Love kills all fear:kriyyam ss part 3

Sayyam held her hand gently,and moved towards her room…he switched on the lights and scanned the empty room…krishna panted heavily:i swear i saw someone there…trust me i did..she cried frantically…sayyam placed his hands on her shoulder…

Sayyam:there is no one here,u might have had a bad dream..he said softly trying to calm her down.
Krishna:i swear i saw..she stuttered the same words trembling in fear…
Sayyam:just listen to me okay?theres no one here…u just had a bad dream…so just calm down..He holds her hand and gently leads her to the bed..he tucks her in..she was slightly surprised by his actions,for the first time he was actually being nice to her..he sits beside her on the bed..

Sayyam:now sleep,im right here…he playfully ordered her…she smiled at him…
She closed her eyes sleepily while sayyam stared at her lovingly..he had always seen her as his brothers clumsy girl friend,but he didnt know why he was so much drawn towards her now…it was perhaps her innocence that attracted him…yuvan was right he thought..she was indeed different…he switches off the lights as he finally turns around to leave…
Afternoon 2pm,ater having lunch,
Everyone gets ready to go camping…yuvans nt able to talk to krishna as sanskar keeps glaring at him…baby keeps clinging around yuvan much to his,sayyams and yuvanis irritation..

Karan:guys,why dont we make it more fun,like split into two groups,and see who reaches the spot first?..he eyed yuvani with a smile,while she blushed…
Yuvan:great lets split into two groups then..he looked at krishna happily..
Sanskar:alright,but i ll decide the groups..he smirked at yuvan..
Me,swara,krishna and yuvaani together..
Yuvan:i dont think baby ll be comfortable to be alone with three boys…
Baby:i dont mind,she smirked..
Sayyam:but i do,i seriosly cant stand one more second of this girl…just take her with u and let yuvani come with us…he scoffed..

Both karan and yuvani look at each other with a sad could they spend time together when they were with her brothers…krishna notices their faces….
Krishna:jeeju,i know you are doing this because u r worried about me…but trust me,i ll be fine…its just till we reach the spot, i swear i ll take care of myself…pls let me go with them…yuvan smiled..
Sanskar looked at her,if theres one thing that he could never say no to,it was her pleading face…he trusted her…bt it was yuvan that he didnt…he glared at yuvan while saying”fine,go with them,but if anyone tries to misbehave with u,i ll break their bones..swara smiles at her possessive husband..
Swara:acha chalo mr protective big brother,we are getting late…
Baby walks upto sayyam

Baby:i dont care if u like me or not,but im here for ur brother,and wen this trip is over,he will be mine..she said with a smirk
Sayyam:dream on,he rolled his eyes…
Yuvan knew it was impossible to get baby to go with the sanskar so he asked karan,he happily agreed while both him and yuvani mouthed thankyou to krishna who smiled back at them…
Sanskar leaves with swara,yuvani and karan after giving one last “dont you dare” look at yuvan…as soon as they leave,yuvan puts his arms around krishna in a side hug..
Yuvan:i missed u so much,y is ur jeeju so possesive?

Krishna:he just loves me a lot,like a real brother…she said with a smile..
Sayyams disturbed watching them,while baby burns in jealousy…
Yuvan holds krishnas hands while walking,sayyam tries to ignore it…he puts his earphones on,while baby thinks”i have to find a way to be alone with yuvan,when he is around miss crybaby he doesnt even look at me,she smiles evily as an idea strikes her…she removes her bracelet and hides it in her jean pocket…

Baby:oh crap!!i forgot my bracelet back in the resort..she fake cried.
Sayyam:and the drama queen is out of her shell..he grumbled sarcastically..
Baby:u dont understand ok,it was given to me by my late grandmother,its very special to me,i dont go anywhere without wearing it..she let out fake tears..
Sayyam rolls his eyes,while krishna looks at her with concern..
Krishna:dekho,pls dont cry..we ll go back and get it if its that important to u..
Sayyam:no ways,u guys can go with her if u want…
Krishna looks at yuvan whos quite irritated by baby too..

Krishna:lets go with her,shes crying..
Yuvan:fine,lets go..
Baby looks on with disappointement”does she have to poke her nose everywhere,she grumbled angrily..they start walking,baby makes krishna trip,she falls and hurts her ankle..both yuvan and sayyam run to her aid…
Sayyam:tum teekh toh ho?lagi tho nahi?.he asks while checking her ankle..
Both yuvan and krishna are surprised by his concern…

Krishna:yeah im fine,it just hurts a little,she said while trying to get up..
Yuvan:tum aise nahi chal sakthi krish,u wait here okay,baby and I will go and get it..just take care of urself…
Krishna:but yuvan i
Sayyam:he is right,u cant walk like this,we ll wait for them here…
Krishna:ok..she smiled at him while he looked away awkwardly,he just couldnt hide his new found care for her could he?he thought..
They have an awkward silence for sometime…krishna strugles to get up,sayyam notices this..

