Love kills all fear:kriyyam ss part 7

Yuvani:sayyam,why dont we do something fun,u know,to make krishna feel better.
Yuvan interrupts,
Yuvan:why are u asking him?im her boyfriend,and i know wat ll make hr feel better,he said winking at krishna…krishna looks at him with disgust,while sayyam glares at him…

Yuvani:acha?where were u last night,when she wasnt keeping well??the smile on yuvans face disappears,as she continues”krishna is too sweet,agar meri bf aisa karta na,toh phir kabhi baath nahi karti usse(if it was my bf,i would nt talk to him again)she said while playfully taunting karan..
Sayyam:kya hua yuvan,chup kyon ho?(wats rong yuvan?why are u quite?)why dont u tell everyone where u were last night?he said while glaring at him…
Krishna gets up from the chair,she couldnt take it anymore,unshed tears stung her eyes…
Yuvani:wat happened krish?

Krishna:kuch nahi,mujhe bhook nahi hai..(nothing,im nt hungry)saying this she leaves the table.sayyam looks on..sanskar and swara sense something ignores it..while yuvan looks down in guilt..
Yuvani gets up and goes after her,
Krishna is in her room crying bitterly as yuvani enters..
Yuvani:wats wrong krish??
Krishna quickly wipes her tears…
Krishna:its nothing..i wasnt hungry so..

Yuvani cups her face
Yuvani:krish,im ur bestfriend,i know it wen u are upset,kya hua?did u and yuvan have a fight?
Krishna hugs her and cries..
Yuvani:its ok krish,fights between couples is common,me and karan fight all the time..
Krishna:he cheated on me..she cried,
Yuvani is shocked,she breaks the hug..

Krishna:haan yuvani,he cheated on me…i trusted him so much…bt he..she breaks down again..
Yuvani felt krishnas pain,eventhough yuvan was her brother,she always knew krishna deserved better,she knew yuvan never loved her as much as she loved him..she holds krishnas face and wipes her tears off..

Yuvan:listen to me krish,nobody is worth ur tears…i know its hard bt u gotta get ur mind off it,now get up and change,we ll go out to gt some air and trust me u ll feel more rona-dhona…
Krishna looked up at her with misty eyes,as she she gave a faint smile..
Yuvani:now thats my good girl,come on hurry up now!!
Sayyam was pacing back and forth in his room angrily..yuvan enters…
Yuvan:sayyam,what are u trying to do?
Sayyam:i want u to stay away from her and not hurt her again!!he shouted
Yuvan:im ur brother,and u r more concerned abt her?nd if u really didnt want her to gt hurt,u shouldnt have told her anything..

Sayyam looks at him with disgust,
Sayyam:really?u think that she trusted u so little,to believe me?
Yuvan looks up at him with guilt and shock…
Sayyam:she saw everything with her own eyes!!u hv no idea hw much u hv hurt her!!!
Yuvan shook his head guiltily,
Yuvan:wat have i done!!he cried,

Yuvani:i warned u bhai,u didnt listen to me,and nw u hv lost her..forever!!
He turns to find yuvani glaring at him..
Yuvani:if u care a little bit for her,just stay away from her..
She stormed off the room and sayyam goes after her…yuvan cried tears of guilt…
Sanskar:dont u think krish was pretty upset today?
Swara:ya,i felt so too..

Precap:krishnas past,attack on baby,kriyam bonding..

No kriyam,just like todays epi.. 🙁 …bt next update is coming soon…nd tysm for all the comments…i dnt gt much time to post these days…sorry fr that…

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