My love for you kkb episode 16

Hello everyone…sorry for being late.. In these days..i can’t give you all back to back updates …its mainly because of my please forgive for that…lets see what pragya is going to do…how is her reaction…
Ab;pragu…what are you waiting for.. let’s do he cheated you.. how you disrespect your love…just speak up pragu..look Iam with you n.a… just do it..
Pr;are you feel that if I did so …i feel better.. .
Ab;of Course….do you trust me..
Pragya nods..
Ab;then do just close your eyes..then think about what all things happened till now..

Pragya did as abhi said..she slowly opens her eyes and look at abhi..with a confident look..she opened the door and goes out…she walk towards the house.and press the calling bell..
As just like expected the one who opens the door is none other than arjun…arjun who sees pragya become drumbstuck…but with our waiting a second…pragya gave tight his left cheek…
Arjun place his hands on his cheek.suddenly….Baby who is that..arjun turn and look at her..and look at pragya..
Pr;why are you waiting for arjun..juts tell out..who Iam for you…
Arjuns wife ;baby what she is speaking off.. who is she..did you knew her..
Pr:come on speak  up man..
Pragya enters the house and sits on sofa..and started to turn pages of magazine..
Arjuns wife : baby what s all this..tell her to go out…why are you silent.. how can she beat you..
Pr:smilingly..if you knew everything about your husband then you will kill him …
Arjuns wife ;hey mind your language.. .who gave you permission to talk about him like this…i knew him well…
Pr;I too thought that but..he ..he is ..
Arjun;pragu..just leave..we can talk later..
Pr;oh what a surprise you still remember my name right..what is the need for talking every character are present already..
Arjun;pragu..dont interfere in my life..
Pr;your life..then what about my life..
Arjuns wife look confused..
Arjun;pragu..i don’t knew what your are talking about…
Pragya came near arjun and gave a second slap..
Pr:you don’t knew what iam talking right…its all my mistake to love such a person who runs after money…who doesn’t value feelings..emotions..she slap again..this slap is for cheating this innocent lady…who loves her husband can’t become a perfect lover.. or perfect life partner..i wish you will become a perfect father.. .

Arjuns wife ; arjun what is she talking off..
Arjun:baby…dont take serious about her words..i knew her..she is mentally upset..
Pragya who her anger..started to threw things at him.. arjun started to run..and enters kitchen..
Pr;what you said..iam mad…ya ..till now I was mad by loving you ..but now I am not..
Ar;pragya stop it please try to understand…pragya take rice flour and threw at his face…
Arjun runs outside..pragya follows him..
Pr:you thought you can get saved by running ..wait I will show.. you she take a flower pot to threw at is too big to lift..she remove her sandal and threw it over him..may be his good luck or bad falls on abhi.. who comes out car by seeing violent pragya..
Pr;oh abhi..and she closed her eyes..then slowly open one eye and look at abhi in childish way..abhi is rubbing his head..
Pr;sorry..abhi..actually it was not aimed at was for that stupid arjun..but sorry..
Ab;it’s k ..come let’s leave…
Pr;no..i can’t come right now..i want to do something more..
Ab;no pragu..already you did Lets leave..
Pr; don’t knew ..he is cheating that girl too..
Ab; must come with me that’s it.. without her will abhi makes her get in of the car..
As abhi tried to start car..he noticed that pragya didn’t wear seat beat.
Ab; belt..
Pragya look at anger…abhi himself  came close to her and put seat belt on her..both look into each other’s eyes and get lost in it.

As they reached hotel..pragya gets in to their room..after sometime..abhi noticed pragya..she is remain silent for a long.. the thing which she can’t control is her bakwaas talk..yes her talks are bakwaas. But I love to hear anything from her..because I myself get lost in tensions ..sorrows vanishes easily.. now she is silent which mean she is anger or sad..from her face it conveys that she is anger …oh no..anger on me.. oh abhi you are gone man today…
Abhi slowly sit opposite to her..and look at her.. she turns her face..
Ab;so madam is very anger on me right..pargya didn’t respond..pragu you knew how you look like when you are harrasing that arjun..he started to laugh loud..pragya who get iriked by it..threw pillow on him..
Pr;abhi..are you laughing at you knew because you..i can’t enjoy fully..
Ab;enjoy means..
Pr; you knew …i was really enjoying arjuns tension …do you knew when I torture him and threw things at much peace I get …
Ab; I told you feel better..
Pr;don’t talk spoiled my fun..
Pr;I can do some more things if I was there..
Ab;achaa..thats the problem..come let’s have fun..abhi gets up and started to move..but something stops him..yes of course it’s our pragya..
Pr;no need of that now..
Ab;I have no problem..
Pr;that I knew..pragya make him sit..thanks for everything abhi..because of you now I feel better..i feel like some big stone is removed From heart..i feel fresh calm and peace..
Ab;hello madam..keep that filimy dialogues with you itself..and no need of thanks as it’s my duty n.a… after all Iam your husband right…and laughs..
Pr;yes you are husband will do such a things..
Ab:hello I did this because  I don’t consider you as my are my best friend so I did this for you..
Pr: that I knew..
Ab; look so smart catch my points every easily…may be it’s because of me your brain starts to work..
Pr:ohoo..that credit also taken by you..
Ab;yes darling..
Pr;if your bakwaas ends..can we sleep…pragya moves to bed..
Ab;what I look like this..
Pr;abhi..i feel sleepy ..can you please off that light..
Abhi with murmuring ends light..and lies on couch..pragya smiles..
Episode ends..

Prevail: pragu what happened to you..abhi..iam in a confusion..confusion for what?

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  1. Oh dii….after a long time I saw this update… but its k….today’s update is awesome…. enjoyed all the funny scenes… arjun got wat he deserve….. precap is interesting waiting for that….

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  7. Superb epi dii… cute update ??
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  8. Superb! Episode

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