. she smiles back..
Abhi came and sit on bed.. where pragya is just looking through books at shelf.. abhi look at her.. and when she look at him.. he turns his face.. this process continue for a long..
Pr; do you want to tell me anything?
Abhi look at her… how do you knew..
Pr; your face tells so..
Ab; yes… I don’t knew how to tell you…. from where to start.. I don’t knew how will you take this too..
Pr; you don’t worry about you.. you can say what you want..
Ab; pragu.. sorry can I call you by that name.. suddenly abhi notices tears in her eyes…. sorry is that name hurt you this much then I will not call by that..
Pr; no that name is close to my heart that’s why I feel sad.. only one person who calls me by that name…
By wiping her tears.. k tell me..
Ab: pragu.. I don’t knew do you knew anything about me or not.. but I don’t knew anything about you.. and that’s not a big thing to me… I am a true business man…and i will only look business in everything…for me my family and business is important…for me this marraige is also a deal..
ab:yes business deal…to save my busines..
pr:what you mean by that???
ab:what i mean is ..i dont wish to destroy my business and money…as per will of my grandpaa..there is a condition that i must get married before iam reaching 27…iam unaware of that…and it was my dadi who told me this as i denied to get married..and it was tomorrow i will become 27..and thats why i married you to sall of the sudden..actually i will marry anyone dadi choose you so i married…so this is a business deal to me…
so…i want your signature on this..

pragya takes the paper..she read it…
it was a paper regarding mutual divorce…as 6 month get over you will go away from my life…if you need any money he is ready to give that….
pragya laughs…
ab:why are you laughing?
pr:look mr.abhi …iam not a girl as you think…i too dont have any feelings for this marraige..and i did it for the sake of my mother…so if you want divorce i will give you…there is no need of this agreement..
ab:sorry ,..i cant trust you..may be after sometime you fall in love with me..or interested in my money then…
pr:for you may be money is important..but for me its not important than my love…
ab:what are you saying…
pr:i dont want to tell you my personal matters to you..may be for world iam your wife..but for me its not like that…we have no relation and we are just strangers…
ab:k fine…i too not interested in it…
pr:so we will act infront of everyone…as perfect jodis..
ab:k…you can stay at this room…i will be at opposite room..if you need anything call robin he is my servant…
abhi leaves..
pragya looking at stars..and smiles..
arjun…iam happy now i fullfill my mothers wish..and my i belongs to you only…
screen shifted to abhis room..
abhi looking in mirror..
what a girl she is ??? what i thought? what happens…i think its a great task for me…but she…she doesnt give any value to all this ..thank god..i thought she may be typical girl who always blabber out mangalsutra and kumkum power…husband as god..then it will be a great task for me..
if that happens to ..this abhishek mehra knew his way to solve that problem…
abhi and pragya lies on bed and falls on sleep..

next morning…
abhi wake up as rays of sun falls on him…
pr:abhi..abhi…udo na…you are getting late..
abhi opens her eyes and sees pragya..arranging room…
he get anger and going to shout…his eyes sees dadi..
abhi gets up smilingly..good morning pragu…and gets up and hugs her from back…
pr:abhi..dadi…he brokes hug and turns (act as shy and surprised) to see dadi at doorstep..
ab:good morning dadi..why are you standing there..come sit here..why are you so early…
da:as this is the first day after your there is some rituals still remaining ..i came for that..
ab:k dadi…i will come after fresh up..pragu…please take my dress from shelf..
pr:black or blue..
ab:as your wish..
pr:blue colour will suits you more..abhi smiles..dadi get happy and goes..
ab:thank god..if i dont see dadi then it will be..
pr:i saw ddi coming upstairs thats why i enter to your room without your permission sorry..
ab:its k..sorry for that hug…
pr:its k…
she goes out..

episode ends…

so guys what you all thinks about it…from where this deal? contract come from?is that real or not?
lets see…

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