Love kills all fear:kriyyam ss part 2

Babys loud snoring woke krishna from her sleep,she turned around innocently as if looking for the source that disturbed her sleep..sayyam sees her awake
Sayyam:yuvan,do you know whats the scariest part about the place?he smirked at krishna,while she looked at him anxiosly..
Yuvan:nop,what is it,he asked in curiosity..
Sayyam:well,legend says that,long ago,a girl called malika staying in the resort,stabbed and killed all her friends and herself..its said to be haunted with her evil spirit ever since..he whispered creepily while staring at krishna…a sweat ran down her cheeks while she stared at him frantically…
Sayyam laughed watching her expressions,while a confused yuvan stared at him through the rear view mirror..

Both the cars halted at the gate,Shivpur resort the name plate read…yuvan woke baby up,who had slept noisily through the entire journey while sayyam got down from the car..the place was exactly wat he had imagined..a creepy resort in the middle of a spooky forest…the sound of the rustling leaves gave him chills of the adventure ahead…
Everyone gets down from the cars and heads towards their respective rooms.

Yuvani is in krishnas room,they have their usual girly conversations..after a while,krishna goes to take a shower while
Yuvani sneaks out to meet karan..Baby watches this..she thinks:yehi sahi moka hai..she quickly enters krishnas room..she searches for something,she spots yuvaanis phone on the bed…
baby:this could be better..she smirks..she grabs yuvanis phone and texts sayyam,bhaiyya,im in krishnas room,plss come here right now,its urgent..
Baby:aaj tumhaari aur yuvan ka breakup karvake hi rahoongi main(today im definitely going to make yuvan breakup with you)she gives an evil smile…
Sayyam reads the text and gets worried:why is she calling me at this time??
He hurries towards the room…
Krishna comes out of the washroom and looks around for yuvani
Krishna:yeh kaha gai?(where did she go)
She dries her hair and tries to zip her dress…
She hears the door open and assumes that its yuvaani,her back is facing the door..
Krishna:yuvani,pls could you help me zip my dress??
Sayyams too shocked to respond,he looks away:yeh yuvaani kaha hai,(where is yuvani)he thinks
Krishna:yuvaani,tum sun rahi ho na,(arent you listening to me)pls help me,i cant reach it..plss
He moved towards her awkwardly:aaj toh tu gaya sayyam..he warned himself..he closed his eyes and gulped,he quickly zipped her dress…krishna turns around and gets frightened seeing sayyam…she quickly grabs a dupatta and covers herself..She starts to cry,while a worried sayyam tries to explain..
She keeps crying,giving sayyam no chance to speak..he finally loses it and shouts:chup,bilkul chup(shutup).krishnas shocked,

Sayyam:just listen to me once..okay?i got a text from yuvani,asking me to come here urgently..he takes his phone and shows her the text..lekin jab mein yaha aaya toh tum,(but when i came here you were..)he stutters awkwardly..he pauses and then continues..listen,if u want to,you could shout at me or even slap me,but just stop crying for gods sake…he said irritatedly..krishna wiped her tears and looked up at him…
Krishna:iam sorry..
Sayyam shook his head in disbelief:why are you sorry now??
Krishna:tumhe galat samajne ke liye.(because i took u wrong).she said innocently
Sayyam:o god,you should be kept in the museum..waise,if you felt that bad then i could unzip it for you..he smirked
Krishna looked at him startled
Sayyam:joke tha yaar,itni serious face mat banao..(dont give such serios expressions,it was just a joke)
Krishna smiles at him while he unknowingly smiles back…
She spots a cockroach on the floor and screams in terror,sayyam gets startled,both trip and fall on the bed,sayyam falls on top of krishna…krishna closes her eyes..while sayyam stares at her as a smile slowly worked its way across his face..the fragrance of her hair,the scared yet adorable expression on her face,everything was drawing him towards her..he unknowingly moves his face closer towards hers…yuvan and baby enter the room to find them in a compromising position…yuvan stares at them in shock while baby smirks…sayyam gets up in a jerk,
Sayyam:yuvan,i can explain,jaise tum soch rahe ho waise kuch bhi nahi was an accident..
Yuvan glares at them..

