Love kills all fear:kriyyam ss part 1

Krishna,sanskar and swara are having dinner..
Krishna:di,jeeju,woh yuvan aur uske saare dosth,trip pe jaa raha hai…aur usne mujhe aur yuvani ko bhi bulaaya hai saath mein…if you dont mind,can i go?
Sanskar is irked when she mentions yuvans name..
Sanskar:i dont trust that guy..its not safe for you to go with him alone…
Swara:sanskar,shes a mature young girl,she can take care of herself..
Sanskar:swara,shes too innocent..and that guy just dont give me a good vibe…
Krishna:jeeju,yuvan bahut acha ladka hai
Sanskar:tumhare liye toh har koi acha hai…listen,you cant go alone,if you really want to go for a trip..then we ll go for one together…
Swara:waise idea acha hai,ur always busy with your work,if you could just take few days off,we could go for a family trip…

Sanskar smiles at the thought:krishna,do you really want to go?
Krishna:i would love to go on a family trip jeeju she says with a smile…yuvan will understand..
Sanskar:its decided then,we are going..u both decide the place…
Swara and krishna are excited…krishna calls yuvan

Yuvan:haan krish,bolo
Krishna:woh kya hai na ki,jeeju and di just decided to go on a family so sorry yuvan,i wont be able to come with you…
Yuvan:kya??family trip??but you didnt tell me anything about it..
Krishna:aaj hi decide kiya,isliya nahi bataya
Yuvan:bt if its a family trip,then why dont you join us??we ll all go together..
Krishna:that sounds good..i ll ask jeeju and call you back..she beams in excitement..
Birla house
Sayyam:kya zaroorat thi yaar,if she didnt want to come,tho let her not na,ab sirf usse hi nahi,uski puri family ko jhelna padega..
Yuvan:sayyam!!shes my girl friend…and spooky places are pretty romantic,what if she finally,let me get cosy with her??he says with a smirk..
Sayyam nods in disbelief:yah romance for sure,she is bringing her family bro,her jeejaji will kill you..
Yuvan:woh toh hai,he sighs

Modhi house
Krishna:so jeeju,what do u think??
Sanskar looks at her excited face,he thinks”she badly wants to go…how can i say no,waise bhi,i ll be ther nah…mein uss yuvan ko krishna ki aas paas bhatakne nahi denge..
Sanskar finally nods:ok fine,we ll go with them…

Birla house
Yuvan:can i call baby too?
Sayyam and yuvani together:NO!
Yuvan:why not,shes a frind right
Sayyam:not ours,and your flirting friend..he teases..
Yuvan:hahaha..very funny..

Yuvani:why do u do that to krishna bhai,when you know she loves you so much??
Yuvan:i love her too…its just…
Yuvani:bhai,pls stop this..stop wasting time on those girls who are only after your money..krishna genuinely loves you..if she ever gets to know what you do behind her back,you are going to lose her forever..and you ll regret it for sure…she gets up and leaves..
Both yuvan and sayyam feel bad for krishna..
Yuvan:aaj se na,sirf krishna..bhaad mein jaaye baaki sab ladkiyaan..
Sayyam looks at him in disbelief:i cant believe its you saying this..someone pinch me..he acts dramatic…
Yuvan:just stop it sayyam…i ll try my best to commit to her…

Sayyam:we ll see for how long..he smirks..acha,karans coming right..
Yuvan:ofcoz he is..
Baby is on the phone with someone,
Baby:what?they are going on a trip,without me?no ways..she smirks and cuts the call…

Next day morning,Birla mansion
Sayyam,yuvaan and yuvani get down with their bags…sanskar,swara and krishna arrive in their car…yuvan and krishna greet each other,he is about to hug her,but stops himself wen he sees sanskar glaring at him..sayyam giggles looking at him..
Karan arrives on his bike and yuvani blushes seeing him…they are about to leave when to everyones shock and astonishment,baby enters and hugs yuvan,sayyam and yuvani glare at him,while he mouths “i swear i didnt tell her” to them..
Baby:how can you leave without me??huh??
Baby puts her finger on his lips:dont say anything..krishna feels uncomfortable,yuvan notices this and jerks baby off..sanskar glares at him..
Yuvan:ab chalo sab,get into the cars..

Yuvani pleads swara and sanskar to let her and karan go with them…sanskars hesitant to let krishna go with yuvan,she assures them that she would be fine…
Yuvan starts the car,while baby quickly grabs the front seat..krishna stares at her helplessly and sits on the back seat with sayyam…sayyam rolls his eyes and puts on his earphones…
Baby keeps flirting with yuvan,while he tries to ignore her…sayyam notices krishnas uncomfortability…
Sayyam:tum usse kuch bolte kyon nahi?
Krishna:huh?kisse kya bolu..
Sayyam:god!u are such a…another girl is flirting with your boyfriend,and you are just helplessly watching them..

Krishna:i trust yuvan completely,i know him…and thats enough for me..
Sayyam:tum na aisse hi trust karte rahna..while she ll keep making her moves on him…and in the end,wen she succeeds,just sit in a corner and cry,cos thats what u r fit for…he angrily whispers…
Krishna is hurt by his she keeps quite…cos thats what she was best at doing…silently tolerate all the pain inflicted upon her,most of which she never deserved…

Time passes,and sayyam feels a light weight on his shoulders,he slowly turns to find krishna peacefully resting her head on his shoulders in deep sleep…he tries to shift her head to the other side,but she jerks his hand off in her sleep…he stares at her innocent face,she always looked innocent,but in her sleep she looked innocently beautiful…he touches her cheeks,and lovingly looks at her,the car jerks suddenly,breaking him off his trance…he quickly moves his hands away…
Sayyam:kya hua??

Yuvan:roads kuch teekh nahi hai…krish so gayi hai kya??
Sayyam:haan..he says awkwardly..
Baby snores loudly in her sleep and both laugh at her…

Precap:everyone enters shivpur resort…spooky incidents start to happen…

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