My love for you kkb episode 15

Hello everyone ..sorry for being late.. let’s move on to story…
Ab;pragu..we need to leave soon..
Ab;i will tell you..the reason.. first obey me..
Pr;k.are you planning something for me.
Ab;no not at all..and smiles..

Pragya gets ready..
Come let’s go..
After sometime they reach at port from there they enter in car..
Pr;are we going to home..
Ab;yes we will go ..but before that we need to go somewhere..
Pr;that is what I am asking you..
Ab:just wait pragu…abhi stops car In front of airport…
They both gets down..
Pr:abhi..why we are here…
Pur:hai di…hai abhi..i have did all arrangements for you both…happy journey..

Ab;haa…just wait fuggi..thanks purab..
Pur;it’s my pleasure abhi…call me if you reach there.. and dont worry I will take care of dadi..not your sister.. do you knew how much she is disturbing me..i don’t knew how can I manage her..suddenly purabs phone ring..look yeah saithan Is calling..
Pur;your sister..
Ab;are you calling my sister as..
Pur:abhi..dont be act as your sis…i am leaving other wise she will kill me..abhi hugs purab thanks man..
Pur:happy journey di..
Purab leaves..
Ab;hey pragu come let’s leave..
Pr:iam not coming..
Ab;why ?
Pr:If you wish that I must accompany you ..just tell me where we are going…
Ab;hey pragu. Do you trust me..
Ab;then Come with me…
Pragya accompany abhi..and both get into flight..abhigya is sitting next to each other…
Pr;we are going to Kashmir..

Pr;but …
Ab;yeah pragu ..we want to go there..
Pr;do you get news about he is there…
Ab;pragu…i need to knew one of your opinion about a iam confused about it..
Pr:Whats that..
Ab;if we love someone truly..we Will give our life to them..we think that they too loves us..but when at a particular stage of life we find that the one whom we thought loves cheating us..and give fake concern and love..then what we do..
Pr;abhi…love is special feeling …a love will succeed only if both loves each other..those who cheat in love have no right to be loved..there is no meaning of loving such a person.. it’s better to die …
Ab;I too think like iam happy..

Pr;what you mean by this..
Ab;I thought some matters are really difficult to be understood..but my pragu is so understanding girl..
Pr:abhi till now you didn’t tell what s the matter..
Ab;pragu..some matters are not to be said by must be seen through eyes..and to be understand what s happening…and Ian going to shown that to you now…
Pragya remain silent …i knew now you are going to show me something related to my arjun..from your words I feel like I was cheated by fake my love is pure..he really loves me lot..but why I thought that he is going to show me arjun.he told me na he is no more..then..
Abhi place his hands over her hands..

Ab;pragu..i knew I confused you alot..but don’t worry all your confusions are going to be cleared and flight is going to land..
After sometime.. abhigya reach hotel and after fresh up..
Ab;pragu..we need to go out now.. get ready..
Pragya after getting ready to go out..
Ab;before going I want to tell that.. I was always be with you..always be there to support..
Pr:abhi..i knew that.. .you will be there for me..
Abhi smiles.. come let’s go..

Abhigya reached near a restaurant..
Pr;why we are here..
Ab;this is the place you must come to realise some facts..come and sits..
Pragya look confused.. she looks around.. it was that time pragyas eye freeze at one point..a unknown smile came to his face..tears rolled Down through cheeks..
Pragya gets up and move to that direction..before she came to that place.. an another girl came and hugs him from back..the person is none other than arjun..arjun too hugs her and kisses on her forehead..the girl is with sindoor and mangalsutra…
Pragya just stood there as statue…
The girl:arjun..why are you hear… you came has told you to take rest n.a… if you didn’t take rest then it will affect our baby..
The girl;I knew that arju..why you came here..there are managers to look after all this na..why you came here..
Ar;look babe..we didn’t came just keep eye on all this.. this workers will become lazy..thats why.. you just go and sit in car.. I will saying this she gone..arjun just turn and sees pragya there…without looking at her he enters to cabin..pragya who is completely broken kneels down..and started to cry..(hamari adhuri kahani plays..)
Abhi who come close to her and place a hand over her shoulder …pragya emotionally hugs him and cried.. abhi consoles    her..
After sometime..abhi and pragya are sitting on a bench..pragya is crying…abhi is just looking at her..
Ab;pragu…he kneels down and wipes her placing his hands on her face..
Ab; you remember what you said when I ask you suggestion..the person who charts in love have no right to be loved..that person is not worth for your tears too then why are you crying.. pragu..just look at me..he dumped you just for money because he values money more

.but he don’t knew that your are valuble and cannot be give a price tag to you..pragu…i first thought that not to inform you all I knew you will be completely broke down by this fact..thats why I told you a fake death story.. but  it’s dadi who told me and make me understand that you have the right to knew this truth…(guys do you remember about dadis call was at that time abhi tells about a journey)..pragu he is not worth of your love..then why are you..
Pragya hugs him..
Pr:thank you..thanks alot for understanding me..and cried..
Ab ( I knew can’t tell anything now.. now too it’s difficult for you to understand all this.. but you must)
Ab;pragu..come come with me..
Ab;just come ..abhi hurriedly takes pragya with him..and gets in car…abhi stops a car …
Pr;why you stop it here…
Ab;pragu..look that’s arjuns just go and show your anger on him…for cheating you..for making your love as joke..for making you fool..for trapping you…for spoiling your life..just show off pragu..really you will feel better …do it fuggi..
Episode ends…

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  1. Finally the truth came out….

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    Too good darlu missed u lot lovely sry dnt cmnt in othr two ff in hurry tat also awesome love u?????

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    Its good that pragya knew about the Truth……….Superbbbbbbbbb!!!

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