Love kills all fear:kriyyam ss part 8

Sanskar:dont u think krish was pretty upset today?
Swara:ya,i felt so too…bt shes always upset or scared…im tired of it..
Sanskar:wat do u mean??
Swara:im tired of her being scared of everything…ever since moms death,shes been that way..
Sanskar:bt she was too young wen it happened,maybe she could nt handle it..
Swara:i know that,bt i hv tried my best to make her face it,to accept she was always adamant,she always runs away from her problems…
Sanskar:u cant blame her fr that..
Swara:oh really?i cant?u have no idea how much i had to put up with her sick of it..
Sanskar:u have to understand her swara, shes ur sister…
Swara:bt sanskar,i hv tried my she never tries to face her problems by herself…i undersatand that she was at home wen it happened,bt that doesnt
Sanskar:(cutting in,dubiously) wat happened?
Swara:(pauses and sighs in despair)wen mom and dad were killed…she gasped as she recalled that fateful day..
A little swara is seen coming back home,she finds the door half open,and the house in dead silence…it was in a mess..
Swara:maa,krishnaa,wer r u?

She entered moms room and shook in horror at wat she saw….mom and dad were on the floor, lifeless ,while an unconscios krishna is seen resting her head on moms waist…
Sanskar hugged swara as she cried bitterly…
Sanskar:she witnessed everything?
Swara:i dont know,she spoke nothing abt it…she was questioned by the police,by doctors and by me too…she never uttered a word..she was in a shock after that,she shut herself up nd spoke to no matter how many times i tried,she wouldnt tell anything to me..nd dctrs said it was better to leave her that way..she was just 10 years old,the shock could hv been too much fr her to bear…
Sanskar:god!!bt did they know anything abt the murderer or how it happened..
Swara:it seemed as though they had killed each other,there was no trace of anyone elses presence in the house…mom nd dad used to fyt a lot becoz of dads drinking habits,bt i dont believe they killed each other..
Sanskar shook his head in despair,
Sanskar:i cant imagine wat she could hv gone through…
Swara:she never shared her pain,or nt even the fact whether she witnessed the murder,or anything abt the murderer..that jus made it worse…and i grew tired of her tantrums…
Sanskar:bt swara,u gotta think abt it frm her pov,it could be a nightmare that she doesnt want to remember…nd talking abt it might hv only increased her pain…
Swara:sanskar,dard baatne se kam hota hai(pain is felt less,wen its shared),and shes the one who shut everyone out it…i lost my parents too,and i was young too,bt i never let it affect me or my life ahead,cos i accepted it..and she has to learn to do that…
Sanskar stared at swara in despair as she stormed out..

Yuvani stoped and turned towards sayyam..
Sayyam:how is she now?
Yuvani looked at him,slightly surprised,she had never seen sayyam this concerned for anyone…
Yuvani:shes nt fine,im taking her out…to make her feel better…
Sayyam:oh!!thats good…so..u guys are going alone?
Yuvani:yup,why?do want to come with us?
Sayyam:yes!!he said excitedly,yuvani looks at him suspiciously…i mean,i dont think its safe for u two to go alone…he said avoiding her gaze…
Yuvani:oh!!fine…i ll tell her that u r coming too…we are going in the afternoon,so be ready…
Sayyam:afternoon??why cant we go right now?
Yuvani:bhai,its high time u get a gf,cos u know nothing about girls!!it takes minimum 2hrs fr us to get ready!!duh!!
Sayyam:o god!!wat did i get myself into??…he teased her as she made a face and went towards her room…

After sometime,
Yuvani entered krishnas room,looking quite upset..
Krishna:kya hua yuvani??(wat happened?)
Yuvani:woh kuch nahi,tum abhi tak fresh nahi hui?(havent u freshened up yet?)
Krishna:yuvani,batao baath kya hai?(just tell me whats rong?)
Yuvani:woh…she sighed..karan and i just had a fight..its just he planned this trip for us,bt we couldnt spend much time together…and we had planned to go out today..he just doesnt understand u know..he is too..
Krishna:(cutting in)yuvani!!i think u shoud go with him..
Yuvani:are u crazy?no ways im leaving u alone…just forget it krish,we are going out..
Krishna:yuvani,just listen to me…he is right,u have been planning this trip together since the past year…nd i dont want u to spoil the fun just because of me..i ll be me..
Yuvani:krish,u have to get ur mind off from here,to feel better…if u really want me to go with karan,then u have to go out with sayyam…
Krishna:wat??how can i?

Yuvani:listen,he was planning to coming with us,cos its not safe for us to go alone…now,i cant leave u here,if u really want me to go..then u should go with sure he ll cheer u up..he is great at that…he knows the right places that could lighten ur mood…
Krishna thought for a moment,
Krishna:okay fine,i ll go with him..she agreed hesitantly..
Yuvani:great!!!tysm krish,and im so sorry for nt coming with i ll make it upto u i promise…
Krishna:acha,wat are u going to tell the others?
Yuvani:leave that to me…just tell sayyam that im not keeping well…she said while winking at her..
Krishna:tu kabhi nahi badlegi..(u ll never change)..have fun…
Yuvani:u too..she said while giving her a quick hug..

Baby comes out of the washroom,she locks her room,and starts to change her clothes…an unseen figure is moves closer to her..she turns and stares in horror,as a dead silence follows…

Sayyam is waiting outside the resort,he keeps pacing back and forth impatiently…
Krishna:shall we leave?
Sayyam turns and is slightly surprised to find krishna alone…
Sayyam:where is yuvani?
Krishna:woh,shes not keeping well…so..
Sayyam:so??Are u coming with me?alone?
Krishna:ya,is there a prblm?
Sayyam:no,uhm,i mean,if u are fine with it,then im fine too..he said (trying to avoid her gaze) bt Wat happened to yuvani?she was fine in the morning..
Krishna:woh..uhm…(she stuttered)
Sayyam:okay,i get it…girls problem,i shouldnt interfere,thats wat she tells me all the time..
Krishna:(smiling awkwardly)ya…uhm,so wer are we going?
Sayyam:okay,no asking questions,im in charge of the trip and that means ur day is tuned in for fun(smiled proudly)
Krishna:okay(she smiled in surprise)
Sayyam:just follow me..
They walk through the woods,and reach a steep hill..

Krishna:god!!that could be very difficult to climb!!
Sayyam:it could take time,bt its fun..
Krishna:bt i dont think i can climb that..
Sayyam:it isnt as hard as u think,(stretching his hand forward)here,just hold my hand…
Krishna hesitantly holds his hand,it felt as though he wasnt just offering a hand to climb up,bt also pulling her out of her misery,she felt stronger as he firmly held her hand…she looked at him,as unclear emotions filled her mind,why did she feel so safe around him,she thought to herself…
He helps her up,as they climb the hill together…
Krishna looked around admiring wat she saw,for the first time in years,she felt at ease,everything around somehow radiated happiness and peace..
Sayyam:(smiling complacently)nature is a cure for all grief..
Krishna:(smiling in satisfaction)i have never felt better…
Sayyam:(beaming excitedly)this is just the begining,the real fun is coming up..
Krishna looked at him as a wide smile worked its way on her face..for the first time she noticed that he had the most beautiful smile..his smile,it was contaigious,she didnt know why he was so nice to her,why he cared so much for her…she didnt even know that she was slowly and steadily falling fr his charm…he felt her intense gaze on him,and looked at her,she quickly looked away..

Kriyyam spend the night together…while back in the resort everyone keeps trying to find them…

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