Baby:i told you yuvan,she was cheating you all along…shes nothing like what she pretends to be..
Sayyam:just shut up ok…yuvan,please listen to me,yuvani texted me,asking me to come here urgently….he pulls his phone and shows him the text…
Baby spots yuvanis phone on the bed:bt yuvanis phone is right here,i think its all this girls plan,she might have texted you from yuvanis phone,so that when you come here,she could make a move on you…she scoffed…krishnas too shocked to speak,tears ran down her eyes as she looked at yuvan helplessly…she saw disgust in his eyes,she knew at once that he didnt trust her…
Sayyam:just shut up baby,its nothing like that..dont trust her yuvan,shes making all this up..
Yuvan:I dont trust her sayyam,but i cant ignore what i saw…
Yuvani was about to enter the room,when she heard the entire conversatin..she at once understood that it was all babys evil plan…Yuvani acts quickly and enters the room..
Yuvani:sayyam,tum yaha ho..i have been looking for you everywhere…

Everyone turned towards her…
Sayyam:yuvani,tum kaha thi,you texted me to come here and then..
Yuvaani:woh,i was bored and i was eager to know your plans for tomorrow..she said excitedly..
Yuvan:for such a small thing you called him here..??
Yuvaani:yaa,then i thought ki,it wasnt appropriate for me to call him i went to his room myself..wats wrong?why are you crying krish??
Sayyam turns towards yuvan:suna tumne..??he said angrily…kisi pe inzaam lagane se pehle,baath samajhne ki koshish karo..(heard it right?try to understand the situation before blaming someone)saying this he walked out angrily…
Yuvani smirked at baby..while baby stood there dumbfounded:pura plan bigaad diya isne(she ruined my entire plan)she murmered angrily & left..
Yuvan looked at krishna guiltily…he held her hand…
Yuvan:im so sorry krish,please forgive me…
Krishna wiped her tears and forced a smile on her face:its ok..she said,though she was deeply hurt inside..
Yuvan:thankyou so much krish..i promise i ll make it up to u..tomorrow is going to be the best day of your life..krishna gave a fake smile as he turned around to leave..

Sayyam paced back and forth in his room,he was fuming in anger…he has flashbacks of krishnas grieving face…he clenched his fist in can he misunderstand krishna he grumbled…Yuvan walked into the room and sayyam ignored him..
Yuvan:arey baba,im sorry yaar…mistakes happen,i was just too shocked to see you that way..
Sayyam:and you thought that she was cheating on you with could you yuvan??
Yuvan:i dont know why i reacted that way..maybe because i was too jealous..u know right,she never even let me come that close to her…
Sayyam stared at him in disbelief..
Yuvan:maybe,i am in love with her sayyam,i just couldnt bear to see her with you..he said with a wide smile..he hugged sayyam happily while sayyam hugged him back with a forced smile on his face,he didnt know why the fact hurt him so much..the fact that yuvan was in love with krishna..

Midnight 12am
A loud slam woke krishna from her sleep,she saw her door open and close by itself..she clutched her blanket in fear..a chill ran down her spine,she got up from her bed,and moved towards the door,her legs trembling in fear..she heard a hushing whisper from the farther end of the room..
In the creepy darkness,krishna saw a figure lingering away,a drowsy terror stole through her veins,kon hai waha?she asked her voice cracking in fear,the hushing whispers grew louder as she moved closer towards it..she clutched herself in fear,krishhnaaaa…the loud hiss was enough for her to finally let panic take over,and sprint to safety….

The nights events couldnt let sayyam sleep..his throat felt dry..he couldnt understand what disturbed him so much…he got up from his bed,grabbed his water bottle and headed to the hall”he recounted him zipping krishnas dress,and him being drawn towards her on their fall on the bed…he quickly snaped out of it”no,sayyam,you cant be attracted to her..shes your brothers girlfriend..he reminded himself..
He saw a worried krishna running towards him,he stood still not being sure if it was his imagination..she ran into his arms,almost choking him in the hug..she cried in fear…and clutched his shirt..he hugged her back passionately,finally leting his emotions take over…she panted heavily,waha kkoi hai..she gasped..his shirt drenched in her tears,suddenly reality struck him,krishna was actually in his arms and she was crying…he slowly broke the hug,
Sayyam:kya hua krishna?
Krishna:i saw someone there..she said pointing at her room…trembling in fear…still clutching his shirt,her nails dug through them and hurt his skin,he saw terror in her eyes..switching on the flashlight of his phone,he held her hand gently,and moved towards her room.

Precap: krishna is attacked by an unseen figure..

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