Love kills all fear:kriyyam ss part 4

Sayyam gives her his arrogant glare..a brief awkward silence follows..
Krishna:waise,u didnt dance nor sing,i thought this trip was very important to u…bt u dint even seem to have much fun..
Sayyam:i thought u wer nt going to disturb me?
Krishna:im not..i was just wondering..
Sayyam:nd u r asking me,wen u urself dint have ny fun either?
Krishna:thats different..
Sayyam:really?how is it?

Krishna:i cant dance..nd i dint want to embarass myself so..
Sayyam:ohhh,its nt much different then,cos..i cant dance either..
Krishna:really??thats surprising..
Sayyam:its not,cos i dont like to dance,i dont find fun in it..
Krishna:thats absurd..everyone has fun dancing..
Sayyam:and thats coming from”miss icantdance…he scoffed..
Krishna:i do dance,bt nt infront of ppl,nd i do have fun…
Sayyam:ya ryt,the whole twirling nd twisting with the stupid beats is fun,i get it..he scoffed in sarcasm..
Krishna:u wouldnt know if u never tried..
Sayyam:oh really??so wat are u going to do?show me that its fun by dancing with me?he blurted out without realizing wat he just said..krishna stared at him in surprise,while he avoids her gaze awkwardly…
Krishna:well,i would if u dont mind…

Sayyam looked back at her in shock,he couldnt believe his ears..krishna was surprised at herself too..she didnt know how she felt so much more comfortable around him…
Krishna:uhm,i mean,somebody has to show u..she added..
Sayyam:i dont mind..he said unknowingly while admiring her innocent face..
Sayyam:uhm,i mean..i dont mind giving it a try….he slowly put his hand forward while she gently placed hers in his…he played the song “dil mein chupa loonga”on his phone…
She placed her other hand on his shoulder while he gently put his arms around her waist pulling her closer…he looked into her eyes as they swirled around with the music…she felt nervous at their close proximity..she moved away,bt he he twirled her around and she came swaying into his arms,he pulled her closer,as he stared deep into her eyes,while she looked back into his…they seemed to cast a spell on him,and the music was fuel to his already burning feelings..his face unknowingly moved closer to hers,their noses touched and as their lips were inches apart,she jerks him away..he is brought out from the trance as he gazed at her in guilt,realizing wat he was about to do…
Sayyam:krishna,woh um..sorry..i dont know wat happened..
She gave him a hurt look,before running towards her tent….
Sayyam:krishna wait!!

Krishna cried guiltily,she has flashbacks of their close proximity and wat they were about to do…she pulled the sheets over her,
Krishna:its all my fault…i shouldnt have..she cried…
Morning 7am,everybody gathers to head back to the resort..
Yuvan:last night was fun man!!!
Kriyam look at each other awkwardly…krishna quickly looks away…
Sayyam:i have to apologise to her…he thought..
They all walk together…sanskar notices that krishna is disturbed..
Sanskar:kya hua krishna?tum teekh hai na?kahi woh yuvan ne??
Krishna:no jeeju,nothing like that..just a litlle tired.
Sanskar:r u sure?
Krishna:yes jeeju,im fine she said with a smile..
Sayyam was listening to them..he tries to talk to krishna bt she keeps avoiding him…

krishna lags behind everyone while walking,krishna walks faster bt the sleeve of her top gets stuck on a branch she tries to remove it,an unseen figure attacks her and drags her into the woods,she tries to scream bt her mouth is covered by its disfigured hands…
Sayyam turns around to look at krishna,but is shocked wen he doesnt find her..
Sayyam:krishna kaha hai?
Everyone look around them..all(except baby ofcoz)get worried and starts looking for her…

Yuvan-sayyam fight…

Im nt sure if i can include this precap in the next it is coming up..

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