Sayyam:agar madad chahiye toh maang sakthi ho(u could ask for help if u want to)
Krishna:no thanks,im fine..
Sayyam walks towards her and lifts her in his arms:kitni ziddi ho tum(you are too stubborn)
Krishnas taken aback,she stares at him in shock,while he carries her towards a nearby river(dont laugh,i know its stupid,but i have no better ideas)and puts her down,he checks the wound on her ankle…and gently sprinkles water on it…
Krishna admires his concern with a smile..
Sayyam looks up at her while she quickly looks away..after a brief silence,
Sayyam:i dont know whats taking them so long..he said impatiently..After a brief pause.
Sayyam:thats it,i cant wait any longer…im leaving..come with me if u want to..
Krishna:but i cant walk and yuvan..

Sayyam:look,this trip is something i hv been planning since ages,i dont want to waste any of my fun time over something as stupid as this…nw if you want to wait and grow old here,then fine,bt im leaving…he shouted angrily,he begins to walk away..An unseen figure stares at them from the woods,it moves closer towards them,krishna senses it and looks around to find no one..she looks up at sayyam..
Krishna:how can u leave me alonehere??i cant even walk..
He turns around and glares at her…he storms towards her,makes her stand,and lifts her on his back..she runs her arms around his neck holding on tightly,he pulls her legs around him,tightening his grip on her…

Krishna:par yuvan ko..
Sayyam:now be quite,i want no talking,he ordered,while she quietly obeyed..
They reach the spot to find everyone stare at them in shock,he quickly puts her down..
Sayyam:woh,she fell down and hurt her ankle,so i had to..
Yuvaani and swara rush towards krishna while sanskar looks at sayyam suspiciosly..
Sanskar:wers yuvan and baby?
Krishna tells them everything..sanskars slightly relieved,he was quite impressed by sayyams concern for krishna,
Sanskar:thankyou,for taking care of her…
Sayyam smiled back,while he looked at krishna through the corner of his eyes…
They start building tents and collecting wood for fire,krishna is made to sit in one of the tents,she keeps looking for sayyam to thank him…she tries to get up,bt she trips and somebody holds her,
Yuvan:i told u to take care of urself…and why didnt u wait for us…
Krishna:woh sayyam..
Yuvan:yeah,i know,he is quite impatient..did he shout at you?
Krishna:no he didnt,infact he took good care of me,she
said with a smile..
Yuvan:really?thats unbelievable!!

Sayyam walks in to the tent with a first aid box,he sees her in yuvans arms and is uncomfortable…he is about to leave when,
Yuvan:arey sayyam,tu kab aaya?krishnas happy to see sayyam…
Sayyam:woh main..
Yuvan spots the f.aid box in his hand,
Yuvan:thankyou so much bro,for taking good care of my gf…he said while hugging him..sayyam hugs him back with a faint smile…Sayyam hands him the box and turns around to leave…”he had to get over it,his new found feelings were getting too evident”he thought..

Evening 6pm
They have a fun barbeque night,men are busy cooking,while woman busy chatting,baby clinging around yuvan as usual…
After dinner,they gather around the camp fire,they sing,dance and have fun,sayyam tries his best to ignore krishna..yuvan asks krishna for a dance,bt shes too shy,baby grabs his hand and dances with him while krishna looks on with a faint smile…after they are done,everyone head to their tents…

A little girl is seen crying while holding a knife dripping in blood,krishna jerked from her sleep,the same nightmare that had been haunting her from years…she panted heavily,and grabed the water jug and gulped it…she looked at yuvani who was fast asleep beside her…shes unable to sleep as the same scene keeps flashing on her mind..she comes out of the tent and heads towards the camp fire…she sees someone already sitting by it,she walks towards the figure when,”krishna?the familiar voice startled her she turned around to find sayyam staring at her in surprise…
Sayyam:what are u doing here so late?
Krishna:woh main,i just couldnt get sleep so,waise tum dono yaha kya kar rahe ho?

Krishna:tum aur,she turns to find the other person missing,she stares in shock…bt i saw someone here..
Sayyam noded in disbelief:do u get these nightmares everyday?
Krishna:no,i swear,there was someone here…she repeated..
Sayyam:listen,i have no time for this so just go back nd sleep…
Krishna:bt what are u doing here?
Sayyam:none of your buisness..
Krishna was hurt by his coldness…he sits beside the fire,to his surprise she comes and sits beside him..
Sayyam:what are you still doing here?
Krishna:i told u,i couldnt get sleep,i will sit her without disturbing u..

Kriyam talk all night..

Guys,i know i couldnt include the precap that i had written last time,i just couldnt find the right place to put it,and i knw this doesnt seem much like a horror ff,i was planning to start the horror part in this epi,bt wenever i start writing about kriyam i get carried away…pls put up with me guys…im trying to turn this to the story in my mind,so i cant really give ny precaps yet..and im so sorry for the late updates..keep commenting if u like it…

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