Love kills all fear:kriyyam ss part 6

Sayyam:krishna,tum yaha..she turns around and he is shocked to find her crying bitterly..
Sayyam:kya hua krishna,tum ro kyon rahi ho?
She cried harder as she ran towards her room… He looked through the slightly open door and clenched his fist in anger..

He banged the door open as baby and yuvan quickly pulled apart,he stormed towards yuvan and held his collar
Sayyam:how can you do this to her??he yelled angrily…
Yuvan was taken aback by his sudden outburst..
Yuvan:come on man,whats wrong with u??its not the first time that u are catching me cheat on her…
Sayyam shook his head in disbelief while yuvan freed his collar from his grip..
Yuvan:u know i have commitement issues…and moreover,she never lets me come close to her,its too much man,even when i hold her hand she is uncomfortable…he said trying to find reasons for his mistake..
Sayyam lost his cool,he could no longer control himself…he held yuvans collar and punched him hard,and the latter fell on the floor with a throbbing nose..

Sayyam:U Have no idea how much she loves you!!!he shouted,as the place shook in his anger…baby quickly helped yuvan up as she was quite scared herself by sayyams outburst…Yuvan stood up while wiping the blood of his nose..
Yuvan:bt y are so much concerned abt her all of a sudden??
Sayyam glared at him,before he stormed off from the room…
Krishna cried bitterly while hugging her pillow,sayyam walked into the room,he didnt know how to console her…she looked up at him with tears continuing to flow frm her eyes…he sat beside her on the bed,and pulled out a hankerchief from his pocket and gently handed it to her…she pulled him into a hug,and cried in his arms…while he tapped her back consolingly…
“im so sorry” were the only words that came out of his mouth…she looked up at him breaking the hug,he gently wiped her tears…
Krishna:is it my fault?she asked innocently while trying to hold back her tears..
Sayyam:why do u blame urself for everything??he asked slightly angered by her question…
Krishna:i dont know,she gasped as she broke down again…he hugged her tightly..
Sayyam:its not your fault,trust me…he said while stroking her hair consolingly,she felt stronger in his arms as she cried herself to sleep in them…both dozed off in the same position…

Morning 7am
Sayyam woke up to find krishna sleeping peacefully on his chest..he strocked her hair behind her ear as he admired her lovingly…she woke up startled by his touch,and quickly got off him…both looked at each other awkwardly..sayyam quickly got up and rushed outside the room avoiding her gaze..
Yuvan sees sayyam walking out of krishnas room,”isne krishna ko kuch bataya toh nahi?!(Did he tell krishna anything?)he wondered..pata lagana hoga!!(i ll have to find out)..

Everyone group together at the dining table,krishna ignores yuvan wen he tries to talk to her…yuvan clenches his fist looking at sayyam…
krishna walks towards yuvan,he gets happy assuming that she would sit beside him,bt she walks right past him and sits in between yuvani and sayyam…he fumes in jealousy..sanskar notices this and womders what happened between them…

Attack on baby..

This is a short part,.the next update will be long but quite late,i ll try my best to update asap…thanks again for reading it guys…

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  1. Misspoetess

    Wow….awesome epi… very happy…finally Krivan will breakup

  2. Misspoetess

    Wow….awesome epi…
    Very happy…
    Finally Krivan will breakup

  3. Aarti32

    Superb.. Finally Krishna knows Yuvaan’s truth..I luvd how Saiyyam consoled her..

  4. Can’t wait for the next oneee❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Aww can’t wait❤️❤️

  6. Awesome episode….. Eagerly waiting for the next one…

  7. That yuvaan?the episode was beyond perfection?

  8. So nice..???

  9. Syedul

    Plzzz upload the next one rm .plzz ik I’m asking for too much buh this is too good plzz

    1. Rockstr

      Thanku so much dear..nd ya i ll try my best to post the next part tonight..

  10. Pls update ❤️❤️

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