My love for you kkb… episode 1

Hello everyone.. it’s me haritha.. with yet another story…
Pragya is getting ready in bridal costume..
Screen shifted to another person.. who is groom… yes he is none other than abhi…
A mandap is shown everyone is really happy… their happiness have no limits..but that happiness is not seen in our pair’s.. it’s look like some one is compelling them for marriage.. but who is that…
Screen shifted to pragyas face.. she is too sad…. she is thinking something.
Fb shows..
Sarla; pragya if you are my daughter… it’s time for you to choose between your mom and that person whom you never met..
Pr; maa..

Sar; haa.. mein tumari maa hoom.. isliye.. muje fikar hei tumareliye.. so decide you need him or maa..
Pr; maa.. you are asking me to choose between vein and articles..
Sa; pragya… I am not mad like you.. I can’t spoil my daughter’s life..
Pr; maa… but..
Sarla suddenly falls down..
Pr; maa… maa.. open your eyes maa..
Sarla is not getting up.. pragya takes her to hospital.. she is sitting tenderly.. and praying to god..
Suddenly doctor comes out.
Pr; doctor… maa.. how is she?
Do: look she is now k.. she has mild attack..
Pr; attack..
Do; don’t worry.. now she is perfectly fine.. but don’t make her in stress.and in tension. It will danger to her health.. she is now conscious and want to see u..
Pragya slowly enter to icu.. and started to cry..
Sa; pragya.
Pr; maa..

Sa : pragya.. it’s my last wish can you marry as per my wish…
Fb ends…
Pr; maa… I am doing this only for you.. only for you.. but my love will only for him.. my heart will beat only for him…
Screen shifted to abhi…
Abhi is also not in happiness.. as his thought is also somewhere lost..
Fb shows..
Dadi; abhi.. till now I didn’t ask you anything… but for the first time I am asking you something..
Ab; dadi.. there is no need of asking my permission.. you have the right to order me… now order my boss.. what can I do for you..
Da; will you do marriage..
Ab; what? Marriage..

Da; haa.. will you marry the girl chooses by me.. I knew my abhi will not disagree with it..
Ab; but..
Da; don’t over think beta..
Dadi goes…
Ab; dadi.. how can I tell you that.. I can’t.. my love is only for her.. my life is only for her…
Fb ends…
Screen shifted to mandap.. both are sitting in mandap.. their ghatbandhan over..
Abhi ties mangalsutra around pragyas neck.. and fill her hairline.. everyone smile.. both look at each other..
So how will be the future of the relationship which started today… what will happen this.. will pragya can maintain it for sarla… will abhi can do it for dadi.. let’s see..

Sorry I knew all are waiting for my destiny to be with you.. actually I am not in a mood to write that.. as new story starts to disturb me.. and which doesn’t allow me to think about former… I tried 2 days to neglect this and continue with my former ff.. but my brain is telling me to do 2 ff at a time.. really mad brain right.. I don’t knew is this story has any resemblance with my own story.. if you feel so please tell me..

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  1. Nice one yaar.. Is Pragya and abhi loving each other without knowing each other…

  2. Wow super honey dear

  3. B_Ani

    semma chechi…always up with new story aa?? inga story base ellam semmaiya irukku….i think Abhigya love each other without knowing each other…
    anyways love u???

  4. Princesskrisha

    Awesome haritha di are abhi n pragya loving without knowi g eachother di

  5. Vishvaja

    Great one di…Pls continue di..??????

  6. Nice yaar continue….

  7. Haritha dear,you are awesome. Adipoli.sorry i can’t comment everyday. Bcz my first internal exam is i have to prepare.but definitely i read ur ff.all the best for ur new ff.surely it will be another duper super hit in tu.thutakam nannayitundu.waiting for your more more crazy episodes. Bye sweety.whenever my exam over i will come back to clap on your each update.keep ur happy.

  8. Awesome starting yaar loved it

  9. Awesome beginning dii…loved it dii..??.

  10. Hi everyone
    I used to read all your ff s. Each and every ff is so nice….. please post the next episode of my destiny to be with u…. i like that ff soo much.

  11. Monesha

    Ok then my baby doll chechi again making me to go CRAZZZZZZZYYYYY……. By her AWESOMEEEEEEE……. ff. In intro itself you killed me di. I really loved it to the COREEEEEEEEEEEEE…….. Pls give next episode. So that I can be normal otherwise i will be turn to MAD. Keep writing….. And keep rocking…… Love you a lottttttt…… Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa……. ???

  12. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrr……… Not mad brain dr, it is also think you can do it…… That’s it…… Waiting for next episode and also destiny to be with you……

  13. Awesome start !

  14. Reshma_Pradeep

    Superb Start!

  15. Prathi

    Hari is back in form start one more then it will be like old times 😉

  16. Saranya24

    Darlu its so cute and yes its like love aftr marg but iam sure u ll make diff stry line love u darlu?????

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